Headed by a Snake
474 Getting Into Position
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Headed by a Snake
Author :CouchSurfingDragon
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474 Getting Into Position

Tycondrius inhaled through his nostrils, grimacing. Dragan had the mind to keep their conversation private from the others-- two elves and a sharp-eared goblin. Thankfully, those three paid them no mind. They were having some sort of asinine conversation with the pink-haired whelp, Fortuna. 

"Always the analyst, Mister Dragan..." Tycon sighed, offering a polite smile, "Sometimes, I'm uncertain on whether I'm the Tactician or if you are, instead."

"Pshh!!" Dragan scoffed, waving an open palm, "Thinking about the big-picture stuff is boring. I'll take my place at the front line, anysun. (I don't suppose that's changed in the future?)"

"Hah," Tycon shook his head. "It has not... You do grow in size, though. Future-you can beat current-you by physical strength, alone."

"Hur hur hurr. I sure hope so..." The Titanblood took a deep breath, his smile fading slightly... "(Is Dad in good health?)"

"He is, though he has promised he'll step down once you've decided to settle."

"Kcshhh," Dragan snorted. "He's told me that already on multiple occasions... (And my mother?)"

Tycon hesitated. It did not look like Dragan would allow him to dodge that question... "(You killed her with your own hands.)"

"Hm... Yeah... that's fine... Good," Dragan nodded. "Well-- just know that we're with ya, Prince of Charm. Friends 'till death and past that, yeah?"

"Hmph, I am aware," Tycon pursed his lips. "Prince of Vralkek."


⟬ A short time and 12 dead cultists later. Zuko \u0026 Gobsuke: 4 kills. Tycon: 3 assists. ⟭ 

Dragan drew his powerful arm back... and tossed Gobsuke up in a high arc. Sailing through the burning sky, the goblin landed gracefully onto a sturdy rooftop. 

[Ready,] he signaled. 

"Wait until I get into position," Tycon warned his other companions... "Unless you want me to get killed, that is."

"I heard you, Boss," Zuko frowned. "I only need to hear the order once, unlike a certain red-headed idiot."

"I got bad hearing! You know that," Dragan chuckled, picking a thick finger into his ear. "Tinnitus. It's pretty common bein' around-- oh, you know... FIERY EXPLOSIONS all the time!!"

"Excuses, excuses..." Zuko shook his head, clicking his tongue. "You'd be dead a hundred times over if it weren't for my spells covering your fat arse. And your skinny arse too, Quay."

"What was that?" The elf looked over in surprise. He was picking his nose and accidentally jabbed too far, causing it to bleed. "I didn't hear you? Was it important?"

"Don't worry about it," Zuko sighed. 

"Um, I'm not so sure about this..." Fortuna clutched her red greatsword to her chest. 

It looked ironic, such a large weapon in the hands of the miniature half-elf. Some mad wizard developed the magic the oversized sword was enchanted with, to be wielded as if it were lighter than an arming sword. 


"Ahaha!" Dragan laughed, "Don't worry, we won't throw you if you don't--"

Tycon gave the Titanblood a barely perceptible nod. 

Dragan grabbed hold of the child and chucked her skyward. The pink-haired whelp didn't even have the time to scream until mid-flight. Tycon didn't mind it, as the blood-curdling shrieks of children were... unfortunately common in the current setting. 

The Titanblood's throw was uncannily accurate, with Gobsuke catching the whelp upon her descent. While generally, it was bad form to use untrained child-soldiers... if she were to thrash about with Zuko's magical greatsword at any attackers, Gobsuke would be afforded the opportunity to defend them both. 

"Alright!" Dragan grinned at Zuko, "You're next, bud! I can show you the world! Shining, shimmering, splendid!"

"I'll pass," Zuko groaned as blazing phoenix wings magically sprouted from his back. "I'll get there on my own."

"QuAaaAAaay!!" Dragan leered over the other, shorter elf, "That means it's YoOoOur turnnnnn!!"

"Dragan, no," Quay crossed his arms... pouting like a petulant child... "You know I'm afraid of heights."

Dragan tried to grab onto the Ranger... who dodged and danced away. 

"Help! Boss!" The elf shrieked, "HeeEeelp!! Dragan's trying to touch me inappropriately!" 

Ignoring them, Tycon put his helmet on, "Zuko."

"Yeah, yeah." Zuko performed a few magical gestures, tapping Tycon's armor... "This shite Reality Marble's limited my mana, so that's all you get."

"I just needed the glamour spell," Tycon nodded. "The lesser haste is a bonus. Thank you, friend-cultivator."

"You can thank me by not dying," Zuko glared. "You and the goblin are the only people I can stand."

"Wh-what about me?!" Quay turned with a pitiful face.

"I GOT'CHA!!" Dragan cheered, securing the Elven Ranger firmly in his grasp. 

"I'll see you all shortly," Tycon turned and started towards the battlefield. "I'll be the first of Sol Invictus to say hello."


⟬ Current time. ⟭ 

Megaira smashed her heavy waraxe into a Tyrion shield, splintering it into pieces. Without a metal shell to hide behind, she landed her heavy boot onto the weakling's chest. 

The defeat of the nonbelievers was inevitable. They were fools, to dare stand against the might of the Snake Cult! 

With a horizontal swing of her axe, she knocked back two more of the town's defenders... With the shield wall broken, dozens of her faithful surged forward, reaping human lives like cutting stalks of wheat. 

Walking forward, she placed her foot on the first man's neck, "Give praise to the snake god and you might yet live." 

If he did, she'd grant him a few moments longer, anyroad. 

There were few who could resist the effect of Orcus' curse, their minds twisted to the snake god's will. With overwhelming numbers on their side, Megaira's forces swept through the town of San Ignatio in the span of a few bells, slaughtering all who did not flee and some who had. 

"You... you have no place here," The man spat, struggling to keep her foot from crushing his fragile windpipe, "These-- these are TYRION LANDS!!" 

Megaira grinned, "Only if you can defend it."

She plunged her axe down into the man's groin, splattering blood everywhere. She stomped down, crushing the man's throat... and left him to die. 

Blood had splashed onto her face... sweet, delicious red, which she lapped up with glee. It distracted her from the fact that she had not seen Pyraxis in over half-a-bell. 

"Where the hells is that elf-killing pervert..." She muttered to herself, "If the town isn't taken by the time Orcus gets here, he'll have my gods-damned hide..."


Megaira breathed a sigh of relief, hearing one of her scouts fast approaching. 


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