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Heroic Wife Reborn

Author:Little Plum Fruit Mei Guo 梅果

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Updates:Chapter 138: The Young Women in the Monk’s Temple

The army drillmaster Yu Xiaoxiao (玉小小) [aka “Little Jade”] transmigrated from a zombie apocalypse world into the body of the eldest imperial princess. On her first day, she got hitched to young General Gu Xinglang (顾星朗) at the lowest point of his life: unjustly accused, imprisoned, and tortured. Ever since then, the valiant girl who only knew how to eat, sleep, and fight zombies tied her de...
《Heroic Wife Reborn》 Text
Chapter 1: Buried in a Sea of Flames, the Cruel Female Emperor
Chapter 2: Scheme of the Wicked Consor
Chapter 3: Useless Birth Father
Chapter 4: Refusing the Path of the Female Emperor
Chapter 5: Esteemed Empress Opens Her Eyes
Chapter 6: Third Young Master Gu
Chapter 7: Third Young Master Gu is Getting Married
Chapter 8: Née Zhao and Father’s Venomous Scheme
Chapter 9: Humiliation Before the Wedding
Chapter 10
Chapter 11: The Heartless, Faithless Royal Family
Chapter 12: The Princess’s Wedding
Chapter 13: Men and Women Should Keep Their Distance
Chapter 14: Zhao Qiuming is Here Again
Chapter 15: The Prime Minister Meets the Princess
Chapter 16: Fire at the Bridal Chambers
Chapter 17: You Can’t Kill Prime Minister Zhao
Chapter 18: Let’s Kill this Guy
Chapter 19: Where’s the Evidence of the Crime?
Chapter 20: I Swear On My Life
Chapter 21: Costing 20 Years of Big Sister’s Life
Chapter 22: Esteemed Consort Hua
Chapter 23: Taking Little Bro Outta the Palace
Chapter 24: Firmly Rejecting the Eldest Princess’s Estate
Chapter 25: Newlywed Princess, Newly Sent Concubine
Chapter 26: Gu Xinglang of the Previous Timeline
Chapter 27: Qingyu’s Thoughts
Chapter 28: How Could Such a Shy Youth Exist?
Chapter 29: Night Operation in the Bridal Chamber
Chapter 30: The Old Madam in the Midst of Burning Rage
Chapter 31: Soak in a Pig Baske
Chapter 32: Ambitious Servan
Chapter 33: Slave Marke
Chapter 34: The Imperial Prince of Zhuri
Chapter 35: Aren’t We Husband and Wife?
Chapter 36: Doesn’t Fengtian Have Any Real Men?
Chapter 37: Alliance of Six Concubines
Chapter 38: Deviating from the Plotline
Chapter 39: State Preceptor Cheng Guan
Chapter 40: Defender Duke vs. Defender General
Chapter 41: The Unpopular Complacent Winery
Chapter 42: Impossible to Communicate with the Eldest Princess
Chapter 43: Lady Chuqiu
Chapter 44: Blind Devotion
Chapter 45: The Servant’s Lost Seed
Chapter 46: Debacle of the Moth’s Death
Chapter 47: The Carriage in the Imposing Courtyard
Chapter 48: One Servant, Two Masters
Chapter 49: Secret Underground Passage
Chapter 50: At the Head of the Great Stone Bridge
Chapter 51: The Pomegranate Blooms
Chapter 52: Third Young General’s Calculations
Chapter 53: Xiao Wei’s Loyalty
Chapter 54: Mutually Beneficial Matters
Chapter 55: Sons of the Gu Clan
Chapter 56: It All Begin with that Guy Named Left-Righ
Chapter 57: Hello and Goodbye, Grand Marshal Zuo
Chapter 58: The Eldest Princess’s Ruthless, Vicious Ways
Chapter 59: The Eldest Princess’s Capable, Problem Solving Ways
Chapter 60: Supreme Commander Zuo’s Natural Enemy
Chapter 61: He’s My Husband
Chapter 62: Her Royal Highness Talks Sense
Chapter 63: Who Doesn’t Want Eternal Life?
Chapter 64: Junior Master Fenglin
