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1 Heran in the Belly of the Beas

I walk towards the sacred river, my heart hammering in my chest with more force than a blacksmith's mallet, my machete in my hand. I wear the garbs of a warrior princess: strips of rawhide that barely covers my voluptuous breasts and wide hips.

My arms are adorned with tattoos, symbols of my tribe, carved into my skin during the rituals of womanhood. My head is bald save for a Mohawk that makes me look like a mad peacock.

I am Heran, a warrior princess, the youngest of the royal guard, sworn to protect my queen from the scourge of men. My queen is a holy virgin, beautiful beyond comprehension and prey to the lust of predatory men of other tribes seeking to debase and defile her. I will do anything to protect the sanctity of my queen even if it means putting my own virginity in danger.

The newest peril is not of men but of monsters that prowl the jungles that surround our village. Yesterday two young women went to the stream to fetch water and only one returned. She was crying and sobbing, screaming that her friend had been taken by a hideous five headed beast known as a hydra. The poor lady had surely been eaten alive leaving only her broken calabash behind on the river bank.

I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to prove myself to my comrades and to my beloved queen that I was the bravest of all the royal guard. The others are jealous of me because I am the fairest of them all.

I tell myself over and over again that I'm up to the task. I will find that dreaded hydra and kill it. Others who went before me that morning had failed but I am Heran, the warrior princess, the incarnation of Herah, the warrior goddess, so therefore I am invincible. It is my solemn oath to kill the beast and bring back all its heads to my queen. Then the whole village will know that I'm truly the incarnation of a warrior goddess.

I stand on the bank of the sacred river and scrutinize the muddy black waters for the hydra. The monster is big and I know it will soon show itself. Unlike other creatures of the deep, it is not shy and will soon come up to find out who dares to come to its watery abode to face certain death. Soon I see a long, reptilian tail break the surface of the river and disappear just as quickly.

I wade out into the river and suddenly the water in front of me erupts and a huge serpent-like head on a grotesque long neck stands before me…. a terrifying sight for even the most hardened of hearts. Automatically I slip into a fighting stance, a result of years of intense physical training from my master.

The monster is maybe surprised that I am a woman and hesitates to strike… a fatal mistake on its part. I leap into the air and swing my machete in a wide arc, easily decapitating the monster in one fluid motion. Its black blood splashes everywhere and I feel a rush of elation and even a hint of disappointment… this fight was over too quickly.

But a hydra has many heads, where are the others? I look around, my senses on high alert, my eyes trying to probe the murky depths of the river where I stood. There is a sound behind me and I turn quickly to face it.

But I have been tricked! The beast is as intelligent as any human on earth and the sound was only to distract my attention. Blackness engulfs me as its jaws close over me. My startled scream of pure terror is cut off as I drop my machete in panic.

The monster swallows me whole as easily as if I was a beetle. Small inner teeth dig into my body, its breath smells of stale, rotten flesh and its gastric juices wash over me as I am dragged by its constricting muscles into the dark recesses of its abdomen. My last thought as I enter its belly is that I am a very, very stupid girl about to be eaten.

My body is being pulverised and I can't breathe. The pain is unbearable and I will soon perish. I am sucked into its stomach where I lie covered with juices, saliva and my own blood.

Death is ruthlessly slow as I lie in the darkness of the beast's belly. I can feel the beast moving about till it comes to rest. I know it has crawled to a hidden spot on land where it can lie and digest me for days. No one will ever find me again. I didn't tell anyone where I was going!

No! I must escape! Despite my horrid predicament I cannot just give up! My master taught me I should never lose hope even in the face of total destruction. I must try and calm down and think of a way out. I am without a weapon but the greatest weapon of all is the mind.

It is so silent but I can hear a sound. No, it is not my beating heart but another heart, the one that belongs to the beast. Then I realise how foolish I was from the beginning… I could never have defeated the hydra by just cutting off its heads. I had to strike at its heart!

I stretch out my hand, my fingers searching for the source of the rhythmic thumping; I squish through various organs till I grasp a familiar shape.

I give a sharp tug, attempting to rip it out by its roots. I do not succeed but there is an immediate spasm that runs through the beast's body as it convulses. With a huge heave I am vomited out of its great mouth into the blessed open.

