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Heavenly Star

Author:Mars Gravity

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Updates:CHAPTER 305

A mysterious teenager who had lost his past, awakened in Tian Long Continent. Mistaken as the Ye family’s Son, he used this identity to observe this chaotic world and to search for his past self, but only to find an inevitable and terrible fate, therefore he indignantly laughed at his destiny, and revealed his prowess to rule the lands under the heavens. Sinc...
《Heavenly Star》 Text
Chapter 1: Ye Wuchen
Chapter 2: The White Haired Girl
Chapter 3: Ye Ning Xue
Chapter 4: Light Punishment
Chapter 5: Legend of the Woman of the Divine Wrath
Chapter 6: Wu Chen Spell
Chapter 7: Flame Lion
Chapter 8: The Nan Huang Sword
Chapter 9: A Dragon Getting Out of The Sea
Chapter 10: Full Moon Night
Chapter 11
Chapter 12: Grandpa Long
Chapter 13
Chapter 14: For Brother
Chapter 15: Heavenly Beast’s Egg
Chapter 16: Recovery
Chapter 17: Whoever hurts you, I will definitely make him regret it all his life.
Chapter 18: Shui Meng Chan (I)
Chapter 19: Shui Meng Chan (II)
Chapter 20: Southern Emperor Sect
Chapter 21: Three Forbidden Weapons
Chapter 22: Ye Shui Yao, Hua Shi Rou
Chapter 23: Abducting the Princess (I)
Chapter 24: Abducting the Princess (II)
Chapter 25: Tian Long City’s Ye Family
Chapter 26: Ye Family’s son (I)
Chapter 27: Ye family’s son (II)
Chapter 28: The Ye family’s son (III)
Chapter 29: Testing his blood
Chapter 30: The Sword deity’s ring
Chapter 31: A Slap on the face
Chapter 32: Conspiracy
Chapter 33: Premonitory-Power of his soul
Chapter 34: Ye Shui Yao
Chapter 35: Shui Yao’s Heart
Chapter 36: Ye Qi, Ye Ba
Chapter 37: 4 Gods of Tian Chen
Chapter 38: Xiao Lu
Chapter 39: Night Visit
Chapter 40: Accident
Chapter 41: Shopping
Chapter 42: Quacks
Chapter 43: Kicked Out!
Chapter 44: Are You Insane!
Chapter 45: Tian Long Royal Academy
Chapter 46: Leng Ya
Chapter 47: Lin Xiao
Chapter 48: Shattering Wind Blade
Chapter 49: Measure for Measure
Chapter 50: Measure for Measure Part 2
Chapter 51: Choosing Violence
Chapter 52: Mark on the Face!
Chapter 53: Hua Zhentian
Chapter 54: Young man, you have a future!
Chapter 55: Resistance
Chapter 56: The Five Elements Resistance Body
Chapter 57: Flame of Anger: Burn the Entire Eight Desolation
Chapter 58: Monster! Devil!
Chapter 59: Lin Family Are All Grandchildren
Chapter 60: Literary Competition - Preface
Chapter 61: Literary Competitor - Clear Water Lakeside
Chapter 62: Literary Competition - The Peak of Painting Skills
Chapter 63: Literary Competition - Twin Lotus Flower on One Stalk Part 1
Chapter 64: Literary Competition - Twin Lotus Flower on One Stalk Part 2
Chapter 65: Literary Competition - Twin Lotus Flower on One Stalk Part 3
Chapter 66: Literary Competition - Emperor Teacher Wang Bo
Chapter 67: Literary Competition - A Slap on One’s Own Face
Chapter 68: Literary Competition - Spiritual Hint
Chapter 69: Literary Competition - A Dream of Worldly Affairs
Chapter 70: Literary Competition - A Dream Remembering the Past Part 1
Chapter 71: Literary Competition - A Dream Remembering the Past Part 2
Chapter 72: Literary Competition - A Dream Remembering the Past Part 3
Chapter 73: To Bestow Marriage
Chapter 74: I Am Not a Nobleman
Chapter 75: You are Still Very Inexperienced
Chapter 76: Ten Years of Loyalty
Chapter 77: The So-Called Method of Anointing One’s Head with the Purest Powers Part 1
Chapter 78: The So-Called Method of Anointing One’s Head with the Purest Powers Part 2
Chapter 79: Number One Mercenary Tao Baibai
Chapter 80: Run for Life
Chapter 81: Teaching Big Sister How to Paint
Chapter 82: Hidden Plan
Chapter 83: After all, He is Also a God
Chapter 84: Doesn’t Kneel Before the World, Doesn’t Kneel Before the Emperor Either
Chapter 85: Leng Ya Mother and Son
Chapter 86: The Black Forest
Chapter 87: Probing
Chapter 88: Frightening Eyes
Chapter 89: Tian Long Hua Family
Chapter 90: The Heart of Shuirou
Chapter 91: Violation
Chapter 92: Drinking Leisurely
Chapter 93: Overjoyed
Chapter 94: Frankly Speaking
Chapter 95: Public Announcement is the Best Resistance
Chapter 96: Stimulating the Heart
Chapter 97: Future God of Murder
Chapter 98: Evil Desires
Chapter 99: Woman of Matchless Beauty (Part 1)
Chapter 100: Woman of Matchless Beauty (Part 2)
Chapter 101: Breaking the Promise of Marriage (Part 1)
Chapter 102: Breaking the Promise of Marriage (Part 2)
Chapter 103: Long Yin and the Lin Family
Chapter 104: Secrets Exposed
Chapter 105: Transaction
Chapter 106: Most Powerful Killer
Chapter 107 Playing Tricks (Part 1)
Chapter 108: Playing Tricks (Part 2)
Chapter 109: Explosion
Chapter 110: The Final Way Out
Chapter 111: The Eyes Punished by the Heavens
Chapter 112: The Cursed Woman
Chapter 113: Tong Xin
Chapter 114: The Abyss
Chapter 115: Long Huang-er’s Request
Chapter 116: A Sudden Realization
Chapter 117: To Eliminate the Thousand Murders Pavilion
Chapter 118: A Night of Impurity
Chapter 119: Pitiful Huang-er
Chapter 120: You Should Carry Me There!
