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Hail the King

Author:Mad Blade During Troubled Times

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Updates:Chapter 870: What If I Join?

An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a “Cheating Code” of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer continents and leave behind him an ultimate legend that will be recited between every generation to come.
《Hail the King》 Text
Chapter 1: I’m the King?
Chapter 2: The Idiot became a Mad Man
Chapter 3: Don’t ever do that
Chapter 4: “Barbarian” Fei
Chapter 5: Quest Completed
Chapter 6: Unexpected Power
Chapter 7: Failing Defence line
Chapter 8: The Death
Chapter 9: The Enemies
Chapter 10: I’m Invincible
Chapter 11: The Loss
Chapter 12: It’s him!
Chapter 13: The Peace after the Storm
Chapter 14: The Healing Facility
Chapter 15: The Cure?
Chapter 16: The Insane Discovery
Chapter 17: The “’God’ of Toleration
Chapter 18: Magic Items Again
Chapter 19: 【Minor Healing Potion】
Chapter 20: Oscar-Worthy Acting
Chapter 21: Bullshit Continued
Chapter 22: The Azeroth Continent
Chapter 23: He is a beast
Chapter 24: Two Complete Opposite Commands
Chapter 25: Whipped Soldiers
Chapter 26: What the King Says Counts
Chapter 27: What the fuck are you?
Chapter 28: One Strike! Again!
Chapter 29: [King’s Sword]
Chapter 30: No Massacre if You Surrender
Chapter 31: This is a Real Warrior
Chapter 32: The Early Christmas Presents
Chapter 33: A Hot Mercenary
Chapter 34: Unexpected Change
Chapter 35: Elena’s Surprise
Chapter 36: Tristram
Chapter 37: Master, Please don’t fire me!
Chapter 38: Initiation of the Plan
Chapter 39: Sorcerer, Paladin and Necromancer
Chapter 40: Return of the King
Chapter 41: Surprising New Finds
Chapter 42: The Four Powers
Chapter 43: We Need to Initiate the Attack
Chapter 44: Super Strong Men
Chapter 45: Let’s go!
Chapter 46: The Horrifying Strike
Chapter 47: Blood Rains
Chapter 48: Massacre Continued
Chapter 49: The Power of a Necromancer
Chapter 50: Hail the King
Chapter 51: The Push
Chapter 52: Tough Enemy’s Arrival
Chapter 53: Enemy’s Response
Chapter 54: Together with the King
Chapter 55: Fei’s Plan
Chapter 56: The Collapse
Chapter 56.2: The Solution
Chapter 56.3: Breakdown
Chapter 56.4 : The Death
Chapter 56.5: Torture
Chapter 56.6: The Big Win
Chapter 56.7: Reinforcements
Chapter 56.8: Return of the King
Chapter 56.9: Old Bastard
Chapter 57: Mysterious Woman
Chapter 58: The Accident at the Party
Chapter 59.1: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes!
Chapter 59.2: Kneel Down and Kiss My Shoes! (2)
Chapter 60: Step Aside or Die
Chapter 61: Merciless Kill
Chapter 62: Plans for the Future
Chapter 63: The Kingdom’s Policies
Chapter 64: Re-entering Diablo
Chapter 65: The Jump in Strength of the Female Mercenary
Chapter 66: Combine Kill
Chapter 67: The Tale of the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon
Chapter 68: Shocking Discovery
Chapter 69: Underground Cave Maze
Chapter 70: Crazy 【Hulk Potion】
Chapter 71: For What Reason?
Chapter 72: Origin
Chapter 73.1 – Means of a King (1)
Chapter 73.2 – Means of a King (2)
Chapter 74: The Right to Chase Dreams
Chapter 75: The Time Has Come
Chapter 76.1: There’s one more bottle (1)
Chapter 76.2: There’s one more bottle (2)
Chapter 77: Teleport Portal in Real Life
Chapter 78: Supreme Leader of 【Rogue Encampment】
Chapter 79: Ancestor’s Altar and Three Legendary Miraculous Skills
Chapter 80: Miraculous Skill -【Summon】
Chapter 81.1: 【Lut Gholein】
Chapter 81.2: Little Black House
Chapter 82: Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake (Part One)
Chapter 82: Two Legged Bald Rattlesnake (Part Two)
Chapter 83: Leave everything to me
Chapter 84: Your majesty, Please Forgive Me
Chapter 85: God’s Favorite Children
Chapter 86: Flowers and Feces
Chapter 87: Magic Crystals and Mysterious Man
Chapter 88: Discussion Behind the Back
Chapter 89: Investing in Our Future
Chapter 90: Thoughts on Strength Improvement
Chapter 91: Before the Celebration
Chapter 92: Mysterious Transformation of the Underground Cave
Chapter 93: Huh? Where are the people?
