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144 Into The Spirit World

I take a step forward before my mother grabs my hand and says "Please be careful... it's extremely dangerous for anyone living." I give her a comforting smile and say "Don't worry mom, I'll be back no matter what." 

I glance up to see Kian watching me with a nervous smile. He clenches his jaw and nods his head as I nod in return before turning back to the vortex. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly scared but I have no time to think of alternate plans. It might already be too late for them...

I shake my hands out before taking off. I run at the vortex and jump at the last moment. I feel a cold sensation like cold slime wash over me as I fly through. When I come out on the other side, I tuck and roll, coming to a stop in a low crouch.

I look around for any signs of immediate danger but I see nothing but a whitewashed version of my house. White mist covers everything, making it hard to see anything more than ten feet in front of me but it's definitely my house. I slowly come to my feet while listening for any noises but just like before... everything's silent and empty.

I have to hurry. Because I'm alive, my light, smell, and magic will start attracting all manners of the undead. Think of it this way, everything around you is dark, you're cold and starving. Suddenly, you smell something like sunshine and when you get close enough, you actually see what looks like actual sunshine. 

That's what the spirits will see when they come in contact with the living but if you're not careful, they will start feeding off that very light. Even if they have no intention of actually hurting you, they will still suck the life from you. 

They're like vast holes of emptiness that constantly suck in the light and warmth of other things, even if they don't mean to. It's just the way it is. Unfortunately, there are darker things to worry about. 

There are spirits that have lingered here in the spirit world for too long and have become evil monsters that will even consume the lives of other spirits. Once strong enough, they can slip into the living world and haunt houses, animals, and even people.

Magic is strong here in New Orleans so we see more spirits slipping over than other places but that also means the evil ones are stronger. I start looking around in silence, not wanting to make a lot of noise but I can't help but feel slightly cold.

Everything is in white and bluish grey, making everything harder to see. I check the whole kitchen before heading out to the living room but I still don't see anything. My frown deepens as I start to get a bad feeling. 

I check every inch of my house and find myself back in the living room with a look of worry and fear. I need to hurry but I don't see any signs of them. Not one! I run my hands through my hair as I try to think of something. 

I can't call out to them... every spirit within a ten-mile radius would hear me and come running. Think! Something comes to mind but I'm worried if it would draw others... What other choices do I really have though!? 

I pull at the ends of my hair before taking a deep breath and committing. I bite my lip just enough for a little blood to coat my lips. I take a deep breath before whispering "Dad, Liam?" with a push of my will.

At first, nothing happens but when I feel the small drop of blood on my lips lifting, I look down to see it hovering in front of me. The golden-white light seeping off it was making me nervous but as I reach out to wave it away, the drop of blood suddenly falls to the floor. 

I look down and quickly step back when I see the floor suddenly opening up! What in the... I step back a few more feet until it finally comes to a stop. I nervously look down into the hole but everything is black. Solid black! 

I make a pain expression as I mutter "Of course..." I run my hands through my hair again as I pump myself up. I have no idea where this leads but it's clear that this is where they are... I take a few deep breaths before clenching my fists and jumping.

Suddenly, everything seems wrong. I feel as if I'm falling backwards!? Is that even possible!? I try to flip myself before I land flat on my back but when I land straight on my face, I feel my brain hurting. I have no idea what or how that just happened...

I slowly push myself up to see that I was still somehow in the spirit world but it looked all wrong... I was back in my living room but everything seemed backward and... wrong. I slowly stand up with my hands out in fear. 

I was currently on my ceiling!! I look around the living room with fear and uncertainty before slowly taking a step forward. I'm upside down but somehow gravity is still flowing the right way! My hair stands straight up as my shirt threatens to come off. Everything has normal gravity but for me! 

I decide to crawl instead. I slowly lower myself onto my hands and knees before slowly crawling forward. I avoid the ceiling lights and the living room fan as I slowly try to make my way through the house. What the hell is going on!?

When I finally make it to my room, I lift one hand and push the door open to see my father and brother!! I found them!! I go to crawl into the room but freeze. I look around the doorway before trying to look around the room from the hallway. 

Something doesn't feel right...