Chapter 121: The New Teacher in Painting Class
Chapter 122: A Day with Long Huang-er (Part 1)
Chapter 123: A Day with Long Huang-er (Part 2)
Chapter 124: Zhuge Xiaoyu
Chapter 125: When Can We Get Married?
Chapter 126: The Empress’ Sudden Attack of Serious Illness
Chapter 127: A Mysterious Woman
Chapter 128: Medicine Expert
Chapter 129: Master Ye, the Amazing Physician
Chapter 130: Injuring Lin Yu
Chapter 131: Perfect Acting Skills
Chapter 132: Your Majesty, You Are Also Being Poisoned!
Chapter 133: Nobody Can Dishonor My Ye Family!
Chapter 134: Who Was It!?
Chapter 135: Travelling Alone
Chapter 136: Neither Major Nor Minor Trouble
Chapter 137: The Voice from a Remote Place
Chapter 138: The Xue Ji Sword
Chapter 139: Engagement
Chapter 140: You’ll Wait and See!
Chapter 141: Ye Wuchen’s Revenge
Chapter 142: Leng Ya, the Lonesome Wolf
Chapter 143: The Magical Voiced Woman
Chapter 144: First Meeting
Chapter 145: The Secret of the Iron Sword
Chapter 146: Meeting Again
Chapter 147: The Story of the Fairy
Chapter 148: Thousand Magic Camp
Chapter 149: Blood Wind Wolf
Chapter 150: Destroying the Camp, Tong Xin’s Wrath
Chapter 151: Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian
Chapter 152: Twin Trees and the Lovebirds
Chapter 153: Crown Prince Feng Ling
Chapter 154: God of War Feng Chaoyang (Part 1)
Chapter 155: God of War Feng Chaoyang (Part 2)
Chapter 156: Medical Assembly, Meeting by Chance
Chapter 157: Beautiful Woman
Chapter 158: Who is the Prey?
Chapter 159: The Competition Stage Props That Were Delivered
Chapter 160: Outrageous
Chapter 161: Take Off Your Mask!
Chapter 162: You’d Better Put on Your Mask
Chapter 163: Fairy and Enchantress
Chapter 164: The Imperial Palace Banquet
Chapter 165: Calamity and the Turn for the Better
Chapter 166: The Flame of Fury
Chapter 167: Worth… It …
Chapter 168: I Agree
Chapter 169: Zhuge Xiaoyu’s Determination
Chapter 170: Beautiful Woman, Enchantress!
Chapter 171: Violation
Chapter 172: Enthusiastic Heart Jade (Part I)
Chapter 173: Enthusiastic Heart Jade (Part 2)
Chapter 174: Gone, Still Gone Away
Chapter 175: The Whole Sky Floating with Snow (Part 1)
Chapter 176: The Whole Sky Floating with Snow (Part 2)
Chapter 177: Heavenly Fire Volcano
Chapter 178: Purple Sea
Chapter 179: The Heavenly Fire Dragon
Chapter 180: The Lost Territory
Chapter 181: The Lost Shrine
Chapter 182: The Spiritual World
Chapter 183: Pocket-Sized Girl, Xiang Xiang
Chapter 184: A Rapid Breakthrough
Chapter 185: The Most Powerful Frobidden Weapon
Chapter 186: The Dragon Fox That Became Useless
Chapter 187: Perish, Heavenly Fire Dragon (Part I)
Chapter 188: Perish, Heavenly Fire Dragon (Part II)
Chapter 189: Nobody Have the Rights To Decide For Her Happiness! (Part I)
Chapter 190 Nobody Have the Rights To Decide For Her Happiness! (Part II)
Chapter 191 One Day and One Night
Chapter 192 Whoever Obstructs Shall Die!