Chapter 94: Greatly Increased Strength
Chapter 95: Crazy Summoning
Chapter 96: Shocked Once Again
Chapter 97: Face Color Changed
Chapter 98: If the Rain Wants to Come the Wind is Already Here
Chapter 99: The Black-dog-riding King
Chapter 100: The First Meet between Him and Her (Part 1)
Chapter 100: The First Meet between Him and Her (Part 2)
Chapter 101: You Have Problems.
Chapter 102: Elites One After Another
Chapter 103: The Deadly Back Alley
Chapter 104: Is My Act That Bad?
Chapter 105: A Man and a Dog Was on the Loose
Chapter 106: Touched a cactus?
Chapter 107: Devastating! Death Castle
Chapter 108: Restricted Area in the Back Mountain
Chapter 109: Gold Saint Sword – Excalibur
Chapter 110: The Prototype of Capricorn Saint Seiya
Chapter 111: Continue the Pirated Version of Saint Seiya to the End
Chapter 112: Traps Everywhere
Chapter 113: Before Dawn
Chapter 114: Assassination
Chapter 115: Death Trap
Chapter 116: A Sword’s Sudden Arrival
Chapter 117: Aww You Can’t Kill Me Anymore
Chapter 118: I Shall Let You Live
Chapter 119: The Wind Blew up a Girl’s Skirt.
Chapter 120: Really Dead?
Chapter 121: The Terrifying White Haired Master.
Chapter 122: Oh, That Was All Fake (Part one)
Chapter 122: Oh, That Was All Fake (Part two)
Chapter 123: I want to Feel Happier!
Chapter 124: Like killing a chicken.
Chapter 125: I have to talk to my wife
Chapter 126: Witnessing the miracle
Chapter 127: Give you a chance (1)
Chapter 127: Give you a chance (2)
Chapter 128: Blood and Sword
Chapter 129.1: Bunch of Madmen
Chapter 129.2: Bunch of Madmen
Chapter 130: Greedy, Rogue-like Old Bastard
Chapter 131: The Heartwarming Times
Chapter 132: Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Chapter 133: Three Departments and Six Ministries, and the Bronze Code of Law
Chapter 134: The Origin of [Fake Death Potion]
Chapter 135: Prophecy and magic item set
Chapter 136: The mysterious black mask
Chapter 137: The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (1)
Chapter 138: The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (2)
Chapter 139: They are all warriors who loved to fight
Chapter 140: That must be a lie!
Chapter 141: The Gap between Two Sides is too Big
Chapter 142: Hurry and Grab the Bodies
Chapter 143: The Mighty Bylaw Enforcement Officers
Chapter 144: An Unforgettable Scene
Chapter 145 Giant Axe and Magical Arrows
Chapter 146: The King Is Going Off
Chapter 147: Evaluation
Chapter 148: Complete Victory
Chapter 149: Taming Roaring Flame Beasts
Chapter 150: Invincible
Chapter 151: Flirtatious Violet Flower
Chapter 152: City of Heroes
Chapter 153: The Big Reform Before Leaving
Chapter 154: Super 【Werebear】
Chapter 155: Terror! The Mountain of Bones
Chapter 156: Madness
Chapter 157: Forging [Remain of Demons]
Chapter 158: The Mysterious Teleport Array
Chapter 159: Vigorous Change
Chapter 160: Coming Out
Chapter 161: Chambord City King came out of Hiatus?
