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767 It“s A Deal

Chapter 767: It's A Deal

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Qin Shengyue drank three bottles of beer before she finally said, "Junhao and I were friends since we were kids. We grew up together and our relationship had almost no setbacks, so naturally, we started dating and then we got married. Our life after marriage had also been very happy all along. When I'm being rash, he would tolerate me. He pampered me even more than my parents. Usually when he had to entertain clients, he would also only just put up a facade and never overstep boundaries.

"He is very nice, really very nice...I don't even know why is he acting like he is possessed this time, to be charmed silly by a girl who busks in the bar...even willing to divorce me...

"When I found out about them, I immediately went to the bar to find the woman and slapped her several times...hah, but you know what? He protected that woman right in front of me! That day when he returned, he asked for a divorce..."

Ning Xi held her head as she listened intently, then her brows raised slightly. "Is that girl's background very tragic? Did she say that she works in the bar to earn her pay for her school fees that sort of thing?"

"Yes, I've investigated, everything she said is true. Maybe, she is indeed a nice girl...could it be that I'm just too evil?" Qin Shengyue asked miserably.

Ning Xi scoffed, "Please, Sis, would good girls hook up with other people's husbands? Even if we pretended that she didn't know you existed before this, you have already gone over to cause a ruckus, so would she still not know? You tell me, what was her reaction?"

"She kneeled in front of me to apologize and said that she could not help herself, that she loved him too much. She said that she would die without him. In fact, she had attempted suicide twice and she really almost died the second time. The hospital even released a medical crisis notice..."

From the gist of the conversation, Ning Xi could roughly guess the overall situation. That girl must come from a tragically wretched background and was probably still a student, then she said that she came to work at the bar to save money for her school fees and medical fees for her family. It must be that sort of sob story.

Qin Shengyue's husband, on the other hand, was probably an egoistic man with a sense of justice, and perhaps he had some kindness in him. After he had gone to that bar for client entertaining, he continued to get that girl to serve them, then the two of them started to get close. After they got close, that girl must have treated him as her savior and even relied upon him and worshipped him like a god...

Even though the plot was old, it was still a classic, most fitting to use against men like Yan Junhao. Besides, the opponent was a savage character who had even given up her life...

"Okay, understood. This girl seems to even more capable than I thought. Three days might not be enough. How about a week? I will return an obedient husband with a clear head to you."

Qin Shengyue looked at her, perplexed. "I don't know...where's your confidence coming from? I've used all the soft and hard ways but none of them worked! When I did it the hard way, she would attempt suicide. When I used the soft way to advise her, she would immediately kneel and kowtow to beg me without another word. My husband and I...our relationship has reached its tipping point...I really don't dare to do anything anymore..."

"Don't worry, I won't be reckless. I won't do something that will hurt your husband and that woman. Of course, I will not even affect you. However...if I succeed, would you definitely be willing to wear our studio apparel?"

This was the question she was most concerned about.

"I've said so, no matter what you let me wear."

"Okay, then, it's a deal!"

After Ning Xi left, Qin Shengyue held Spirit Studio's name card in her hand and felt that she must be going crazy.

She had actually simply believed a stranger's words and had even held on to a glimmer of hope...