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818 Amazing! The Timing Is Perfect!

Chapter 818: Amazing! The Timing Is Perfect!

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"Time's not up yet? I am counting..." The girl looked at her hand phone. "Oh, now it's really about to be up, there's still ten seconds...nine seconds...eight seconds..."

Ning Xi held her hurting head. "Uhh...I..."

I surrender!

Damn it, could she not just surrender and drink up?

However, before Ning Xi could declare surrender, the heavy metal door to the room was suddenly pushed in from the outside...

In that instant, everyone's gaze fell on the gold door, their eyes full of gossip potential.

Woah! Someone finally walked in!

A guest who had walked the wrong way? Or a drunkard? A waiter? Or other crew members who were late?

First, they saw the long fingers that pushed open the door, then their line of sight followed upwards to his low-key but luxurious obsidian cuff link, then his grey patterned tie...and at last, they finally caught a clear glimpse of his face...

Those sharp features, defined eyebrows, broad nose bridge, and tight lips all formed a face that had clearly been favored by God when he carved it delicately.

Under the dim light and musty air, the man was akin to wind from a winter land, his eyes sharp and clear while his temperament cool. He stood there quietly as he skimmed the crowd. Only his nonchalant look could make people revere him as they dared not look him in the eye.

Only those in a higher up position would have such a palpable force.

When she saw who had walked in, Ning Xi blinked, then blinked again, as she thought she was starting to have delusions...

Big Boss???

In that instant, everyone in the room was stunned. Who...was this man?

Guo Qisheng and Wang Taihe knew him alright, but they had not expected him to come, so they were stunned in shock.

"Bro..." Lu Jingli who had been silently praying almost cried tears of joy when he saw the man at the door.

Amazing! The timing is perfect!

Thank goodness, he was saved!

Jiang Muye was surprised. Something flashed in his eyes, but his expression did relax quite a bit.

This way...Ning Xi would not be in trouble...

When all those who were immersed in the man's aura heard Lu Jingli called him "Bro", they were suddenly shocked to their senses.



What did Lu Jingli just call that man?

This man was Lu Jingli's brother? Then, would that not be...the CEO of Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao?!

The director had prepared to invite him over, but did they not fail?

"Bro, you're here! Come in quickly!" Lu Jingli ran over to him at the speed of light and brought him over.

The director and producer reacted too, and they quickly ran over to greet him in fear and trepidation. "Mr. Lu, you're so busy, we really didn't think that you could come tonight!"

"We're too honored! Quick, come in!"

Woah! It really was Lu Tingxiao!

But this was no wonder. Apart from Lu Tingxiao, who else would have such a charisma?

The first person who walked in was unexpectedly Lu Tingxiao...

Instantly, everyone looked at each other and their expressions could not help but look sympathetic.

This Ning Xi was just too...unlucky!

First, it was Su Yan, second was worse -- it was Lu Tingxiao!

At last, they did not need her to ask before they knew that she would definitely be rejected on the spot! Maybe she would be regarded as intentionally trying to get close to him with this incident, possibly inciting negative feelings...