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740 Or Do You Want To...Stay Here?

Chapter 740: Or Do You Want To...Stay Here?

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Lu Tingxiao then asked, "How long more?"

Ning Xi pondered. "Ten...no, five minutes! I'll be very quick!"

Then, because she was afraid Ling Zhizhi would be anxiously waiting, she quickly got up and prepared to leave. Because the tub was too slippery, she lost her footing and fell into Lu Tingxiao's arms again.

"Aiyo! Lu Tingxiao, what's that that's so hard on you?"

Lu Tingxiao grunted from her weight falling onto him and then stopped her hand that kept feeling around. He then said through gritted teeth, "What do you think?"

"It's...it can't be...still in an upward position since just now, can it?"

Lu Tingxiao's gaze was like the lava from an apocalyptic volcano, staring at her with heated eyes. The answer was already very obvious.

"You're different"...

"You're special"...

"Wait for me, I'll come back to help you"...

Obviously, this brat did not realize what these words that she had simply thrown out had meant to him.

Simply put, the effect those words had on him was the same as a strong Viagra!

So, the entire she had been talking to Ling Zhizhi outside, his body had been boiling and fired up...

Ning Xi looked guilty, then she quickly escaped the tub before the devil went crazy. She ran towards the door as she whispered, "Be good, be good, wait for me!"

Those last three words she actually directed towards the area three inches below Lu Tingxiao's belly button...

She returned to the living room.

Ning Xi felt like she was over the audition she missed out on, so she just said to Ling Zhizhi, "Sis Zhizhi, it's okay. I didn't think this through. I liked this script too much initially and wanted to fight for it, of course, I also prepared for everything. Since this turned out this way, I will just choose another script. It's not that big of a deal."

The entertainment industry was such; not everything would be smooth sailing and Ning Xi had very quickly regained her spirits.

When Ling Zhizhi saw that she was not too affected, she instantly breathed a sigh of relief. "Also, you don't have to rush now. You have just finished this tiring period of promotions. Rest well for the next few days before you take on another show. I will arrange some variety shows and interviews for you. Here are some details, see if anything sparks your interest."

"Okay, thank you, Sis Zhizhi!"

After they bade farewell and just as she was prepared to send Ling Zhizhi away, her guest suddenly stood up and said, "Ning Xi, I'd like to borrow your toilet for a while."

Ning Xi immediately shouted, "You can't!"

"Why not?" Ling Zhizhi asked curiously.

Ning Xi quickly thought an answer and explained, "I just realized the toilet is blocked!"

"Then, I'll go downstairs to use the public toilet!"

"Okay, okay!"


She finally sent Ling Zhizhi away safely. Ning Xi was about to collapse in exhaustion.

Hah, breaking promises did come with a price to pay! She had really given her all to this relationship!

Yet, her ordeal had not yet ended. There was a still a whiny devil that needed her coaxing!

"I'm back!" Ning Xi quickly hopped into the bathroom and pulled open the shower curtain. "Big Boss! Quickly get out! Sis Zhizhi is gone!"

Then, she scratched her head and asked, "Uh, or do you want to...stay here?"

Lu Tingxiao's answer was the hurl of his long arm, immediately pulling her into the tub by her waist and trapping her in his embrace. In an oddly coarse voice, he managed to say, "Here."