Chapter 65: Your Name is Wen Fenglin
Chapter 66: What is Eternal Life?
Chapter 67: Affections of Youth
Chapter 68: Third Young Master Gu’s Affections
Chapter 69: Old Supreme Commander’s Little Pal
Chapter 70: Old Madam’s Fiery Hear
Chapter 71: My Name is Yu Xiaoxiao
Chapter 72: Minor Expert at Domestic Strife
Chapter 73: A Peaceful Haven for My Hear
Chapter 74: A Treasure Sobbing Late into the Nigh
Chapter 75: Brightness Palace’s Little Beansprou
Chapter 76: Secret Midnight Rendezvous
Chapter 77: Who Says Women Aren’t as Good as Men?
Chapter 78: A Gift of Fine Black Hair to the Gentleman
Chapter 79: Xiaoxiao, I’ll Have Babies for You
Chapter 80: Xianzong Searches for His Son
Chapter 81: Disaster Descends for Prime Minister Zhao
Chapter 82: On How to Prove Prime Minister Zhao’s Innocence
Chapter 83: A Chance for Revenge
Chapter 84: Precious Child
Chapter 85: With Regards to Acting Skills
Chapter 86: Take this Scoundrel Out for a Beating!
Chapter 87: The Astute and Cunning Princess
Chapter 88: The Princess Wants to Visit Morning Skies Palace
Chapter 89: I Said, I Want You
Chapter 90: Venomous Eldest Princess
Chapter 91: Abandoned Son
Chapter 92: Happy Families, Sorrowful Families
Chapter 93: A Male Vixen That’s Never Gonna Give Him Up
Chapter 94: Beneath the Enclosure Walls
Chapter 95: Rich Father and Son’s Complex Love Affairs
Chapter 96: A Man Who Looks After His Family
Chapter 97: Disillusioned Father and Daughter
Chapter 98: Father and Daughter in the Imperial Prisons
Chapter 99: Gu Xinglang is Innocen
Chapter 100: You Must Repay Your Debts
Chapter 101: His Girl
Chapter 102: Fengtian is a Mystical Place
Chapter 103: Father-in-Law and Son-in-Law
Chapter 104: To Bleed Like a Pig
Chapter 105: Thieves Don’t Show Affection Without Reason
Chapter 106: Princess, We’ll Stay Together Until Our Hair Turns White
Chapter 107: Then That’s How We’ll Settle Things
Chapter 108: Consort Zhao’s Pals Get Abused
Chapter 109: The Eldest Princess’s Grudge Against Consort Zhao
Chapter 110: Life is Short, Enjoy it While You Can
Chapter 111: The Favored Consort’s True Face
Chapter 112: Like a Human Drinking Water
Chapter 113: Eternal Life Temple’s Archenemy
Chapter 114: Royal Son-in-Law is Bathing
.Chapter 115: First Time Seeing Little ‘Little Gu’
Chapter 116: The Meaning of ‘Battle-Tested’
Chapter 117: Jade vs. Wood Serving Trays
Chapter 118: Little Gu Fell Asleep, So I Came to See You
Chapter 119: Sweet Noodle Sauce Soup
Chapter 120: Have You Been Kissed by a Zombie
Chapter 121: See You Never in the Jianghu Again
Chapter 122: Uncertainty vs. Indifference
Chapter 123: Go to Fengtian for Your Calamity
Chapter 124: Eldest Young Master Gu and His Royal Sister-in-Law
Chapter 125: The Sacred Eternal Life Temple
Chapter 126: Is Someone That Unlucky Really Zhen’s Daughter?
Chapter 127: Linglong’s Lost Her Wits Since Childhood
Chapter 128: His Majesty Says, Please Don’t Birth a Girl
Chapter 129: Let’s Celebrate By Doing It!
Chapter 130: Third Young Master Gu Has to Face a New World Every Morning
Chapter 131: Father-in-Law, Daughter, and Son-in-Law
Chapter 132: I’m Ill and Forgot to Take My Medicine
Chapter 133: Whose Fault is This?
Chapter 134: On How to Ask for a Beating
Chapter 135: The Great Master’s Day of Sufferings
Chapter 136: Beautiful Sisters of Unrivaled Beauty
Chapter 137: Unseen Gods
Chapter 138: The Young Women in the Monk’s Temple