Hellbound With You
175 Gentlemen
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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175 Gentlemen

Abi almost choked while Alex just continued what he was doing. 

"Alex… uhm… someone might –"

"Shh… you're the one who said no one comes to this area and you already gave me permission, Abigail, so don't take back your word." He caressed her lips as he kissed her. "Don't worry, no one will see us here, trust me, okay?" he whispered gently and he continued kissing her until Abi could only close her eyes. 

Alex pulled away and his finger touched her collarbones. She felt the cold and sticky icing piping slowly on her skin. Abi couldn't help but imagine him piping glaze over a cake and her face burned red. When she felt him putting more down her cleavage, she lifted her hands and covered her face in embarrassment.

But Alex spoke. "Don't hide your face, Abigail. Look at me," he told her. His voice became deeper again, hypnotizing her to obey.

"But… it's embarrassing, Alex," she uttered. 

"Okay, I'll undress, too," he replied and Abi quickly removed her hands from her face and looked at him.

"No, no, you don't need to do that!" she protested, but Alex didn't stop and undressed himself until he too was half-naked. Abi could only watch him, completely dumbfounded. 

Seeing the look on her face, Alex smirked and without warning, he started licking her. His tongue skillfully teased her and sucked her gently every now and again. He was doing it so slowly, as if he was savoring a dessert, letting it melt on its own in his mouth. The heat of his lips and his tongue traveling from her collarbones down to her cleavage was making Abi felt so hot, so hot that she was starting to feel weird.   

"So delicious…" he uttered as he pulled away and looked at her. The dreamy look on Abi's flushed face made him smile and kiss her lips. "You're delicious, Abigail…" he whispered seductively and Abi felt like he was trying to shut her heart and mind down all at once. 

Before she knew it, he had taken off her bra. Abi gasped when she realized it and she grabbed Alex, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

"A-alex, I… you can't take it –"

"Shh…" he cut her off again and he started nibbling her ear. "I want to taste the cake on top of your cute peaches, Abigail. This is the real reward I want for being a good boy," he whispered and Abi felt so tickled as he blew his hot breath in her ear. This was too much and her arms were losing their strength.    

He pinned her down again. He stared deep into her eyes and kissed her deeply until she finally let go of him. 

Alex stared at her, his gaze caressing every nook of her naked torso as he gazed at her with pride and admiration. His hand then moved and Abi felt him put some icing on her nipple. Her mind was already in a daze and she started sweating due to the heat Alex caused by seducing her. 

And then, she felt his lips on one of her twin peaks. He licked her nipple slowly, savoring the icing on it, slowly and gently, and Abi couldn't help but moan. 

"I love your moans, Abigail. Moan for me more," he whispered between his shallow breaths and his lips moved on to the other one and licked her there again. 

Abi could no longer think straight. He made her feel like this every time he touched her, making her lose her mind with all these foreign things and feeling he was making her experience. She didn't know what was going on anymore. All she knew was that she had never felt so good.

"A-alex… I… I'm feeling weird… feels s-so good…" she didn't know that those words escaped from her lips but their effect was definitely like oil being poured over the calm fire. 

"Damn!" he cursed and he picked her up without letting go of her peach. He made her straddle him as his mouth moved even harder, with one hand also playing on the other one, pleasuring her twin peaches simultaneously. 

His other hand started moving downwards, slipping under her skirt and he touched her there, making Abi's body quiver in pleasure. Her hands wrapped around his neck tightly and he didn't stop until Abi reached the sky again. 

It was dusk when everyone finally arrived at Abi's house. There were only less than twenty people who came, mostly, their neighbors. Abi didn't have many close friends her age, only Kelly, so the rest of the guests were elderlies and children.  

Zeke and Xavier also arrived, surprising everyone in the house. Zeke was quite famous so the elderlies immediately recognized him, creating a fuss inside the house for a while.

The last one to arrive was none other than Chris, Abi's childhood friend. 

Of course, the fuss that was pointed at Zeke a while back immediately got thrown to Chris.  

Being the most famous actor at the moment, even the elderlies almost shrieked upon the sight of him. Abi's family also gushed when they saw him and they welcomed the young man so warmly, almost as if he belonged to the family in the first place. 

But the truth was it wasn't only the people inside who got surprised, Chris himself was actually shocked. He couldn't believe that not only was the shadiest man he ever knew here, the coldhearted and dangerous business tycoon, Ezekiel Qin was also here! What was he doing here?!

He had expected Alexander Qin to be here but seeing another shady character inside this house, and the richest man in the country no one dared to offend, he was damn speechless. How the hell did Abi get connected to these kinds of people?

"Come, Chris, join these gentlemen here." Andrew led him to the sofa where Alex, Zeke, Kai, and Xavier were sitting. Chris glanced at the other two and even though he didn't know who they were, he could sense in one glance that they were not ordinary people. 

Abi's grandma went to introduce Chris to the four gentlemen and when Xavier heard that he was the boy who was beside Abigail in many of the pictures inside this house, his eyes immediately began to observe Alex. 

But Alex was somehow calmer than expected. In fact, he was so calm that he almost looked as still as stone. 

A while later, Kelly went downstairs first after helping Abi dress up and she was shocked by what she saw. One tycoon, one superstar, two royals, and one shady character who obviously seemed to be much more powerful than the four of them. Kelly could only sigh. 'Sigh… Abi my friend, I really don't know if I should be happy or not, despite seeing these men all looking excessively gorgeous…'

A few seconds later after Kelly appeared, Abi made her way down the stairs. 


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