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277 Regaining Her Best Form

Chapter 277: Regaining Her Best Form

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Ning Xi lowered her body, shifted gears and slowly increased her speed. At the one of the steepest curves that closely shaved the side of the cliff, she dangerously overtook Ah Ka.

"Jesus, you’re crazy! Do you really want to die?!" Ah Ka furiously cursed her.

The final results were obvious because no matter how good you were, you could never beat someone who would risk their life.

At the finishing line, Xiang Xiang cheered happily and jumped into the arms of Ning Xi as she held the trophy and prize money. She pouted her red lips to offer a kiss.

Ning Xi did not reject this and she smiled as she leaned forward to receive the kiss. But as she was about to plant the kiss, Ning Xi repositioned a little, so Xiang Xiang’s lips did not reach hers but found her cheek instead.

Xiang Xiang went red with embarrassment, and she sulked, "Xi, you’re so mean!"

Ah Ka, who had to watch his dream girl kiss someone else, was so angry that he threw his helmet onto the ground and said, "Goddammit, how could you actually kiss such a face?!"

Xiang Xiang ignored him while continuing to cling onto Ning Xi’s arm and said, "Xi, we’re having something on tomorrow night, do you wanna come along?"

"No, thanks, you guys go ahead," rejected Ning Xi.

Xiang Xiang looked disappointed, then she asked that had been bugging her for a while now, "Xi, you’re really mysterious. What are you busy with everyday? What do you actually do for a living?"

"It’s a secret!" Ning Xi responded as she revealed a secretive and sneaky smile, before she waved and slinked away.

As she watched Ning Xi’s carefree shadow leave, Xiang Xiang was practically a puddle of infatuation…

She had to get him!

Returning to the hotel before dawn, Ning Xi was prepared to crash as soon as she got to her bed.

Despite having slept for only slightly over three hours, she felt much better than she had yesterday.

Today was another day of intense battlefield scenes, with another scene at night.

Ning Xi perfectly performed from start till the end flawlessly.

When they wrapped up, Guo Qisheng was overjoyed and said, "Not bad, Ning Xi, your form is much better today! At this rate, we can definitely catch up on our progress!"

Ning Xi breathed a sigh of relief, "I will work harder to keep it up!"

Upon returning to the hotel, Jiang Muye circled her like a watch dog.

Ning Xi punched him and asked, "What’s wrong with you? You’re giving me a headache! Becoming a golden retriever now, are you?"

Jiang Muye looked at her with squinted eyes and said, "Ning Xi, you better tell me honestly, what did you do last night? How are you suddenly so much better today?"

"It was just the rest. What else could I have done!"

"Liar. Last night, I rang your doorbell many times, but you weren’t even in your room!"

"Pfft! Why did you ring my doorbell for?"

"Don’t change the topic! I’m saying, Ning Xi, you wouldn’t be doing anything illegal, are you?"

"Mmm, I think it is slight illegal. If I got caught, I would have to go to jail…"

Ning Xi still did not reveal what happened that night, so Jiang Muye could only silently worry for her. He had to check that she was not out all night for the next two nights before he felt at ease again.

For the next two days, Ning Xi continued to keep up her steady performance.

In a blink of an eye, it was soon three days since she had straightened things out with Lu Tingxiao.

Within those three days, Lu Tingxiao did not contact her at all. She too had intentionally avoided any news about him, focusing all of her energy on working. Only sometimes, she would randomly have flashbacks to that night…

Lu Tingxiao suddenly hugged her from the back and said, Ning Xi, I’ve really missed you, it feels like it has been so long since I’ve seen you...