I struggle to get up; expecting another attack but the beast has bolted back into the sacred river and disappeared. I suspect it will be gone for some time. I can hardly stand, my body aches terribly from cuts and bruises, blood is spattered all over me, some from the beast, most of it mine. My eyes swim as I cough and vomit, trying to catch my breath.

I keel over and fall flat on the floor, completely spent and exhausted. I am still shivering from my near death experience and I am about to pass out. I know that if I don't get to a medicine man soon I will die.

A shadow falls over me and I look up in hope but that faint glimmer is dashed when I recognize the beads on the ankle of the masculine foot in front of me… he is a warrior from an enemy village! They have been known to kidnap and **** our girls.

I can feel him watching me, his eyes clawing over my bruised and battered body. He will notice the tattoos on my forearms and know that I am royalty. I will surely be captured and held for a huge ransom!

But I can't move! My capture is inevitable. I stare helplessly up at him trying not to let my eyes plead with him. I cannot beg for mercy!

He picks me up easily like I was a small bag of rice and carries me off into the forest. I am now completely defenceless. I will be lucky if I am not raped first in some secluded spot. Is this a case of from frying pan to fire? I am ashamed to admit that anything is better than being digested by some hideous beast.

As darkness closes over me I feel his face draw closer to mine. May the gods forgive me! I will certainly be defiled and lose my status as virgin princess.

I wake up to find myself face down on a filthy bunk. This is not where a princess should be! I am still in pain but it seems I've been treated with some sort of medicine.

Even though I am happy to be alive, I cringe at the thought that a man must have touched me. How dare he! My splitting headache hardly allows me to dwell on that fact however.

I then realize that I'm naked. My warrior garb is gone and my black skin, slick with sweat, gleams in the semi darkness. I turn to find him watching me. I feel suddenly vulnerable. He had witnessed me at my weakest and now he would take advantage of me! I was to suffer the fate of all captured princesses: to be abused and defiled until my will to resist was gone. Then I would become a willing sex slave condemned to a life of servicing he and his comrades whenever he so pleased.

I feel no pain of violation but there is no comfort in that fact because maybe he wanted me to be awake so that I could experience my humiliation fully. We stare at each other for a while. He is certainly a warrior and a good looking one at that. His huge chest is criss-crossed with scars and peppered with tattoos. His arms are like tree trunks and his rough looking hands seem capable of snapping me easily in two. I imagine those hands exploring my ripe body and I feel a certain heat where I never expected.

His legs were long and thick and the loin cloth he wore could barely conceal a massive bulge that nestled between his strong thighs. I felt an instant hunger deep inside me and suddenly I was very afraid. I wanted so badly to know what was hiding under there. But such desires are a sacrilege to me and I must overcome these urges if I'm to outwit my captor and escape from this place, wherever it was.

"Where am I?" I demanded hotly. My voice was barely above a whisper.

He cocked his head to one side and contemplated me thoughtfully. By the gods he looked handsome! His eyes were dark and smouldering and seemed to stare right into my soul. He had a perfect oval face and a smooth round head that reflected what little light that crept into the hut. His nose was regal and proud and under it was the most perfect set of lips I had ever seen. They twisted into a wry smile.

"You are in my hut, princess" he said in a bored tone of voice, "you are now my prisoner."

I clenched my teeth in suppressed rage.

"I am no such thing" I spat hoarsely as I struggled to a sitting position. Whatever he used to treat my wounds had sapped most of my strength. "Release me this instant, you vile bastard."

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes settled on my breasts. My nipples hardened and stuck out like black nails under his intent gaze, infuriating me further.

"Please try and relax, princess" he said, smiling again, "you nearly died out there. If I didn't find you then you would be food for the jackals by now. Now, listen carefully, I saved your life, which means you are now my slave. According to the customs of my village you are to become my concubine, which means you are now my wench and my whore. But you know all this, don't you? So be a good girl and lie down again and I'll try to make your violation as painless as possible."

"I will never submit to you!" I screamed, "I will rather die a thousand slow, painful deaths than to be defiled by the likes of you. If I am deflowered by you it will be my solemn promise that your miserable village will be burnt to the ground and every man, woman and child or any other living thing found inside it will be put to the sword!"

For all my talk it would seem that the threats and insults I hurled at him had about as much effect as my earlier attempt to kill the hydra. He merely shook his head as if I were a little brat giving a tantrum.

