Headed by a Snake
427 Attack on Tycon
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Headed by a Snake
Author :CouchSurfingDragon
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427 Attack on Tycon

Tycondrius dismounted his companion, a chatty mare with an ivory-coat named Eos. Their conversation had been pleasant throughout the trip, but even she was looking forward to a well-deserved break. 

The young Athena Vanzano, Calculator Sorina Capulet, and Raging Flame Knight Seldin Korr were riding the expensive carriage, pulled by Invictus warhorses Horse and Jeremy. 

Athena exited first, providing a bubbly greeting to the members of Guild Snowy Village. She dressed like a statue in a Tyrion metropolis: in a white, loose and flowing outer garment worn over a tunic. 

Korr emerged next, wearing her full set of dark armor. Her helmet kept her identity hidden while being both intimidating and aesthetically pleasing. She quietly scrutinized her surroundings for danger like the proper, veteran adventurer she was. 

Sorina crawled out of the carriage on her hands and knees. Even with the enchantments on the wheeled box, she incurred severe headaches and nausea when traveling over extended periods of time. 

Tycon made a mental note to try to develop a stabilization ritual that could be cast directly on... people, as opposed to inanimate objects. 

Calculator Sorina had done well in equipping Guild Letalis for the current mission, especially in facilitating the development of unique weaponry. In particular, Tycon appreciated the floating blades at Athena's back. The Dwarven Krakhammr Clan had crafted them-- impossible weapons to wield normally. 

Small, palm-sized frost stones were built into the blades where a cross hilt would normally be installed. Where they were harvested from, Tycon had no idea... but he hoped they were from enemies of Isidor's Faction... and not from kidnapped allies. 

Because of Athena's frost affinity, she could telekinetically control her four metal blades near as well as she could her mana-created weapons. The obvious benefit was that Arcanite was far more durable than the steel she was used to wielding... and of course, had more permanence than her enchanted ice weapons. Further, the young lady required less concentration to wield them. 

As they were difficult to transport, she did need the patience to have the blades trail behind her wherever she went... and the mindfulness to remember them. If she wasn't constantly reminded of their existence, she would forget them in the most curious of places. 

While initially, the entirety of Guild Letalis set out... Tycon ultimately chose only a handful to accompany Sol Invictus and participate in the Dungeon Raid. Their remaining forces would split off, traveling to Caeruleum to complete quests for the Adventurer's Guild there. 

Though Athena requested for Parthenope to come, Tycon denied her, as the braided archer was heavily outclassed by those he selected. Sergeant Salt and five others, most of them with the Gunner class, had explosive power that would bring a level of damage and destruction unseen by the Brazen Guard... with the exception of Tanamar's holy lance barrages, anyroad. 

Tycon had considered bringing along footman Victorius. His unique weapon could be used, just as well, to devastating effect. 

The blond buffoon proved reluctant, therefore was left behind and entrusted with the defense of the estate. 

No matter. 

Salt and his Gunners were armed with similar weaponry, no less powerful... rifles ordered from Bael Turath. They were suitably proficient in their use, having practiced with them exclusively as soon as Invictus' Courier, Popoto Potata Pota, delivered word of their mission. 

The demon technology... 'Hextech' as Turathi engineers referred to them, did not require their gunnery packed with Orkish Sugar. Instead, they were magically enchanted, their ammunition propelled by mana-created explosions instead of alchemical. 

Khyber Crystals locked into a slot at the base of their weapons provided more than enough power for hundreds of shots. A broken crystal had the high chance to... immolate the wielder in abyssal flames, potentially damaging to a human soul. But still... the effectiveness of a working weapon outweighed the risks that Tycon did not have to personally take...

Also, it was cheaper to purchase those weapons. With normal guns, they also had to attain and transport so many kegs of black powder. 

Tycon walked towards his chosen Guild Letalis members to inspect and ensure their professional appearances. The mixed dark leather and metal armor sets worn by his troops were clean, polished... and domineering. 

Salt wore a helmet marked with dark green to match his rank as tent-group leader, similar to how Tycon's full helmet was white. Athena's armor was markedly different-- when she decided to wear it (and she had two sets, in case she ruined one)... In a hectic situation, the colors would otherwise serve to identify who to listen to, or in Athena's case, who to protect at all costs. 

"Sergeant Salt, set up camp alongside the Snowy Village tents," Tycon ordered. "They're... (How did they say it?) They're good people."

The helmeted Salt saluted crisply, "Aye aye, Sir."

"That voice..." A certain blue-haired fool of a Legionnaire with a dented helmet walked over, a look of awe in his wide eyes. 

⟬ Karodin, Iron-Rank Human Legionnaire. Guild Brazen Guard. ⟭ 

A familiar Duelist stood at his side... intimately close to him. It looked like her dark hair had grown a bit, making her look more feminine-- and somehow, more confident... (though there could have been a different factor at play.) 

That she continued being a guild leader even after the decimation of her forces spoke volumes about her competence. 

⟬ Ptolema, Iron-Rank Human Duelist. Guild Snowy Village. ⟭ 

Tycon chuckled to himself while removing his full-helmet, "Hello, Mister Karodin, Miss Ptolema. You look well."

"Master Tactician..." Ptolema looked Tycon up and down before saluting respectfully. "Guild Snowy Village still owes you and Librarian Zenon a drink."

Tycon smiled politely, "I would love to--"

"SIR TYCON!!" Karodin of Emberhold leapt forward and embraced him. 

The sensation was... not as unpleasant as Tycon thought it would be. But still, he regretted that he did not dodge the 'attack.'

"Wow! You look great!" The man hugged him tighter... "Hey! I've got a lot of great news! I can't wait to tell you!"

"I uh..." Tycon gently pried the fellow off of him... even with his Gold-Rank physique, it proved difficult, "That sounds... nice. But before that, perhaps you could take me and Miss Athena to meet with Brother-Bannok?"


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