Harry Potter: Path of Magic
16 Diagon Alley: Meeting: Part 1
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Harry Potter: Path of Magic
Author :Slycerr
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16 Diagon Alley: Meeting: Part 1

Before the chapter begins, I just want to give some explanation for how the Malfoy Family acts.

1. In the original they are viewed as a manipulating family, A really good manipulator doesn't let his personal views come first before benefits, so in public it can appear that they are a lot more friendly then they appear to be.

2. Their blood supremacy isn't as important as it is shown, they let their children marry half-bloods, instead of taking a incest as an option, which has happend in the original world, I think it was the Wizard family side of Voldemort who took this option.

3. although I didn't know this beforehand, but the Malfoy family had business with muggles before it became a whole scandal. that's why they have more money then other older families.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I arrive in the living room where the rest of our family is waiting for me.

'Sorry for being late, there were some thing I needed to arrange before we left.'

At my explanation my father doesn't really listen and ends it quick so that we stay on schedule.

"It doesn't matter, your mother will explain the plan for today when we arrive in Diagon Alley. Now everyone in a circle so we can portkey to the Apothecary."

At that everyone stands in a circle and father takes a shiny golden key out, on the bow of the key there is a potion bottle with a capital M on engraved it. As everyone touches the key, father inserts magic in it and we teleport to our family business. We see flashes of places appear and disappear before our eyes.

When everything turns normal around us, father speaks his say before leaving.

"Your mother will go with you to buy your materials while I check our business here. We will meet back at [The Leaky Cauldron] where the Nott's, Goyle's, Crabbe's, Parkinson's and the Greengrass's will meet in preparation for the schoolyear in Hogwarts, understood?"

'"Yes father!"'

When he leaves behind the door inside, our mother smiles at us before taking us out the Apothecary. When we leave the shop Jasmine directly starts to complain.

"I really don't want to travel by portkey, it feels like every being of my body is misplaced a little bit."

Before she can continue Draco cuts her complaining short with logic.

"That's what you get for skipping out on Portkey training, you just did it until you didn't need to puke and stopped it. While me and Lo did the course until we were comfortable enough to at least look respectable after its use, as a noble family should."

He is right you know, we have these courses because for a noble, face is everything. That doesn't mean it was a fun experience, that month was hell for us and the toilet, clothes and some bushes.

When I see Jasmine going for a comeback I end this conversation before it starts a public fight.

'You two should stop it. Jasmine? Draco is right you know, if you don't want to feel like that again then you should complete the course to begin with.' And then I turn at Draco who is looking smug now.

'And Draco, you shouldn't argue with Jasmine in this place, you're talking about face but you are about to fight your little sister in a busy street.'

As they are both quiet now, mom changes the topic to get their spirits up.

"Now now, what happened happened, let's go to get your robes made at Madam Malkins, and while that is happening me and Jasmine will wait." After that the way was pretty smooth going… is what I hoped for.

Jasmine needing to look at all the shop's windows if there is something interesting to buy, the only reason why she wasn't glued to them was that mother promised to tour it with her while they are waiting for us.

When we arrived in the shop, we go inside and greet the friendly witch who made almost all our clothes.

'Hello Miss Malkin, I leave our clothes in your hands again.'

As I greet her with a warm smile and take her hand to give a kiss on her knuckles. This isn't really a normal wizarding greeting, but I thought if I'm from nobility anyway, why don't we take it a step further and act with a royal etiquette.

Of course this didn't work on her, she knows me since I was 5 and made almost every piece of clothing I have. Another reason why I can joke with her is because I gave her some fashion magazines of the muggle world that I asked some elves to get me. It gave her great inspiration, and me a few extra clothes that I actually like.

"As always, that Malfoy charm doesn't seize to amaze me, but that isn't going to work on me young man. What surprise have you for me today?"

As I did my greeting, she with a playful smile did a mock princess bow. After the little banter between me and her, mother greets her and directly goes to business, It looks like the day was busier than I expected.

"Hey Mary, we came today to get Draco and Lo their Hogwarts robes, I can trust my boys to you for their time here as always?"

"Of course Narsicca, when they arrive at Hogwarts they will look like diamonds between stones."

At that my mother has a smile on her face while Jasmine is looking at some comfortable clothes.

"That's good, Lo ,Draco keep yourself in check until the process is done okay." As mom says that she mainly looks at Draco, well I guess siblings rub of a little against each other, I'm the one who mostly keep their antics minimal.

Then she looks at me with the same look, which surprises me a little.

"The same goes for you Lo, don't think I don't know where they learned there tricks." At this I am dumbstruck.

Well I guess I thought them some magic tricks… but it wasn't my intention they use it in pranking?!?!

I need to change the topic a little away from me, I feel like I am attacked while I'm innocent.

'Mom you don't need to worry about me, I wouldn't do anything funny while Aunt Mary has a needle so close to me, I wouldn't want to have any holes on my way to Hogwarts.' As I say that I feel a hand on my shoulders, with a few chills going through my back with it.

"Ah young Lo, are you doubting my sewing skills?" I look back at the person who said that, she has that obvious fake smile on her face that makes it 10 times scarier.

'I- I never would, Aunt Mary. I trust my life and fashion in your capable hands.

