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For some reason, I'm hesitating to go into the room. I look to my father and brother, both were sleeping on my bed laying side by side. I bite my lip and call out "Liam!... Dad!" but neither one moves. Looking at everything upside down was starting to make me nauseous.

I honestly feel like banging my head against the ceiling at the whole thing. I'm waaaay outside of my range of weird shit. I have no idea what's happening right now. Not a single clue! And it's not like this shit comes with a manual or something... 

Screw it... I crawl over the door frame and slowly crawl over. To be honest, if this situation was flipped, I would be hella creepy right now! I look down at my sleeping father and brother with a frown.

How do I reach them when I seem stuck to the ceiling?? "Dad! Liam!!" this time I say it a little louder in hopes of waking them up but they continue to peacefully sleep. This whole thing doesn't sit well with me and I still can't use my magic! 

If I do... everything will come running. I slowly start to stand, my knees are shaking from the fear and oddity of the whole thing but when I look back to them, I can almost touch them. I take a few deep breaths to calm my heart before reaching up.... or down, however you want to look at it.

Right now, it's up for me. I stretch until my fingers barely brush the tips of their clothing but it's still not enough. Damn my shortness! I bite my lip and count to three inside my head before slightly jumping. 

I hit both of them before landing back on the ceiling. They're solid! So this isn't an illusion... Taking another deep breath, I bend my knees and jump again. This time I grab both their shirts! I hold on and try to pull them to me. 

When they start to lift, my eyes light up with triumph. Yes yes yes, come to momma... I try to pull with everything in me when suddenly, both their eyes fly open at the same time! Their hands grab my wrists in painful grips as I stare down at them in shock and fear. 

The faces start morphing and by the end of it, I was looking at two men I've never seen before. No no no, don't come to momma. Don't come to momma!! I try to pull my wrists away but their grips were incredibly strong! 

Suddenly, the bed under them starts eating them!! Panic and fear grip me hard as I try to think of ways to escape but the bed quickly pulls all three of us in! When pulled through, I hit something hard before being pulled up by my arms. 

When I look up, I see a familiar dark smile. "Eris!!" My brother and father yell from cages in the back but when I look back to the man in front of me, his smile grows as he says "I knew you'd come for them."

"Enzo..." I say with a dry look. His smile grows as he says "Nice to see you too my love. Tell me, what do you think of my beautiful trap?" I frown and say "I think you have too much time on your hands. Just tell me what you want."

He laughs at me causing his eyes to dance in joy as he says "See? This! This is why I like you so much!" He waves at the two men holding my arms and soon they're slipping chains over my wrists. I keep my magic close and wait. 

I need to find out where we are and how to get out before I start blowing shit up. I don't want to get caught by the waves of spirits that will come when I finally do use my magic. Once I was properly chained up, Enzo dismissed the other two as he starts pouring himself a cup of... wine? 

I have no idea... My brother shakes his cage and says "You're a coward! Leave her alone demon!" Enzo smirks but he doesn't bother responding as he slowly walks over to me and says "I need your help with something... I thought about killing them and then killing you."

He starts to slowly walk around me as he continues to say "I even thought about killing them in front of you and making you suffer before killing you too but something struck me. You really only attacked me because I was hurting your precious humans. Am I right?" 

I frown at his words but because he's behind me, I can't see him so I say "I guess if you put it that way... yeah. You tried to force me to be yours before killing all the innocent victims on earth, not just humans. You then tried to use me to take down the heavens all while trying to take over the whole world so yeah... if you hadn't done all that, I wouldn't have bothered you." 

He comes to a slow stop in front of me and nods his head. He looks down at me and says "Exactly. We don't necessarily hate each other, right? Just caught up on the wrong ends. So, I've decided to let your cute little family live, all of them but I need something from you."

I roll my eyes and say "Of course you do. What do you want from me?" His smile grows as he says "Your blood. You see, with it... I can be reborn." I tilt my head to the side and nod as I say "I guess in theory your plan is pretty solid but we just have one tiny little problem." 

Enzo's eyes dance in excitement as he asks "What's that, love?" I look to my father and brother before saying "What if I say no? What if I just break out of these chains and walk out of here with my 'cute' little family?" Enzo's smile never falters as he says "Have you tried using your powers since entering the spirit world? Ah, of course not. If you had, you'd know your powers currently don't work."

... What?