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862 Your Grandchild’s Future Mother

Chapter 862: Your Grandchild’s Future Mother

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"Right, Tingxiao, are you staying with Xiao Xi right now?" Yan Ruyi tried to ask casually.

"Nope," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Yan Ruyi was expecting that answer. She knew that with her son’s personality, they would not progress very quickly. With the way her son was, even if they were in a relationship now, it might take a very long time to really be together with the girl…

Yan Ruyi then suggested, "Are you afraid that you might be seen by the journalists? Why don’t you get her a bungalow? Then, you and Little Treasure can stay there as well!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at his mother.

Yan Ruyi realized she had shifted her attitude a little too quickly, so she tried to cover up, "Well, I mean...the both of you are really busy, especially her, she must be leaving early and returning late at night, so who’s usually taking care of Little Treasure? It would be easier for you guys to stay together! Then, I could also arrange for a few servants for you! Isn’t it a good idea?"

Lu Chongshan seemed to agree with her, he went along, "Put the bungalow under her name, she deserves it for taking care of Little Treasure this long."

Both of them finally acknowledged the influence Ning Xi had over Little Treasure and they hoped that she could spend more time educating Little Treasure, but they were not fully trusting of her yet, so they suggested getting a few servants for them to act as surveillance as well.

"It’s alright, we’re good right now," Lu Tingxiao realized what were they plotting and rejected the offer.

Lu Chongshan frowned. "What’s good now? Little Treasure might not see you guys for few days if both of you are so busy. You guys even need to be all sneaky when meeting up! That’s why I said her career is problematic...why doesn't she just quit?"

"That’s right, isn’t it better if she resigns and invests all her effort into taking care of Little Treasure? We would never treat her badly!"

Lu Tingxiao stayed silent while looking at the two elders, and after a while he spoke up, "So, you’re saying that she can become a full-time housewife after resigning?"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were stunned.

"Full...full-time housewife?"

What was that!? They meant to have that woman as Little Treasure’s private tutor!

This brat knew it and tried to rephrase it that way…

"If you guys mean this, I can consider it," Lu Tingxiao said.

Yan Ruyi looked helpless. "Tingxiao, there are so many beautiful and outstanding girls, why must it be her?"

She used to think that her son did not like women, but since she was now sure that he actually did, why could it not be other more outstanding girls, someone more worthy of him?

"Which part of Ziyao isn't better than her?" Lu Chongshan was unhappy.

Lu Tingxiao stood up and adjusted his sleeves and was preparing to leave, but before he stepped out, he stopped to say in a serious tone, "She is the only girl that can give me a hard-on."

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were speechless.

As they stayed silent, Lu Tingxiao turned around and added, "If you want more grandchildren in the future, please treat your grandchild’s future mother better."

He then walked away, leaving the shocked old couple behind…