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137 Snape Taking Over

The day before the match, the winds reached howling point and the rain fell harder than ever. It was so dark inside the corridors and classrooms that extra torches and lanterns were lit. The Slytherin team was looking very smug indeed, and none more so than Malfoy.

"Ah, if only my arm was feeling a bit better!" he sighed as the gale outside pounded the windows.

Arth really wanted to punch Malfoy in the face. However, he couldn't, so instead he set Sebastian on him.

Arth entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and did a start. Instead of the regular shabby Professor Lupin, a very cold Professor Snape was in his place.

Arth raised an eyebrow.

"Are you teaching the class today Professor Snape?"

Professor Snape glanced at Arth as if he was still deciding on whether to hate him or to ignore him.

Finally, Professor Snape said in a drawling voice.

"I am sad to inform that Professor Lupin is feeling a bit... under the moon today. In his place, I will be teaching the class today."

Arth gave a wide smile.

"I am thankful for you guidance."

Professor Snape flinched as if he just saw something abnormal before sitting down onto a chair.

"Yes... Kingscrown... I will make sure that my students... are well taught."

Arth turned around to sit down ok his seat and smirked in a way that would block his face from Professor Snape's view.

You see, Arth wasn't an idiot. Instead of being like Harry or Ron who would never try to get on better terms with those they hate, Arth would rather make friends than enemies.

Of course, Professor Snape was a very skilled and intelligent teacher... however, even Arth had to admit that Professor Snape would sometimes act like a git towards Harry.

But who cares? That was Harry's problem, not his. Thus, Arth had no particular feeling of hatred for Professor Snape.

One by one, everyone came into the class and gave a start at the sight of Professor Snape. Hermione and Ron took seats on either side of Arth before whispering to Arth.

"Why is Professor Snape teaching? Where is Professor Lupin?"

"Apparently he is sick today."

"What? That's why? Why is he sick?"

"I don't know. Do you know where Harry is?"

"I dunno mate. He might be still at practice." Said Ron thoughtfully.

"Well I hope he is not late," said Hermione with a worried look. "I don't think that Professor Snape is the type of person to go easy on us."

Ten minutes had past and Harry had still not arrived.

Arth sighed.

"Harry is so fucked."

Snape was staring to talk when the door suddenly opened and a very out of breath Harry ran inside.

"Sorry I'm late, Professor Lupin, I —"

Harry froze in shock when he saw that it was Professor Snape in the teacher's seat instead of Professor Lupin.

"This lesson began ten minutes ago, Potter, so I think we'll make it ten points from Gryffindor. Sit down."

But Harry didn't move.

"Where's Professor Lupin?" he said.

"He says he is feeling too ill to teach today," said Snape with a twisted smile. "I believe I told you to sit down?" But Harry stayed where he was.

"What's wrong with him?"

Snape's black eyes glittered.

"Nothing life-threatening," he said, looking as though he wished it were. "Five more points from Gryffindor, and if I have to ask you to sit down again, it will be fifty."

Harry walked slowly to his seat and sat down.

Arth gave Harry a disapproving look.

"You should've sat down. You should've learned by now how nasty Snape can get... it's as if you want to infuriate him."

Harry just ignored him.

Snape looked around at the class.

"As I was saying before Potter interrupted, Professor Lupin has not left any record of the topics you have covered so far —"

"Please, sir, we've done boggarts, Red Caps, kappas, and grindylows," said Hermione quickly, "and we're just about to start —"

"Be quiet," said Snape coldly. "I did not ask for information. I was merely commenting on Professor Lupin's lack of organization."

"He's the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we've ever had," said Dean Thomas boldly, and there was a murmur of agreement from the rest of the class. Snape looked more menacing than ever.

"You are easily satisfied. Lupin is hardly overtaxing you — I would expect first years to be able to deal with Red Caps and grindylows. Today we shall discuss —"

Arth watched him flick through the textbook, to the very back chapter.

"— werewolves," said Snape.