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357 Who“s The Head Chef Tonight?

Chapter 357: Who's The Head Chef Tonight?

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Su Yan's expression was stiff, "Xueluo, actually..."

Ning Xueluo laughed slightly, "Yan, don't be shy now! You're good to me, I know!"

Everyone started to tease them playfully, "Aiyo, don't be shy now! There's nothing shameful about spoiling your wife! We almost thought that that pleb invited him for Ning Xi, but we were so wrong. How could he possibly have? This is so funny, how could she compare to our beautiful goddess Xueluo!"

"Exactly! Su Yan's surprise is really mind-blowing! He's frightened all of us now!"

"Exactly, look at how emotional all those gourmet journalists were!"

"And he almost made us have such a huge misunderstanding!"


Su Yan wanted to explain, but as he saw the crowd was complimenting him non-stop and his Ning Xueluo full of pride, he did not have the chance to tell the truth in the end. The truth was that he really did not invite this person.

Then, who could it possibly have been?

Could it be that the hotel owner invited him, to make him owe him one?

Well, it could be possible...

Once he thought about the possibility of that, he felt reassured. He put on a humble expression and no longer denied the crowd's compliments.

In the corner, Xiao Tao was full of anger and sadness, "So what if you were rich? I'm so angry, he even invited the master over. Even if it was really delicious, I won't eat it..."

Ning Xi sighed lightly and patted Xiao Tao to console her. At the same time, her eyes flashed as she felt suspicious.

She had heard of F country's master of cookery, Alain Passa, too. However logically, for such a small scale banquet like this, even if they followed his rules and made a booking in advance, and managed to get a slot with a hefty upfront payment, it was below him to have attended such an event. How did Su Yan manage to invite him over?

Since his master was personally preparing the food, William Fee naturally took the place of second-in-command. He stood at the spot of sous chef.

There was an open-style cooking table at the banquet, and it seemed like he was preparing to cook on the spot.

This was such a visually and tastefully pleasing grand banquet!

At the banquet, everyone watched Alain Passa with full anticipation. All their mouths involuntarily drooled as they anticipated the grand feast.

Yet, for some reason, Alain Passa did not walk to the head chef's position as expected. Instead, he walked to the sous chef position where William Fee was at.

"Master, you are...?" William Fee was confused.

Alain Passa's expression was serious as he looked at his student and said, "You can leave now for this banquet, I will be taking on the sous chef position."

"What?!" William Fee's face was full of shock as he asked, "You...you're going to be sous chef? Aren't you tonight's head chef?"

"I'm not," Alain Passa denied.

"Then...then who's tonight's head chef?" William Fee was officially dumbfounded.

Alain Passa said with utmost respect, "Wait till he gets here, then you'll know."

After he said that, he paused and told his student, "This is also considered a rare opportunity to learn. Perhaps you should stay a while and watch from the side."

When William Fee heard this, he was not too happy. Who was this person that denied him even the opportunity of being a sous chef, to only watch idly from the side?

He received fame at a young age and was arrogant. How could he handle such an insult? Yet, he dared not go against his master's orders, and could only reluctantly move to a corner, "Okay, understood."

Initially, the guests watched William Fee take up the spot of sous chef. Then, they saw Alain Passa walk to the sous chef spot and at last, William Fee unexpectedly had no place to stand at all and was sent all the way to the corner...