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356 For Miss Ning

Chapter 356: For Miss Ning

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All the gourmet journalists were busy trying to record the serving of the appetizer.

Then, one of the journalists suddenly saw the calm Caucasian chef and in that instant, his mind turned blank like thunder had struck him. He suddenly forgot about taking pictures and spluttered in disbelief, "My...My God! Alain Passa! No way, it's actually Alain Passa! Mr. Alain Passa, what are you doing here?"

"Alain Passa? Who's that journalist talking about?"

"I don't know, who's that? Why is that journalist being so emotional..." The guests who were unaware of the man's identity looked at each other in confusion while the other gourmet journalists were floored in awe.

When the gourmet journalists had returned to their senses, they started to excitedly explain to those around them, "Alain Passa! He is the head chef at F country's three star Michelin restaurant, Ledoyan! F country's recognized number one master of cookery!"

Fang Ya's face was flabbergasted when she heard that, "That Caucasian chef is someone famous? Can he compare to our William Fee?"

One of the gourmet show hosts looked at Fang Ya like she was an idiot, and said, "That William Fee is a so-called Iron Chef but he can only go places in a restaurant like Hong Sing. This Mr. Alain Passa, on the other hand, is William Fee's master, he's the authentic Iron Chef, do you understand?"

"What? William Fee's master?!" Fang Ya finally reacted in shock.

"F country's number one master of cookery? That's so freaking cool!"

"Why would he suddenly be here? Even money can't buy such a chef! You'd probably need to book at least half a year in advance?"

"You're right, I remember now. The last time there was a very famous artiste who wanted to invite him for her birthday banquet, and said that no matter how much it would cost her, she'd fork out the money. Alas, she didn't manage to invite him! Rumour was that he thought she was too low ranking..."

"Are you sure? How did the pleb manage to invite someone this amazing?"


Behind the gourmet journalists, William Fee was approaching them when he lifted his head and immediately saw the Caucasian chef in the banquet. He was bewildered.

He quickly went up to greet the chef and said, "Master!"

Once William Fee addressed him as "Master", all the guests present were dumbfounded, and no one was doubtful anymore. This man was really William Fee's master...

"Mmm." Alain Passa's expression was serious as he briefly nodded.

"You...why are you here?" William Fee asked in surprise.

Then, a guest explained, "Mr. Alain Passa is also here to be in charge of this banquet! He said it was for Miss Ning!"

Once that was clarified, all the gourmet journalists were blown away by the atrocity of the situation...

Fang Ya quickly thought about something. She then exclaimed, "My God! Just now, Mr. Alain Passa said he was preparing this for Miss Ning, and I thought it was for Ning Xi. Who knew, it was actually Xueluo he meant...Right, I'm so stupid! Xueluo's surname is Ning too..."

When everyone else heard this, they echoed her, "You're right! Everyone's misunderstood, this is embarrassing!"

"Actually, we shouldn't blame ourselves. Su Yan had already invited William Fee, who knew that he had also invited William Fee's master!"

"Xueluo, you better watch your man!"


As she watched the crowd's envy for her, Ning Xueluo heart was full of surprise and happiness. She intimately clung onto Su Yan's arm and gave him a shy kiss, "Yan, thank you, I'm too surprised, too happy, and too lucky today!"