Chapter 162: Explosive Growth of National Strength
Chapter 163.1: Far-Famed Chambord, and Hostile Kingdoms Paying their Respects
Chapter 163.2: Far-Famed Chambord, and Hostile Kingdoms Paying their Respects
Chapter 164: Wiping the Edge of the Sword
Chapter 165: Masters all out, the murderous intent at night (Part 1)
Chapter 165: Masters all out, the murderous intent at night (Part 2)
Chapter 166: The Meeting of Two Kings
Chapter 167: A Scream (part 1)
Chapter 167: A Scream (part 2)
Chapter 168: Waiting for the Great New King (Part 1)
Chapter 168: Waiting for the Great New King (Part 2)
Chapter 169: I’m… The King of Chambord (Part 1)
Chapter 169: I’m… The King of Chambord (Part 2)
Chapter 170: Conquer the fortress, leave no lives behind! (Part one)
Chapter 170: Conquer the fortress, leave no lives behind! (Part Two)
Chapter 171: Undefeated (Part 1)
Chapter 171: Undefeated (Part 2)
Chapter 172: Domination (Part 1)
Chapter 172: Domination (Part 2)
Chapter 173: Devastating Undead Curse (Part 1)
Chapter 173: Devastating Undead Curse (Part 2)
Chapter 174: Your Majesty, Someone Is Attacking Your Bird (Part One)
Chapter 174: Your Majesty, Someone Is Attacking Your Bird (Part Two)
Chapter 175: Two Tier 7 Equipment (Part one)
Chapter 175: Two Tier 7 Equipment (Part Two)
Chapter 176: [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Item Set
Chapter 176: [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Item Set (Part two)
Chapter 176: [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Item Set (Part One)
Chapter 176: [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Item Set (Part Two)
Chapter 178: The power of the three miraculous skill (Part one)
Chapter 178: The power of the three miraculous skill (Part two)
Chapter 179: The View of Mountains and Lakes (Part one)
Chapter 179: The View of Mountains and Lakes (Part two)
Chapter 180: Fei: “I’m just passing by… Don’t mind me…” (Part one)
Chapter 180: Fei: “I’m just passing by… Don’t mind me…” (Part Two)
Chapter 181: The Slaughter in the Night
Chapter 182: Three Shocking Arrows
Chapter 183: The Complete Wipeout
Chapter 184: One Month Agreement
Chapter 185: The Cage inside the Team Formation
Chapter 186: Before the Rain Storm the Wind is already here
Chapter 187: Death is everywhere
Chapter 188: The Hostile Young Man in Golden Armor
Chapter 189: The Hardest Battle Yet (Part One)
Chapter 190: The duel of the strongest
Chapter 191: Winner Revealed
Chapter 192: Famous after One Battle!
Chapter 193: The Brave is the Conqueror
Chapter 194: Self-Created Killing Technique – Sky Frost Fist
Chapter 195: Merciless Fire, Danger of Chambord
Chapter 196: I will crush your heart
Chapter 197
Chapter 198: Masters
Chapter 199: You…are you really an elite?
Chapter 200 Fight for Chambord!
Chapter 201: The Battle is Won
Chapter 202
Chapter 203
Chapter 204 Big Events in the Empire
Chapter 205: An Even More Shocking News
Chapter 206: He is the legendary Master?
Chapter 207: Re-encounter
Chapter 208: Are you willing to become my disciple?
Chapter 209: The Footsteps in the Fog
Chapter 210: The Mighty One Punch
Chapter 211: Who is the arrogant one?
Chapter 212: Sky Frost Fist- One Punch One Kill
Chapter 213: You are about the same
Chapter 214: Young Genius, Born Talent
Chapter 215: Paradise of Metal and Fire
Chapter 216: Thunder like Voice
Chapter 217: 50 Sword Testing Stage
Chapter 218: An Invitation from an Old Friend
Chapter 219: The So-Called Friend
Chapter 220: Then Save Me Please
Chapter 221: Cross of Fire
Chapter 222: Do one thing for me
Chapter 223: Warriors from all regions
Chapter 224: Item from the God and Demon Ruins?
Chapter 225: Got be a hero sometimes
Chapter 226: Any Other Reasons?
Chapter 227: Special gifts
Chapter 228: The New Path
Chapter 229: Are you scared now?
Chapter 230: The Wait
Chapter 231: This Powerful Already
Chapter 232: One Strike to Determine the Win
Chapter 233: Sky Frost Fist – Covering the Sky
Chapter 234: Let Me Handle This
Chapter 235: The Name of King of Chambord
Chapter 236: Fei’s Calculation, Death Trap
Chapter 237: Fucked Off
Chapter 238: The King of Kings
Chapter 239: The Heart of Fulfillment
Chapter 240: Seven Injure Fist
Chapter 241: Suddenly Arrival
Chapter 242: Miraculous Skill – [Summon], Duriel
Chapter 243: Unparalleled Talent
Chapter 244: Purple Colored Skill Scroll
Chapter 245: The arrival of the Era of Chaos
Chapter 246: Aren’t You The Boss?
Chapter 247: A Beast That Is Showing Its Fangs
Chapter 248: Night Visit – Moro Mountains
Chapter 249: A Surprising Find
Chapter 250: River of Blood
Chapter 251: Entering the Capital at Night
Chapter 252: Have to Wipe Them Out
Chapter 253: The Siege of the Masked Devil
Chapter 254: Do You Want To Duel?
