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Chapter 134: On How to Ask for a Beating

Gu Xinglang was lost for words. All of his knowledge on military tactics seemed useless here. Yu Xiaoxiao saw that he was clueless and gave him an understanding look. Her family’s Little Gu was a proper young man who didn’t know how to tell lies.

Junior Master Fenglin then asked, “Beiyuan, why haven’t you invited Her Royal Highness to sit down yet?” He had purposely left Yu Xiaoxiao standing as soon as the family of three came in. Now he observed one sitting, one reclining because of his foot injuries, and the last standing up with no reaction at all and had to give out. To leave a royal princess hanging like this would spread rumors that he, as a Junior Master of Eternal Life Temple, had no manners whatsoever. Junior Master Fenglin didn’t want a reputation like that.

Yu Xiaoxiao saw Beiyuan carry over a chair for her and finally found an appropriate excuse. “I think I’m going to lose my wits again, so I better go take my medicine.”

Xianzong hastily added, “Quick, go and take your medicine. Don’t lose your wits and hurt Junior Master again!”

Oh yeah! Yu Xiaoxiao spun on her heel and ran out in a flash, afraid that the sissy Wen Fenglin would make her take her pills right then and there. Junior Master Fenglin and Beiyuan could only stare as she vanished like a puff of wind before their very eyes. Everyone was left stunned, with mixed emotions that they struggled to express in words.

Xianzong cleared his throat and assumed his daughter was off to destroy the evidence. He considered Wen Fenglin to be a stubborn type who’d seek revenge for an angry look, so he braced himself for a beating while crying internally. Was it easy for me to raise a daughter like that? Now Xianzong dearly sensed the greatness of the empress. When she was alive, this daughter of his had never caused him any trouble, ah! Now that she’s dead, oh ancestors, Xianzong sighed, What has become of Linglong?

“Beiyuan,” Junior Master Fenglin said. “Go attend to Her Royal Highness. Safeguard Temple is a monastery, so make sure she doesn’t go where she isn’t supposed to and ruins her good name.”

Beiyuan muttered an assent before chasing after the princess. Gu Xinglang was a little worried as his eyes trailed after the departed monk. He wanted to tell Xianzong that he wanted to see the princess take her pills, but realized that would leave Xianzong and Cheng Guan alone here with Wen Fenglin. He couldn’t stop worrying about them, either.

Xianzong had no concerns for his daughter. When it came to fighting, no one in Eternal Life Temple was her match. Just look at what had happened to his own imperial guards! He gazed at Junior Master Fenglin and mused, I really have nothing to say to this Junior Master. Thus, he glanced at his son-in-law and declared, “You said you’ve always venerated Eternal Life Temple. Its Junior Master is right here now, so say something.”

“…..” said Third Young Master Gu.

“Speak,” Xianzong pointed at him, then at Junior Master Fenglin. His meaning was clear: you two should talk. Even if he was aiming for a beating, he wasn’t going to be the only victim. Wasn’t the son-in-law supposed to block his father-in-law from being thrashed? Or else, what would be the point of him marrying his daughter? (Author: Kudos for Third Young Master Gu!)

Gu Xinglang thought for a while. Truthfully speaking, what was a man of the battlefield supposed to say to a monk who practiced Buddhism and didn’t eat meat?

Xianzong looked up and murmured in Gu Xinglang’s ear, “Say something that’ll ask for a beating.”

Gu Xinglang wiped his face with one hand. He didn’t know if pointing at Junior Master Fenglin and calling him a bastard would yield any results.

Xianzong turned back to Junior Master Fenglin and remarked, “Junior Master, have a good talk about the Buddhist scriptures with Qinghui. He likes Buddha law.”

State Preceptor Cheng Guan had stopped looking at the faces of the Eternal Life Temple monks in favor of staring at his shoes. Do as you like, you lot.

Junior Master Fenglin wasn’t fool enough to actually start asking Gu Xinglang things like “Royal Son-in-Law, have you ever read the Lotus Sutra or the Great Compassion Mantra?” He only looked at the man and said, “Does Royal Son-in-Law have anything to say to me?”

Gu Xinglang smoothed out his features and said, “I heard the princess mention last night that Junior Master is in love with our royal court’s Consort Zhao. Could you please explain that for me?”



The room was quiet enough to hear a pin drop as everyone’s breathing grew more apparent.

Oh ancestors, Xianzong looked grieved as he started at his son-in-law. This isn’t how you ask for a beating! It’s simply courting death! Am I going to leave this temple alive today?!

All of the Eternal Life Temple monks looked towards their Junior Master. You still won’t let us beat them up after that? How will we have any face to say we’re Eternal Life Temple monks in the future?!

Linglong, you have to come back soon, Xianzong saw the dust clouds raised in the wake of his daughter’s footsteps and closed his eyes.

Yu Xiaoxiao had brought Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei along. The three of them were currently standing on one of Safeguard Temple’s perimeter walls. Now that she was observing the grounds in the daytime, Yu Xiaoxiao felt that everywhere looked identical. Where was that kitchen from last night?

Xiao Zhuang saw Yu Xiaoxiao scanning the temple grounds incessantly and asked, “Princess, where is the evidence we’re supposed to destroy?”

Both Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei had heard about Her Royal Highness running off here last night instead of sleeping. The two brothers1 were left with nothing but admiration. So many capable men and righteous souls had been crushed underfoot by Eternal Life Temple, but their princess had done in one night what none of them managed in their entire lifetimes!

Yu Xiaoxiao pointed towards the northwest and said, “It was over there.”

“Then princess, let’s go,” Xiao Wei said.

Xiao Zhuang looked at all the buildings in the northwest and asked, “Princess, do you remember where you switched the soups last night?”

“The kitchens,” Yu Xiaoxiao answered.

“Why were they preparing poisons in the kitchen?” Xiao Wei wondered.

Xiao Zhuang agreed. “That’s right, ah. And why did they put the poison in the soup?” Did they have to go to such lengths just to poison a single person?

“Yeah, I don’t get it either,” Yu Xiaoxiao replied. “Wen Fenglin must be more or less mental.”

Both Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei fell silent. That’s really hard to say. Suppose our princess ends up driving this Junior Master cuckoo? Not everyone has the mental strength of Esteemed Consort Zhao, ah.

Yu Xiaoxiao probed Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei for ideas. “Should we search building by building?”

Xiao Zhuang just nodded. Anything the princess said had to be right!

Xiao Wei shook his head. “That’ll raise too much commotion. The Eternal Life Temple monks would notice us for sure.”

Xiao Zhuang pointed below the wall and said, “Princess, that monk’s been hiding there for half the day. What should I do with him?”

Yu Xiaoxiao followed his finger to the corner of the wall, where a monk was staring at her unblinkingly. It looked like Eternal Life Temple trained its monks well, because this one was exceptional at concealing himself.

Xiao Wei lowered his voice, “He’s from Eternal Life Temple. We can’t make a move against him in broad daylight, right?”

Meanwhile, Beiyuan was getting antsy. Fengtian’s Princess Linglong might really be losing her wits. She’s brought two guards up to the wall with her but what are they doing? Feeling the breeze or enjoying the scenery? Even if you’re not going to take your medicine, at least do something!