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355 Such A Surprise, And So Unexpected

Chapter 355: Such A Surprise, And So Unexpected

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"Why is there another chef now?" Fang Ya looked the man who had just entered, clad in a chef's uniform and she was slightly suspicious. "Anyone knows who this chef is?"

Everyone in the banquet hall shook their head and was lost. They were not gourmet journalists, thus naturally, they would not know who this man was.

Only Ning Xi who was in the corner stared in complete surprise.

Why did this chef look a little like Alain Passa, master to Iron Chef William Fee?

But Ning Xi dared not confirm this, so she did not say anything. He probably only looked similar to the famous chef.

"Honorable guests, I am here to prepare the banquet for Miss Ning!" the chef said.

"Prepare the banquet?"

"That's weird, is it for Xueluo? But isn't the head chef of the banquet William Fee?"

"Where did this chef come from?"

Ning Xueluo looked at Su Yan who was confused as well and suddenly thought of something. She reminded softly to Fang Ya, "I think this is for Ning Xi!"

Fang Ya suddenly understood and laughed out loud. She raised her voice and said, "Ahh...it turns out this is the chef that will be preparing the banquet dinner for our Ning Xi over here! Could it be that this was the pleb admirer's surprise for Ning Xi? Haha, this really is such an unexpected surprise!"

When they heard Fang Ya said that, everyone in the drama team suddenly understood and looked at Ning Xi. They laughed mockingly at her.

Indeed, if there were no comparisons, they would be no hard feelings...

This comparison and the damage done was beyond comparison...

Su Yan had invited Michelin chef William Fee who was known as the Iron Chef, so who did Ning Xi's admirer invite? Which back alley restaurant's head chef was this? He even specifically invited a Caucasian to look the part!

"Haha, that pleb admirer is really creative! He even thought of the same idea as Su Yan, but...if you don't have the same capabilities, don't humiliate yourselves then..."

"Eh, look. That chef actually brought his own setup here. Maybe he wants to prepare and serve the dishes himself? He's indeed a big chef, aye!"

The crowd started to laugh hysterically at the comments thrown. Some actresses even laughed until they teared up.

Even though they expected that Ning Xi would be humiliated today, the extent of the humiliation was truly surprising.


The Caucasian chef continued to be very calm throughout the sneers and jeers, continuing to take out his equipment. Anyone familiar with the food and beverage industry could easily see that these were luxurious knife sets being taken out.

However, despite these equipment being expensive beyond comparison, it was hard to notice anything outstanding about them on the surface.

Seeing that the chef bring out his own set of equipment, Fang Ya and everyone else laughed even more hysterically. The sneers droned on one after another, mercilessly.

In the corner, Xiao Tao's face was beet red. She wished there was a hole she could hide in.

Many eyes fell on Ning Xi as they waited for the joke to unravel further. She must already feel really embarrassed, and now the chef was putting on a comedy show!

Ning Xueluo was about to say something when the gourmet journalists who followed William Fee out earlier finally returned. They surrounded William who had just finished preparing the banquet course.

The hotel waiters carefully served the appetizer of scallop with white truffles to all the guests.