Chapter 255: You Can Only Die Like a Bug
Chapter 256: Mysterious Call
Chapter 257: Blood-Edge’s Treasure
Chapter 258: Are You?
Chapter 259: I’m Late Again?
Chapter 260: “Demon King’s Wisdom”
Chapter 261: Maybe One Day
Chapter 262: This Man is A Blood-Edge Member
Chapter 263: Do You know Who I Am?
Chapter 264: I Have Something to Say
Chapter 265: Strength Lies in the Fist
Chapter 266: You Scared Now?
Chapter 267: You Are the Third
Chapter 268: Actually, I Have a Dog Too
Chapter 269: Wishing for that Day
Chapter 270: A Sleepless Night
Chapter 271: A Bunch of Brainless People
Chapter 272: Eight Beautiful Girls
Chapter 273: Pass the Mark – Die!
Chapter 274: Fist Spiritual Seal
Chapter 275: Untouchable
Chapter 276: Where Is This?
Chapter 277: Center of the Crowd
Chapter 278: Lonely and Above-all Presence
Chapter 279: Aggressive Collision
Chapter 280: Top-Tier Warrior
Chapter 281: Rapid Increase in Strength
Chapter 282: Increase in Social Status
Chapter 283: Same Strike
Chapter 284: Legendary Emperor
Chapter 285: North Battle Region No. 8
Chapter 286: The Situation Is Different
Chapter 287: Emperor Yassin
Chapter 288: First Battle of Chambord
Chapter 289: Piece of Cake
Chapter 290: Situations at the Five Battle Regions
Chapter 291: Mysterious and Beautiful Woman
Chapter 292: One Other Man
Chapter 293: The Courage to Fight Back
Chapter 294: [One Sword]
Chapter 295: I Look Forward to Battling You
Chapter 296: [One Punch Seven Injuries]
Chapter 297: Sudden Change
Chapter 298: Events Came In Waves, People Were Like Chess Pieces
Chapter 299: As If They Just Met
Chapter 300: The Ranking of Masters
Chapter 301: I Will Break Them with My Fists
Chapter 302: Overall Increase
Chapter 303: Second Bloodline
Chapter 304: Dragon Fist…… Dragon Fist……
Chapter 305: Two Kinds of Envious Treasures
Chapter 306: Chambord’s Steps
Chapter 307: Three Reasons
Chapter 308: A Series of Events
Chapter 309: A Dangerous Opponent
Chapter 310: He Was Here to Kill
Chapter 311: Ruthless King of Chambord
Chapter 312: The End of the Moro Practice
Chapter 313: Boost in Strength
Chapter 314: Good News from the Battlefront
Chapter 315: Cruel Matches
Chapter 316: Cruel Battle
Chapter 317: Skeleton
Chapter 318: [God’s Favorite Child]’s Night Visit
Chapter 319: The Tense Atmosphere
Chapter 320: Purest Soul
Chapter 321: Pressure
Chapter 322: He Is Scary
Chapter 323: New Definition of Archers
Chapter 324: About Agility
Chapter 325: Necromancer
Chapter 326: Shocking News
Chapter 327: Secret Message That Passed Through The Continent
Chapter 328: Really Lucky
Chapter 329: Crushing Victory
Chapter 330: Joy Sorrow Separate Gather Sword Array
Chapter 331: Can You Still Use Swords after Your Arms Are Broken?
Chapter 332: Blood on The Sword
Chapter 333: Three Strikes
Chapter 344: [Burning Beauty of Flames]
Chapter 335: You Can’t Win
Chapter 336: Two Letters
Chapter 337: Final Match
Chapter 338: Semi-Finals
Chapter 339: New Set Items
Chapter 340: Calm Swirl
Chapter 341: Shevchenko’s Secret
Chapter 342: Admired by All
Chapter 343: Biggest Winner
Chapter 344: Elder’s Gamble
Chapter 345: Battle on The Peak (1)
Chapter 346: Battle on The Peak (2)
Chapter 347: Battle on The Peak (3)
Chapter 348: Battle on The Peak (4)
Chapter 349: Battle on The Peak (5)
Chapter 350: Battle at the Peak (6)
Chapter 351: Battle on the Peak (7)
Chapter 352: Battle on the Peak – Heavenly Sword Three Strikes
Chapter 353: Battle on the Peak – Sudden Change
Chapter 354: Battle on the Peak – Impossible
Chapter 355: Battle on the Peak – All Together
Chapter 356: Battle on the Peak – Kill All
Chapter 357: Battle on the Peak – End (1)
Chapter 358: Battle on the Peak – End (2)
Chapter 359: Battle on the Peak – Flying Dust
Chapter 360: Before the Storm
Chapter 361: Declare of Wars
Chapter 362: Battle Zone No.1 Commander
Chapter 363: Old Story
Chapter 364: Genius Diplomat
Chapter 365: Coldness
Chapter 366: Mad Fei
Chapter 367: Mad Fei (2)
Chapter 368: Pledge
Chapter 369: There Is Another Woman!
