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"I will prepare her favorite food." The man replied.

Pedro nodded. "It has been so long that we don't eat your cooking, Carlo. When was the last time? Was it her fourteenth birthday?"

"Yes, the last time we celebrated her birthday together." Carlo replied. He frowned again. "I'm going to cook."

Pedro said from behind, "Yeah, and don't worry about the Mu boy. He got a life of a cat. He will live."

"Who is worrying about him?" Carlo hurriedly left.

Pedro murmured, "Not honest at all."

Just as he said, Mu Lan woke up after five hours. She put her palms on the soft bed and tried to get up.

"Easy, kid." Pedro was reading a book while sitting beside her. "Move slowly. You just recovered."

"Completely?" She asked. She covered herself with the bed cover and slowly sat up.

Pedro gazed at her. "What do you think?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Mu Lan then noticed that he was right, the achiness all over her body was completely gone. "Was it because of the herb drink?"

"Nope. I gave you another doze of elixir." Pedro closed the book. "We wanted you to heal faster."

"Oh, thank you." Mu Lan's heart was filled with gratitude.

"Don't mention. I believe you are hungry. Some delicious meals are waiting for you." Then he threw her a bag. "Wear these clothes. You don't want to walk in front of us when you are naked I believe." Saying that he left the room.

Mu Lan unzipped the bag and saw a pair of shirt and pant of her size. She wore them and came out of the room. Pedro was waiting for her there.

"Let's go." He said and walked towards the dining room.

They were in a villa near the Lake Rukwa in Tanzania. It was right between the lake and the hilly areas. It was another hideout that no one else knew. Not anyone could come here easily.

"Will Liang be there?" She asked. The moment she opened her eyes, she was thinking of meeting him.

Pedro casually said, "He is resting."

Mu Lane eagerly said, "I want to see him."

Pedro agreed. "Sure. But for now, fill your stomach. He hasn't wakened up yet. Seeing his that way will make you lose appetite."

Mu Lan looked at him in silent and said nothing. When they entered the dining room, seven men were waiting for them. Some of them she knew, some of them, she didn't.

The muscled man, technology master Tokugawa Shintaro, Carlo, invisible man Altal Yul, magician Mark Anthony, Romano and the shy two feet man who could hear anything in ten kilometers Kilimanjaro.

They were talking, gossiping and laughing. The whole room was lively.

They saw her coming inside the room and became quiet.

Mu Lan felt a little uneasy. "Hello everyone."

The beard man Romano came forward and gave her a pat on the back. "Missy, you are here. Come and sit. We are waiting for you to come. Carlo cooked for us after a long time just because you came back."

When he gave her a pat, she moved two stepped forward and coughed. That wasn't a light pat. This guy was strong.

"Go easy on her Romano. She just recovered." Pedro said. He already sat on a chair.

Mu Lan recalled the name. She looked at the beard man. "You are Romano."

The beard man said proudly. "The one and onl- ow!"

He couldn't finish before Mu Lan punched his nose. "That's for picking on my man." She didn't forget that this guy peeped on Mu Liang's naked body and told everyone about it.

"I saw that coming." Mark was laughing.

Al joked, "I never thought that Romano would get a punch from her right after she woke up. I mean she didn't use her power at all. It didn't hurt, I guess."

The beard man Romano got his composure back. "I saw that coming too. I just didn't want to upset her."

"You say that all the time." Mark couldn't stop laughing.

The shy guy came forward. "H-hey little princess, I'm Kilimanjaro."

Since he was short, Mu Lan had to kneel down on the floor. "Hey Kilimanjaro, you have been taking care of me for a while, haven't you? Thank you very much."

Kilimanjaro started to sweat. If she knew that he was spying on her when she was having a great time with Mu Liang, he would probably be killed.

"Okay guys sit down." The muscled man announced. He saved the two feet man.

Mu Lan took the piece of fried chicken on her mouth and chew it. "Carlo, you are a genius. This is so delicious. This is the best fried chicken I had in my life."

Carlo deeply looked at her. He frowned while saying in a calm tone, "As long as you can taste it."

Mu Lan halted. In a second, she came back to normal. 'There is no way he can tell that I cannot taste any food, is there? There are keeping me from seeing Liang Liang. There must be something wrong with him which they don't want me to know. Or maybe, they don't want me to know about his condition yet.' The more she thought about Mu Liang, the more she felt uneasy.

Carlo gazed at her time to time and filled her bowl. She ate everything in the bowl mechanically. She didn't taste anything, she didn't know what she was eating.

Carlo lost his appetite after seeing her eating like this. After all, he cooked for her and her mind was elsewhere.

"Alright. Stop eating." He took the fork from Mu Lan's hand and put it on her bowl. "You want to see him badly, don't you? I will take you to him."

"Huh?" Mu Lan blinked. She came back to the reality.

The muscled man saw everything. He spoke up, "Carlo can read people's mind. Within fifteen miles, he can read anyone's mind who is alive. He can even read what is going on an animal's head."

Mu Lan was in awe. "It must be wonderful to have abilities like this." And then she realized the truth. "Wait, you were reading my mind?"

Carlo took her hand. "Come on." After that he dragged her out of the room.