Headed by a Snake
529 burn
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Headed by a Snake
Author :CouchSurfingDragon
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529 burn

Tycondrius grit his teeth, as his fool Ranger retreated three paces backward. 

Not twenty seconds prior, he had spoken well of him. In typical Lone fashion, the young man was resolute in proving him wrong. 

The Elemental Spirit had discovered that it was not constrained by its form. Lone was forced back, defending against its elongated, superheated 'arms'... and far more than two of them, at that. 

"Mister Lone!" Tycon roared, "COUNTER it!"

"It's not that easy, Sir!" Coraline snapped. 

Tycon shot a displeased glare at the young girl adjacent to him, "You're serious? You can say that of anything."

⟬ ⌈Jumping Knee Counter⌋ activating... ⟭

⟬ Reaction ability. Targeted ally's physical defenses are improved against a single attack. Target is compelled to make an instantaneous unarmed strike against an enemy with increased accuracy. ⟭

Lone slipped two of the Elemental Spirit's appendages, allowing him to get close. The fool boy hooked his arms around its 'body' and powered a brutal knee into its core. The creature shook, its form pulsated in pain, and its light grew visibly dimmer. 

Coraline, yet again, was baffled beyond belief. 

Her reaction amused Tycon greatly. 

Lone was an excellent combatant. He'd even dare to say that in combat, he was at his most professional...

That is... if he hadn't burnt his hands and arms terribly from the last exchange. 

The young man was blowing air into his palms, tears brimming from the corners of his eyes while mewling like a neglected child... "Ow! Oww! Owwww!" 

"*What* did I *just* say, Mister Lone?!" Tycon growled. "Do not TOUCH the Fire Elemental."

"Sorry, Boss!" Lone turned with a pained grin, "I got caught in the moment!"

The Elemental Spirit was focusing its energies for a larger attack. Tycon needed to do something about it. He flicked his hand to the side to summon his own waterskin, pouring its contents on himself. 

"Sir Tychon!" Coraline shook him, "You HAVE to do something!!"

Tycon felt his mouth twitch. What did it look like he was doing? 

"I'm fine!" Lone shouted, flexing his arms and flashing a grin of white teeth. 

Behind him, glowing and rotating offensive formations lit up in front of the Elemental Spirit.

...The light from it was enough to make Lone turn back, "O... oh. I'm not fine."

"⌈Shadowfang,⌋" Tycon dashed away from the elf as the spirit's spell cast completed. 

Intercepting the ⌈Scorching Ray⌋ spell, he crossed his arms to guard himself. Quickly circulating his mana, he shaped it to disperse the attack-- and protect both Lone and his hair from the concentrated flames. Still, he took the brunt of it... 

It wasn't pleasant. 

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A certain elf shrieked. She even went as far as dramatically collapsing onto the deck. 

Tycon glanced back to Coraline. Why was she screaming? Lone was safe? And the flames were nowhere near her. 

"Tss..." He scoffed in amusement, "Young lady, was that a scream for me?"

"Sir Tychon..." Coraline cried, "You... you..."

"Boss," Lone grimaced... "Can you not? You already have a girlfriend."

Tycon stretched, inspecting his body. He'd suffered some burns... but it looked and smelled worse than it was, "Do not worry, Miss Coraline. This isn't the best I can do."

"What does that MEAAANNNN?!?!?" The elf wailed. 

Hm. The more Tycon suffered the young lady's presence, the more foolish she seemed to sound.

Maybe he was at fault? Perhaps by associating with certain Rangers, their intelligence would take a turn for the worst... 

...Why were both of Sol Invictus' Rangers idiots? 

⟬ ⌈Inspirational Surge⌋ conditions met. Activate? Y/N? ⟭

« Go ahead, please. »

⟬ Activating... ⟭

The burns on his arms and parts of his chest began to heal, the skin repairing itself. If he didn't use magic, his injuries would itch terribly and even peel after a few suns. 

The level of fire attack, ultimately... was trivial. 

Though the Elemental Spirit was an Iron-Rank, it only had the offensive level of a Bronze. It posed very little kill threat to him and his Ranger. 

He hoped his arrogant display made it understand that. 

Tycon stepped forward, his arms outstretched... "Now then, little one, are you ready to be obedient?"

The spirit 'trembled' as if in fear... 

⊰ stop . no fighting ⊱ 


Coraline couldn't believe it.

...not that she had a choice. She watched everything literally happen in front of her. 

Lone and Sir Tychon had defeated an Iron-Rank elemental with their bare hands. 

And... and the young master didn't even attack it! 

These two were the most powerful beings on the Golden Eagle! The whole time!! 

"Coraline, are you alright?" Lone's perfect pectorals asked her. 

"Y-you guys... who... WHO ARE YOU?!??!" Coraline shouted at his sweat-covered abs. 

"We're uh... we're adventurers?" Lone responded.

"Well, OBVIOUSLY!!!" 

"Miss Coraline," Tychon sighed.


"...Nor was I asking," The unfairly attractive noble frowned. 

"Aww..." Lone's abs sighed... 

"Young lady," Tychon groaned. "I believe you'd be the best candidate for speaking with the Elemental Spirit."

"Huh?" Coraline took a deep breath of hot air to calm herself down... "What do you mean, Sir? You want me to speak with Beatrice?"

"Hm. You know her name," Tychon pursed his lips. "That will make things easier. Miss 'Beatrice' has willfully stated that she refuses to work with me."

"So... she'll talk to an elf?" Coraline pursed her lips. 

"That is my hope."

Coraline gulped. She could give it a try. 

If she couldn't establish a dialogue with the ship spirit, there would be a whole slew of complications, though. 

"No pressure, right?" She bared her teeth. 

"Your 'Beatrice' is threatening to set the Golden Eagle alight," Tychon frowned. "Should you fail, we'll all die in a fiery blaze as we crash into the ocean."


She stood up and approached the... 'throbbing' blur of air, "H... hello... Miss... Beatrice?"

A whoosh of air surrounded her, observing her, whispering in her ear, squeezing the sweat from her pores. 

⊰ we know you ⊱

"Y-yes... You do."

It was so strange, sensing... the spirit's thoughts in her head. Beatrice wasn't speaking to her using any language she knew, but she still understood it intimately... and she somehow knew that Beatrice understood her. 

⊰ wish to burn ⊱

⊰ boat will burn ⊱

⊰ all will burn ⊱


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