Headed by a Snake
620 So Much Trouble
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Headed by a Snake
Author :CouchSurfingDragon
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620 So Much Trouble

Croesa bit her bottom lip, fidgeting nervously. 

Decanus Tychon was being more childish than the actual-child he was seated beside... and with the shamed look on Pale's face, it was making him feel terrible... 

Lady Troia was a nice, polite, and sweet girl. She was stubborn, at times, especially when trying to pursue Pale-- who she seemed to have a crush on. 

Even against the Senate, she was unyielding when it came to ethics and protecting the best interests of the Tyrion people. 

However, it seemed that Lady Troia wasn't going to do anything about this Decanus' attitude... and probably because Pale always spoke of him so highly. If anything, it seemed the High Oracle was trying to get in Tychon's good graces. 

"Get someone else to do it," Tychon declared. "Perhaps someone from one of your legions or special forces-- or at the very least, send someone you're *paying*."

Lady Troia began gesturing, her motions slightly hurried... as if she was panicking, and she inclined her head. 

"P... please, Sir Tychon," Croesa translated, bowing as well... "You're my only hope."

Tychon narrowed his eyes, not seeming to care that the highest power in all of Tyrion was bowing her head to him... 

"...Where is Natalya?" He grumbled. "I'll speak to her. She'll see reason."

Croesa bared her teeth in confusion. That sounded... wrong. 

That was definitely wrong. 

Archbishop Natalya Crucis was notoriously difficult to deal with. 

When Lady Troia was too kind... the Archbishop was known as a heartless leader, perfectly complementing her charge. 

Oftentimes, Lady Crucis would advise the High Oracle on state matters... and would often dismiss the requests of even her most battle-hardened Pilus Priorii as frivolous and unpatriotic. 

Decanus Tychon... a Decanus-- not even a Centurion, referred to Lady Crucis by her first name. 

The High Oracle's quest was one of great import... and had to do with the safety of the Realm at large. In theory, Lady Crucis should have been present... as she was absent, Croesa was her pitiful replacement. 

But the reason for that...

[That...] Lady Troia signaled... but her hands hesitated... struggling to find a polite excuse.

Unable to bear seeing her charge so troubled, Croesa bared her teeth... "The... Archbishop is... indisposed at the moment."

"She is... what?" Tychon asked. 

He tapped his fingers impatiently, his eerie gaze for the first time in the meeting, focused on her.

He... had the Decanus' eyes always been such a striking gold color? It gave her chills, even as she tried to look anywhere but. 

"Miss Croesa..."

"Y...yes? Sir?" Croesa mumbled.

"Boss," Pale looked over with a frown, "You're getting kinda mad."

Tychon twisted his lips, "I'm not upset-- this is my face." 

"Anyroad, can you be nice, Boss?" Pale smiled gently, "It's not Croesa's fault."

A sense of relief washed over Croesa's heart. Having a Tyrion Hero speak in her defense made her heart thump quickly. His voice... was warm... and pleasant... and made her feel safe. 

Troia looked to her, smiling as if she understood... and almost like she was... proud? Croesa understood a little bit easier why the High Oracle was so infatuated with him... not that she would ever say such a thing aloud. 

...There would be so much trouble if anyone heard it. 

The High Oracle was essentially the protected princess of the Holy Country. If the people had heard news of her looking upon a boy with such kind, lovey-dovey eyes... there'd probably be some sort of war. 

Tychon made a show of sighing loudly, "Miss Croesa! If you would."

Croesa gulped... but with a new sense of courage from Pale's words, she stood up straight and spoke, "Yes, Decanus!"

"Tell me what Natalya told you."

Croesa felt her knees buckle. That was not what she expected. 

"I... I-- but... I don't know what you're... talking aBoUT??" 

She tried to smile... but had a terrible feeling that it only made her look more suspicious. 

Troia tried to gently reassure her with a touch to the arm. 

The tiny act of kindness only made Croesa want to cry...

Tychon leaned forward, steepling his fingers, "I highly doubt Natalya would tell Miss Troia her... issues with me. You, however, Miss Croesa... seem like a very intelligent young lady."

Croesa felt sweat dripping down her braided hair. She did not like the feeling of being interrogated... especially by that person. She didn't want to answer him... but she couldn't stop her stupid mouth from babbling. 

"The Archbishop... she..."

"She... what?" Tychon glared. 

"She... doesn't want to see you, Sir."

Tychon reeled back as if the news struck him like a shield bash to the skull, "I... beg. Your. Pardon?!"

"I... err... No-- I meant to say..." Croesa was so stressed, she began to cry, "Ahhh!"

High Oracle Troia looked to him, pouting with disappointment... 

"Boss, you made a girl cry," Pale grimaced. 

"Not the first time--" Tychon rolled his eyes, "nor will it be the last.

"NATALYA!!" He stood up, his chair clattering to the floor, "I know you're listening! Come out and speak with me!"

Croesa whipped around her head in shock as the tall side door to the High Oracle's office violently burst open. 

Immediately, Spear Hero Pale got to his feet. He dashed in front of High Oracle Troia and began whirling his crimson spear in his hands-- deflecting the wooden debris away. 

"Are you okay, Troia?" He asked. "Croesa?"

Troia nodded excitedly. 

Croesa tearfully looked over to the entranceway. Archbishop Crucis had broken yet another door with her domineering power. 

It was the third time, this moon. 

Lady Crucis thrust a mana-wrapped hand forward, her long crimson robes and long crimson hair flowing as she walked towards Decanus Tychon, "How DARE you show your face around here, Tycondrius!!!" 

"What's this about not wanting to see me, Natalya?" The Decanus asked. 

He began walking with a purpose towards the Archbishop, his chest forward, unafraid. 

Croesa's eyes widened. Unlike the Decanus, she had become very, very afraid. High Oracle Troia was the sweetest person in all of Tyrion. Conversely, her attendant, Lady Crucis was the most terrifying.

She... she was a Gold-Rank Hallowed Summoner... and was nearly as strong as the High Oracle, herself... but had more combat experience. In wielding Divine Armor Star-Fury, her wrath could fell small armies without support. 

And this... this Tycondrius person was raising his voice at her. 


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