"I'm going to enjoy raping you" he said without a trace of anger, "And from how hard your nipples are looking and the moisture that glistens on your honey pot, I think you will enjoy it too."

I called him a very rude name as he leisurely approached me, a mischievous smile on his face. I immediately raised my fists and struck at his face. He swatted them aside like they were overfed, slow moving flies. He held my shoulders and lifted me up like a voodoo doll. He kissed me roughly on the lips and I clamped my lips shut so that he couldn't push his tongue in my mouth. He started to give me hard kisses on my neck and the sensation was driving me crazy. I kneed him in the groin.

He dropped me like hot firewood and groaned painfully. I tried to run for the door. I was barely a couple of feet when his arms encircled my waist. I yelped in fright as he dragged me back to the bunk.

His palm came up and cupped my right breast. He squeezed it roughly and pulled at the long, hard nipple. I groaned in pleasure and tried to reach backwards to squeeze his balls. I intended to squish them like overripe oranges. His other hand went down my navel and touched my vagina. I was still trying to get my fingers round his impossibly large testicles when his finger started to stroke the lips of my vagina. I gasped as the delicious sensation ran through my body.

As he caressed, prodded and pinched at my privates. I noticed that instead of squeezing his balls to hurt him, I was cupping and juggling them in my palm. I was amazed at the size of them and even more fascinated by the sheer length and girth of his penis. I could barely get a grip on the monster as I stroked it from tip to scrotum and it was harder than the blade of my machete.

Those damned lips on my neck again. He surely knew what he was doing. He turned me around and crushed my lips with his again. I didn't even bother to push him away as my arms wrapped round his neck. I opened my mouth eagerly and hungrily chewed his tongue. His hands grabbed my legs and raised me up. I wrapped them round his waist and he moved forward and sandwiched me against the wall. I felt something huge and hard prodding against my private lips. For a moment I stiffened in fear.

"Don't worry, my princess" he whispered into my ear as he sensed me tense, "Everything will be fine. It might hurt a little but I promise the pleasure that will follow will be like the rapture. Do you want me to break you? I won't do it if you don't want me to."

"Please do. Hurry, I want you inside me!"

"Thank you, my princess."

He lowered me gently onto his cock and I felt a sharp pain as I was split apart, his body filling me till I felt I was going to explode. I heard a scream pierce the silence of the evening and it was only a little later that I realized it was me. Just as suddenly I was emptied as he withdrew, then again he filled me.

I whimpered and wept as his penis punished my throbbing vagina, my body slipping and sliding up and down his pole. He was right: the pleasure was fantastic. I felt like I was being reborn.

Sweat poured down our bodies in rivulets as our groans and gasps filled the hut. I could hear loud smacks as my buttocks slapped against his thighs. Then I felt a pressure building up inside me like I wanted to pee and I couldn't stop myself as my body stiffened and shook. I just had my first orgasm.

He pulled me off his spear and turned me around in midair, my legs dangling helplessly, juice dripping from my delicates. He bent me over the bunk, my buttocks in the air, my hands gripping the wooden edge. He entered me again from behind and this time he wasn't as gentle as he was first time around. I moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he vigorously humped me with reckless abandon.

His hands moved from my waist and grabbed my breasts again and he kneaded them like dough, my nipples caught between his thumbs and fingers. I gritted my teeth as I tried not to pass out from his ruthless assault from the rear. I passed out gas several times but he didn't seem to mind.

Another orgasm ripped through me and I couldn't stop the scream that was wrenched from my lips.

He wasn't done with me yet. I couldn't believe he hadn't erupted yet. He made me sit on the bunk facing him. His long, thick penis, glistening in the pale light pointed straight at my mouth. He held my head in each of his large hands and pulled me gently closer. My lips touched, the monstrous, mushroom shaped head and it felt so full and alive. I was afraid of how big it was and I didn't want to open my mouth at first but he pulled me further towards him and my lips parted before the battering ram. It was really big but he pushed it all the way to the back of my throat and I gagged as I was filled with his salty cock.