Chapter 193 That Short Moment of Touch
Chapter 194 Hostage Taking
Chapter 195 Leave it
Chapter 196 Taking Off the Wedding Dress for the Gentleman (Part I)
Chapter 197 Taking Off the Wedding Dress for the Gentleman (Part II)
Chapter 198 The Sign of Eruption
Chapter 199 Who…...Did…...It!!
Chapter 200 Blood Splashing
Chapter 201 Gold and Scarlet Combination
Chatper 202 The Heaven and Earth Split Open, The God of War Dies (Part I)
Chapter 203 Heaven and Earth Split Open, The God of War Dies (Part II)
Chapter 204 Desperate Getaway
Chapter 205 Piercing Through
Chapter 206 The Sword Spirit Like Rainbow
Chapter 207 Destruction of Ten Thousand Armies, The Ultimate Meteor Shower (Part I)
Chapter 208 Destruction of Ten Thousand Armies, The Ultimate Meteor Shower (Part II)
Chapter 209 Tong Xin’s Hatred, Black Butterfly Quick Murderous Attack
Chapter 210 Sending Sister Home
Chapter 211 The God of War’s Son
Chapter 212 The Heavenly Star Vibration
Chapter 213 A Night of Cold Wind
Chapter 214 Get Lost!
Chapter 215 Foolish Daughter (Part I)
Chapter 216 Foolish Daughter (Part II)
Chapter 217 The Future Female Military Expert
Chapter 218 Zhi Meng’s Tears
Chapter 219 Marriage Upheaval
Chapter 220 Escape
Chapter 221 Snow Woman Descended from the Sky
Chapter 222 Foolishly Guarding in the Abyss
Chapter 223 Waking Up from the Dream
Chapter 224 The Little Angel
Chapter 225 The Little Gift
Chapter 226 Miracle
Chapter 227 There’s someone here!
Chapter 228 Gong Luo
Chapter 229 Another world
Chapter 230 Heart-warming
Chapter 231 Er Ya
Chapter 232 Wheelchair
Chapter 233 We’re In Trouble!
Chapter 234 The Stunningly Gorgeous Si Ya
Chapter 235 The Bow of the Northern Emperor – Disaster!
Chapter 236 The Bad Guy!
Chapter 237 A Young Girl’s Heart
Chapter 238 Er Ya Chooses Her Husband
Chapter 239 – Tell Me This Isn’t For Real?
Chapter 240 – Remarkably forceful
Chapter 241 – The Northern Emperor
Chapter 242 – The Real Northern Emperor
Chapter 243 – The Forbidden Place
Chapter 244 – Make Tianchen Continent Fear Us!
Chapter 245 – I’d Rather Offend the King of Hell than the Evil Emperor I
Chapter 246 – I’d Rather Offend the King of Hell than the Evil Emperor II
Chapter 247 – The Meeting of Magic Force in Tianchen
Chapter 248 – Reunion
Chapter 249 – Home Again I
Chapter 250 – Home Again II
Chapter 251 – Home Again III
Chapter 252 – Home Again IV
Chapter 253 – Shui Rouxin I
Chapter 254 – Shui Rouxin II
Chapter 255 – Shui Rouxin III
Chapter 256 – Sarcasm
Chapter 257 – Threa
Chapter 258 – My Name is Black Bear I
Chapter 259 – My Name Is Black Bear II
Chapter 260 – My Name is Black Bear III
Chapter 261 – Tears of A Man I
Chapter 262 – Tears of A Man II
Chapter 263 – Request and Promise
Chapter 264 – The Person Who Put Poison
Chapter 265 – Ye Wuchen, watch your back!
Chapter 267
Chapter 266 – The Opportunity Of Ye Wuyun
Chapter 267 – He Got Carried Away
Chapter 268 – Despair and Redemption
Chapter 269 – The Wrong Place and Time
Chapter 270 – Keeping Vigil Beside The Coffin
Chapter 271 – Humiliation
Chapter 272 – The Grown-up Long Feng’er
Chapter 273
Chapter 273 – Breaking Into The Prison
Chapter 274 – Escape
Chapter 275 – Guards and Thieves
Chapter 276 – The End of Lin Xiao
Chapter 277 – The Visit of Mengchan At Nigh
Chapter 278 – Sentenced To Death
Chapter 279 – The Death Of Lin Zhan
Chapter 280 – Interrogation
Chapter 281 – Extremely Hopeless
Chapter 282 – Living Hell
Chapter 283 – The Emperor of the Big Wind Country On the Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
Chapter 284 – Here Comes The Evil Emperor
Chapter 285 – Dignity Stepped Over
Chapter 286 – Siqi
Chapter 287 – Fallen Star Cliff
Chapter 288 – God’s Way Tower
Chapter 289 – The Meeting of Magic Force in Tianchen
Chapter 290 – The God of Illusion’s Son
Chapter 290 – The God of Illusion’s Son
Chapter 291 – Leng Ya vs. Yan Zheng
Chapter 292 – Killing intent, rage to shock the heavens