Headed by a Snake
614 Apollonia Part Two
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Headed by a Snake
Author :CouchSurfingDragon
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614 Apollonia Part Two

Tycondrius informed Holy Lancer Tanamar that Sol Invictus was leaving Apollonia... without Athena's approval. 

The young lady would be sure to guilt him into staying. 

She was... very good at that. 

They'd be missing the wedding ceremony... a city-wide celebration. There would be nobles and merchants and adventurers from throughout Ezyria... and many common folk from Apollonia proper. All would seek favor with House Vanzano... and some, even apply to serve under them. 

They would lift their wine cups in praise to Tanamar... Athanasius Mors. Though he was not of noble birth, none would question Athena Vanzano's choice to wed a Gold-Rank Holy Lancer... and the wielder of Divine Armor Apollonius. 

Guild Letalis would be granted a much deserved warrior's banquet and enough wine to forget the men and women lost and hardships endured. Tycon advised that they keep away from the crowds, to stifle the inebriated confessions of murderers. 

Sergeant Salt, Corporal Raphael of Cannes, and Private Edge were to loyally remain with Athena and Guild Letalis. Boxtholomaeus was also officially transferred to fall under Athena's command. 

Maeva and Emilien Leserre would return to Nice in the Kingdom, to continue running the East Charm Trading Company. Maeva was more than capable... and as long as the profits continued to swell, their loyalty would remain. 

Tycon would travel via airship back to Cersei's Rest, accompanied by[1]... 

Gold-Rank Spear Hero Pale,

Iron-Rank Corporal Horse, 

Iron-Rank Ranger Barza Keith, the Lone Shadowdark; 

Iron-Rank Calculator Sorina Capulet,

Gold-Rank Raging Flame Knight Seldin Korr,

Bronze-Rank Private First-Class Jeremy, 

and the Iron-Rank Dark Iron Wolf, Tres Leches.

However... Tycon hoped for one other...

"It's been awhile, Miss Doe," Tycon smiled politely. 

⟬ Medousa, Bronze-Rank Human Battle-Maid. ⟭ 

He had summoned the young woman to speak with him in a semi-private setting. They stood upon a grassy knoll within city bounds, the area dotted with trees blossoming pink flowers.

Doe swept a lock of her ash-blonde hair behind an ear as she pouted coquettishly, "It has, Sir Tychon~"

She spun around gleefully in her frilly maid outfit, plopping down with her back into the grass and flowers. 

"I love this place... Apollonia. I can barely believe that over a year ago, I was still working for that scumbag, Galanis..."

The young woman opened her arms, pointing towards him as if inviting him to embrace her, "I have you to thank for that, Sir Tychon... to be able to live a life I never thought possible."

Tycon took a deep breath, spying Doe's long white legs beneath her skirt. He could not deny that he wanted her physically, even despite her apprehension of the physical and mental scars she'd endured over the years. 

In different circumstances, he would have given in... perhaps whisked her away to a more intimate setting to have his way with her. 

...It was why he chose to speak with her on the sun of his scheduled departure. 

He did not want to prolong the conversation. 

"I'm leaving," Tycon declared. "Sol Invictus will be departing within the bell."

"Sir Tychon?" Doe furrowed her eyebrows, "But... Miss Athena's wedding?"

"Athanasius has been informed," Tycon shook his head... "Athena will understand."


"But... I didn't expect... You... you're... you're really leaving?" Doe asked, blinking her wide eyes. 

Tycon gulped as his heart palpitated in nervousness... "Will you... come with me?"

A shadow crept over Doe's gaze... "I... I'm contracted to serve House Vanzano."

Tycon remained silent... staring... waiting. 

"I..." Doe inclined her head, "I want to stay here."

"With your boyfriend, then?" Tycon raised an eyebrow. 

"Y... yes," She averted her gaze... her earlier smile nowhere to be found. 

"...I see," Tycon sighed. It was as he expected. 

"He's... a good man, Sir."

"Tss," Tycon scoffed. "I am aware. You realize I have a Calculator under my payroll."

He had asked for Sorina to compile a list detailing the human in question. According to the report, the man courting Doe was a well-mannered gentleman of good ethics, an even temper, and no unjustifiable faults... 

...But it wasn't him. 

"So you found out..." Doe nodded to herself in thought.

Tycon shut his eyes, brooding.

He wanted to hate that man. 

He was stronger, wealthier, and far more handsome... than him... or anyone in Letalis. 

However, that other man did not routinely fight Adamantine-Rank threats... nor did he have a quest that bade him travel the Realm. 

That man could keep Doe as his priority. They could see each other every sun, live in the peace and comfort of mundanity... and start a family without worry of highborne politics and assassination attempts. 

He briefly thought of Natalya Crucis... If Tycon had chosen to start a relationship with her, the problems that came with their positions would be even worse. 

"Sir Baron?"

Tycon opened his eyes to watch the Doe stand... approaching while still refusing to meet his gaze. Her sweet, natural, pleasant scent... annoyed him greatly. 

Tilting his head down, Tycon kept his expression solemn, "Go ahead, young lady."

"Did you... really like me? Romantically?" She whispered, "Wasn't I just... a passing fancy?"

Tycon had never openly admitted to Doe that he saw her as a potential, monogamous life-partner. In retrospect, he had taken her for granted. 

Though they were fond of each other... though their bodies were mutually compatible, it had become obvious that Doe did not see him as her future. 

Tycon took a slow, deep breath... "I rescued[2] you below the streets of Silva because it was convenient. You owe me nothing."

Doe frowned, her eyes furrowed... frustrated... perhaps hurt... "That's not what I was asking."

Tycon placed his thumb on her chin... and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. It was all he would allow himself. 

"Goodbye, Miss Doe."

Though she did not choose to be with him... he wished her to find the life she labored for... a life she deserved. 

But if that other man dared to hurt her... he had plenty of contacts in Guild Letalis willing to commit violent, torturous murder to get into his good graces. 

[1] #9Accompanied by: This list is in order of seniority.

[2] Rescue: Doe's rescue is detailed in Chapter 323.


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