Headed by a Snake
93 Robe & Wizard Ha
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Headed by a Snake
Author :CouchSurfingDragon
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93 Robe & Wizard Ha

"Wow, Taree. Boss never buys me things when I ask for it!" Pale was impressed.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure before, but after you said that he's nice to me now, I started noticing it too." Taree poked at pale, grinning widely, "Why? Are you jealous?"

"Psh, nooo," Pale laughed. He couldn't be mad at her. It felt like only a few days ago she was crying like a baby in his arms. "I'm just glad. I'm your senior in Guild Invictus, after all."

Taree puffed up her cheeks, "I'm older than you, you know."

The two were eating breakfast at the corner cafe they had visited a couple of days prior. They enjoyed crepes with whipped cream, sweet syrup, and fresh berries.

All the blood had been cleaned up from when he killed all those people and Tycon had them cut off their heads. The bakery girl seemed a bit wary of him and Taree, but when Tycon started to discuss cooking with her, she seemed to relax.

If Pale was envious of anything, it was how Boss Tycon, Mister Wroe, and even Mister Dragan could just talk to anyone without being nervous. The only person that he could talk to outside of the guild like that was Taree. And now that she was part of Guild Invictus, she didn't count.

Tycon returned just as Pale took a bite out of his crepe, "Just to be clear, I don't like either of you. This is a reward for not embarrassing me the other day."

Taree radiated a big smile, "Ehehe, thanks, Boss!"

Tycon softly flicked the girl's forehead, "Finish your food before you speak, young lady."

Pale smiled, watching the two of them. Taree had subconsciously learned to be obedient to Boss. With Boss not constantly criticizing her rudeness, he became far more forgiving, even if he didn't realize it, himself.

The baker lady came by, carrying a large omelet plate. Boss didn't like breads or desserts. Pale was suspicious that Boss couldn't eat them at all.

She placed the meal in front of Tycon, "Monsieur le Baron, your breakfast."

Tycon split the omelette with a knife, marveling at its golden deliciousness, "Heloise, this looks absolutely wonderful! I can smell the fragrance of the fresh, earthy herbs. Have you considered working for a baron?"

The woman reddened slightly, "No, Monsieur Tycon, I couldn't. Monsieur Reynard treats me very well."

Tycon smirked, "Ah, so you're Reynard's. That means you already work for me. Very well. Tell him that I gave the highest of compliments concerning your cooking and hospitality."

The two spoke for a bit longer in a language that Pale didn't understand, so he turned his attention to talk to Taree. It seemed that all the work the two of them did, beating people up the other day, gave way to a happy ending.
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After their breakfast, Tycon asked Heloise about shopping to outfit a young wizard-in-training. As magic was ingrained into the Kingdom's society, basic utilitarian spells were part of the curriculum offered by public education. Thus, unlike in other nations, shops of magical curios and magery augments were common in the Kingdom's cities.

Trying her best to be helpful, Heloise detailed the nearby Craft's Wands. The repair and bargain shop was run mostly by local mage students as part of their studies. She, herself had purchased a used wand from the student-run shop to help her with daily chores-- cleaning and igniting firewood, in particular.

Ultimately, Heloise suggested that Tycon shop at the Royal Robe, a high-end arcanum shop frequented by wealthy nobles and upper-middle class. Tycon thanked her for the information and again for the food. Pale and Taree even carried out a paper bag of sweetbreads they had purchased for later consumption.

Tycon mentally reminded himself to ensure the children were brushing their teeth at regular intervals.

"So where are we going, Boss?" Taree happily skipped along, going as far as running up a nearby wall and backflipping acrobatically.

"We're heading to Craft's Wands. There, we'll see if Pale has any aptitude for magic. And you, young lady, can see the kinds of magic items people outside of your sect use-- mind what you touch, of course."

Both Pale and the Kimura girl were excited to go. Tycon couldn't tell them the real reason they were going out... to cure or alleviate the Lone Shadowdark's unfortunate affliction.

The day trip to the shop proved a pleasant event. Kimura Taree didn't touch anything in the shop without asking, so none of the trio incurred any magical curses. (Tycon was very thankful he'd sent Wroe ahead to Caractere.) Tycon had even found a student-made potion of Cure Disease that he bargained down to 30% of the standard market price. He ordered it delivered to the adventurer's guild, so Lone could be healthy and hale for combat.

With Pale's complexion and half-elven ears, he could best pass for a magical initiate. The fact that his crimson spear could pass for a magical staff added to his allure. With the help of Taree's aesthetic sense, Pale was dressed in the finest magician's effects they could (cheaply) afford.

In less than a bell, Pale was fully decked out in wizard hat, robe, and a leather wand pouch along with half a dozen wands and rolled-up scrolls.

After another stop, Tycon eschewed his dark cloak and brigandine armor for a shining set of mage knight's breastplate, complete with a cloth tabard colored the bright blue of the Kingdom's flag. A silvery full helmet that hid his face and hair completed his look.

Taree remarked that it looked boring. That was the point. The concept blew her mind.

Taree sported a petite black maid outfit, also in the Kingdom's style. The outfit was slightly more expensive, as Taree wouldn't wear anything lacking in movement-functionality and durability. Tycon saved the receipt. 50% of its expense would be stealthily removed from her pay.


"Why is there only one of them?" Taree couldn't help but ask. "It'd be so easy to pick them off one by one, right, Boss?"

"Manpower issue. There's a minimum of two on duty, one to patrol, another ready to request reinforcements, if necessary. Larger patrols would be sensible if there were cause for concern."

Pale placed his offhand on one of the scrolls on his belt, "Can I cast the spell, Boss?"

Tycon nodded, "If you cast after his back is turned, he won't have an opportunity to react."

The half-elven wizard boy smiled radiantly and he walked out from the alleyway into the street.


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