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Chapter 1057: Last Chance Part Two

They recalled their younger years where the nine of them rode on horses and traveled the region, being reckless and brave. After such a long time passed by, both heroes and ordinary people’s lives were filled with regrets and reminiscence. Now, looking back, they wanted to change many things but couldn’t.

Three hours later, a rare tired expression appeared on Emperor Yassin’s face, and Akinfeev stood up and bowed before leaving.

Seeing this old study buddy of his leaving the palace, Emperor Yassin heaved a long sigh and closed his eyes as if he was savoring something. After a while, he opened his eyes again, and sharp glints flashed.

His energy was restored, and that dominating and overbearing aura of a genius emperor re-appeared.

“Come out.”

As soon as Emperor Yassin said that, a series of ripples appeared in the air. A black-armored guard who was covered in a black cloak tore open space and walked out. Then, he single-kneeled and reported his mission in detail.

After hearing everything, Emperor Yassin waved his hand, and the guard in black bowed and turned into a cloud of black smoke, disappearing from the palace.

“Ah, such an incapable man! As soon as he got control of the western gate, he became this arrogant and dared to do such things. Using the magic crossbows for city defense to threaten an important general. He sure disappoints me! Disappoints me!”

Emperor Yassin frowned and thought for a long while. In the end, his love for his children won, and he loosened his tightly-gripped fists.

“Alright, I will give you the last chance. If you still can’t grab this opportunity, then don’t blame me for not considering our relationship as father and son. Even when your third older brother inherits the throne, he probably can’t allow a lazy and incapable prince like you to stay around!”

It was midnight outside the palace, and the grand St. Petersburg fell into a long period of darkness.

-Meanwhile, in Chambord that was more than 1,000 kilometers away-

After traveling for about half a month, Fei’s guard, Torres, and a few orc masters finally traveled across the ocean and through the Endless Sea of Forests, getting back to Chambord City using the Ancient Path of Blood of Behemoth.

“What? Barcelona invaded Zenit? They are outside St. Petersburg? Constantine was captured? Luffy His Highness and Reverse Whale Battleship [King Alexander] can’t be found?”

Torres was shocked when he heard about the crucial situation that Zenit was experiencing from Brook. Only about 40 days had passed between the king’s departure and Torres’ return, but the situation on the continent changed so drastically.

Torres was both angry and shocked.

“Now, the Barcelonans are overbearing, and they sent out several demi-gods. In Chambord, both Mr. Hazel Bank and Lampard had to travel to St. Petersburg for defense, and Strategist Old Aryang led 1,000 elites of Chambord and traveled to the southern battlefield with [Black Pearl] and [Cyclops]. Although they tried their best to minimize the losses, the high level of casualties wasn’t avoidable.” Brook smiled bitterly and sighed, “Although the flames of war haven’t touched Chambord yet, it isn’t far away. Right now, the situation is dire, and no one knows how long St. Petersburg can last. When can His Majesty return?”

“This… it would take a month at the fastest.” Torres got anxious as well. Even if he returned to the [Banished Land] to inform the king, one round trip would take at least a month if nothing happened on the way.

“We must inform Alexander His Majesty. Right now, the flames of war are spreading to the Northern Region of Azeroth, and we need him to return and command everyone!” Head Minister Bast was impatient, and he wished that Fei could instantly return to Chambord. The Chambord Kingdom could operate on its own without Fei, but when he was missing at critical moments, people felt like the backbone was missing, and they lacked confidence.

“I will immediately return to the [Banished Land] to inform His Majesty!” Torres didn’t dare to waste a second.