At this nobody in the area could hold their laughter in, that I even joke now has the little leftover mood about what happened between Draco and Jasmine disappear.

After a little more banter, mom says her goodbye and leaves with Jasmine.

Then Draco asks. 'So, the usual stands?'

At his question she has a mischievous smile on her face. "Well, first you need to take your clothes off."

'"What?!"' We only need robes, the rest off the uniform will be provided at Hogwarts.

Draco is the first that says something about this. "Aunt Mary, we only need robes, so why do we need to undress ourselves?"

"Well young Draco, where do you think your uniform comes from? And I promised your mother I will make you shine like diamonds, you can't do that with only robes."

It looks like we need to stand still longer than we anticipated.

*Harry Pov*

Harry is having the best time of his live. He found out that he is a wizard a few hours ago, and that he is way richer than the average wizard. But most of all, that he is a year away from the Dursleys. Add that his annoying cousin Dudley transformed in his true form, a pig. His day couldn't go any better.

As he was looking around in Diagon Alley, they arrived at there next stop, which is called [Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions], before he goes inside Hagrid, the one who got him out of that hellhole says something to him.

"Arry, I ain't going to fit in 'ere. So I'll wait outside alrigt èhh." As I look at this man that is around 11 feet with bushy hair, that is my favourite person in the whole world right now.

'That's fine Hagrid, I'm going inside so wait for me okay?.' At this he answers like it is an obvious question.

"Ohf course Arry."

As I go inside I am overwhelmed with all the fabrics everywhere, it feels like a maze in here. There are 2 options why this feels like this, 1. Wizard structures really isn't practical, or 2. He hasn't been in shops enough to find his way in one.

As he is looking around, trying to find a person while being in awe of all the different colours. He bumps into one who appeared out of nowhere.

'Ah sorry, I got lost in here an-' before I see the person I automatically start to apologise and ready myself for whatever is to come, but I couldn't even apologise fully before I was interrupted.

"Don't worry dear, It happens all the time with people that come here for the 1st time. My name is Charlotte and I work here."

When I finally look the woman that speaks to me and see who I bumped into. She is in her twenties, has brown hair and eyes, you couldn't call her a beauty but she looked healthy and cared for her appearance , so that made her look like a vibrant and pretty woman.

"You know, you shouldn't keep looking at a woman, it is considered rude you know."

'A-ah, so-sorry…' When I realised I was staring at her I directly looked down out of embarrassment, and hoped I wouldn't get an earful of yelling at me. But when nothing happened I looked back at her and saw her smiling at me.

"Hahahaha, you're such a funny kid. Follow me, I'll lead you to the stands where your robes will be made."

After we took a lot of turns and we finally made it to stands where the clothes are made. But I got welcomed at a weird site.

Two boys were already on the biggest stands in the middle with their chest bare. One is talking to the girl that is taking his measurements and showing different fabrics of black while explaining which enchantments are on it.

While the other has 2 floating books in front of him, one book is apparently about magic theory, while the other one looks like a fashion magazine for men. Occasionally the lady working on his clothes asks some questions about it.

"Young Lo, where do all these styles come from, they are all so different."

The boy, that one answers while still reading the book about theory.

"Well apparently, their fashion is heavily relied on their artists, and because art has a lot of variety, so does their clothes. Although that's what my research about it found out anyway, so itcould be wrong"

The boy who answers the question finds out that I am looking at him and locks eyes with me, then the boy smiles at me and says.

"Ah hello, although I don't mind you looking at me, it can be pretty dangerous if some wizard or witch doesn't. My Name is Lowell Malfoy by the way, and that guy flirting there is my twin brother Draco Malfoy, what is your name?"

"Hey, since when is talking to a girl flirting?!"

"Well obviously since it is you, I need something to keep our lil' sister of my back until we go to school, and this looked like something good."

"What!?! You putting me in a pit of fire. I'd rather say to uncle Severus I didn't bother to do my homework then give that devil a chance to torture me to death."

"That can be done too. I have my means you know"

""Pfft…"" everyone is holding their laughter at this, and after looking around for a few seconds the boy finally notices.

"NOT FUN- AH THAT HURTS!" As he is moving a little the needle pricked him in his side. The woman, who had some resemblance to the older witch that is working on the other boy his clothes.

"Sorry young master Draco, but it would help if you stopped moving so I can finish my job, and it was actually pretty funny."

"Mary you too?!"

Then he looks at me with a glare that could kill, and I don't even know for what I deserved that for… Well that is nothing new.

"You… this is your fault!" As I am prepared to get yelled at, a surprising voice comes to my aide.

"Draco. Don't say thing that are not true, it looks like we still need to work on your temper a little bit. If you want to excel in Slytherin you need to be prepared. Don't forget what father said, Gryffindor and Slytherin are like fire and ice, they will do everything to each other to make the other one as miserable as possible, that temper isn't going to help you."

At this explanation the boy who I now know is called Draco, has nothing to say against him in his defence.

Now the black haired bow who I think said his name was Lowell.

"Sorry for that, normally he isn't like that but the excitement is getting to him." At his apology id don't know how to answer, the reason being I never got apologised to.

'A-Ah, you don't have to apologise, it wasn't that big of a deal anyway. And my name is Harry, Harry Potter.'

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