Then he began to move his hips and before long loud slurping sounds filled the room as I sucked and sloshed the huge meaty pole in my mouth. My eyes were squeezed shut, tears running freely down my cheeks as he pulled in and out of my throat. I could scarcely breathe and it was hard not to gag. I looked up at his face and he had that fixed look of lust in his eyes. His nostrils were flared and his tongue kept darting out to moisten his lips. I knew I must look like a depraved whore to him. Maybe I was. Underneath all my bravado and moral righteousness, I was just another cock deprived princess begging to be ravished by a tall, dark warrior. I couldn't deny it. I just liked what was happening to me.

He didn't last much longer thankfully; I don't think I could have taken much more. He gave a deep roar and his hands nearly squeezed my head to a pulp. He started to spasm and his cock jerked in my mouth and spouted thick, gooey, creamy stuff down my throat. I did my best to swallow everything. There was a lot of it and it dribbled down the corner of my lips and out my nostrils. I started to splutter and he withdrew.

He pulled me up, kissed me deeply, licking of juice from my lips, cheeks and jaw. I was exhausted but he wasn't done with me yet. He placed me back on the bed, and throwing off his loin cloth, climbed in with me.

He held my arms above my head with a firm grip on my wrists and he lowered his head to my breasts. For several long, agonizing minutes, he sucked the hard, pointed nipples, his teeth gently nipping and pulling at them. I gasped deeply and tried to relax but it wasn't possible. I discovered I was pushing my chest into his mouth, willing him to feast on them further. I wasn't aware of his other hand until two fingers buried themselves deeply between the engorged lips of my vagina and I gave a wail of tormented ecstasy.

Without freeing my nipples for one second he pushed his fingers in and out of my privates, my hips gyrating against them as they prodded and probed. I muttered and moaned and called my queen rude names. Just when I was about to climax again, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his long, pink tongue. He sucked on my clitoris and the resulting sensation was truly devastating. I couldn't take it for more than a full minute and my thighs clamped on his head as I came on his face.
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I opened my legs and lay on the bunk, shivering like a leaf. He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply, softly stroking my back, arms and the back of my neck. I tried to keep my eyes open but I was starting to drift, pleasant exhaustion seeking to claim me.

He kissed me for a very long time and I could feel my body succumbing to him completely. I was now totally his, a wench ever willing to do his bidding. I had lost this battle and I had failed myself and my queen but the worst thing was that I didn't even feel sorry. I wanted this and as sweet darkness claimed me, my lips still locked on his, I smiled to myself thinking that if this was to be my fate it was certainly better than being feasted on by that accursed hydra.

I woke up to the smell of soup brewing over a fire. The hut was empty. I found that my full strength had returned and that most of the cuts on my body had healed. I got off the bunk and noticed my garbs piled neatly in one corner. Feeling a little foolish I put them on then went outside to look for him.

I found him sitting cross-legged next to the fire which had a large metal pot suspended over it. Whatever he was cooking smelt good and my stomach groaned. He motioned for me to sit next to him and as I obeyed I noticed he could barely look at me. Did he find me so despicable or was he just shy?

"How do you feel?" he asked with his eyes still fixed on the fire.

"I'm fine" I replied. I was a bit disappointed. This was not what I wanted. I expected to be treated like a slave. Why was he interested in how I felt?

"I think it would be wise if you went home. Your people will be looking for you and I wouldn't want a war to break out over you and me."

"I thought you said I was your slave according to your custom?" I asked in irritation.

"I was just trying to act tough" he said sadly, "You were so haughty and arrogant and I wanted to get you off your high horse. I'm sorry for taking your virginity. I hope you don't get in trouble. But then again you can always keep it to yourself. I know I will."

He turned at last to look at me. He flinched when he saw the anger in my eyes.

"I'm going to leave now and I'll suggest you don't say anything more. I should have crushed your balls when I had the chance." My voice was full of suppressed fury.


I was back to my usual strength and I wasn't weak from loss of blood or filled up with medicine so this time when my fist lashed out, he didn't see it coming. It caught him on his jaw and I briefly saw the surprised look in his eyes before he keeled over on his back. When I got up and stood over him I noticed he was out cold.

"Men" I said in contempt and spat at his face. Guess I would still have to wait a little longer if I was looking for my true master.

After helping myself to the soup I started to head home. Well, I couldn't deny that, apart from being fantastic in bed, he was also a great cook.

Guess he wasn't too bad. Maybe I would see him again.

Next time.