Chapter 370: Another Expedition
Chapter 371: Chambord is Here!
Chapter 372: Greeting from the Saint Seiyas
Chapter 373: The Chronicle of Azeroth
Chapter 374: Let the Real Master Come Out
Chapter 375: Who…… Are You?
Chapter 376: Beginning of the Dark Age
Chapter 377: [Rescue on Mount Arreat]
Chapter 378: Loyalty of the Barbarians, Mutation of the Dog
Chapter 379: Dangerous Dual-Flags City
Chapter 380: Who Dares to Fight Me?
Chapter 381: I’m Comfortable with Your Skill
Chapter 382: Save
Chapter 383: Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge!
Chapter 384: Can You Still Battle?
Chapter 385: King of Chambord
Chapter 386: Murder
Chapter 387: Brother, You Could See the Truth
Chapter 388: Don’t Agree? Die then!
Chapter 389: Execution
Chapter 390: Shocking Arrows
Chapter 391: Summon Barbarian Warriors
Chapter 392: Nobles’ Fear
Chapter 393: Invitation from the King of Chambord
Chapter 394: Do You Think We Are Idiots?
Chapter 395: The Situation Is Worse Than Anticipated
Chapter 396: In the Name of Alexander
Chapter 397: Pass My Order – Kill!
Chapter 398: A Series of Executions
Chapter 399: Temporary Peace
Chapter 400: Sneaking into the Enemies’ Camp
Chapter 401: That Fire in the Night
Chapter 402: You Won’t Kill Me
Chapter 403: Loyalty to Zenit
Chapter 404: [Fei’s Murderous Helmet]
Chapter 405: I Need A Mask
Chapter 406: Sensation of [Dragon Fist]
Chapter 407: Similar to Angela
Chapter 408: Unwelcomed
Chapter 409: Same Kind of Pure Soul
Chapter 410: I Hope You Guys Are Still Alive
Chapter 411: Mystic Ocean
Chapter 412: The Secret of the Underground Ocean
Chapter 413: Path of an Emperor
Chapter 414: Traces in History
Chapter 415: Three Ancient Ones
Chapter 416: Eliminate the Powerful Enemies
Chapter 417: Boost in Strength
Chapter 418: A Smart Person’s Decision
Chapter 419: The Map of the Palace of the Sea God
Chapter 420: Second Base – Death Ancient City
Chapter 421: Accumulation
Chapter 422: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 423: Return of the King
Chapter 424: Ancient Bloodline
Chapter 425: Death Moment
Chapter 426: Change
Chapter 427: How Dare You Challenge My King?
Chapter 428: So Many Powerful Warriors?
Chapter 429: Shocking Strength Increase
Chapter 430: Who Is It For?
Chapter 431: Arrogance
Chapter 432: Battling Moon-Class Elite
Chapter 433: With a Smile
Chapter 434: Bladestorm
Chapter 435: Hard Fight
Chapter 436: The Queen
Chapter 437: Mysterious Master
Chapter 438: Unconsciousness
Chapter 439: Two Methods
Chapter 440: Sacred Armor
Chapter 441: Mysterious Stone Room
Chapter 442: Mythical Altar
Chapter 443: Strict Master, Caring Elder
Chapter 444: The Guess That Was Close to the Truth
Chapter 445: A Ton of Masters
Chapter 446: Strange Event on the Way Back
Chapter: 447: Dangerous Child
Chapter 448: The Man with the Holy Sensation
Chapter 449: BS!
Chapter 450: Golden Finger Upgrade – Nightmare Mode
Chapter 451: Elevation in the Lifeform
Chapter 452: Change in the Nightmare Mode
Chapter 453: The Phenomenon
Chapter 454: Especially Powerful
Chapter 455: Beat You to Vent My
Chapter 456: First Battle as a Moon-Class Elite
Chapter 457: One Day, There Will Be a Formal Battle!
Chapter 458: Dangerous Existence in the Red Quicksand Moat
Chapter 459: The Old Bastard and the Little Bastard
Chapter 460: This Undead Magic is Too Weak
Chapter 461: The Real Undead Energy
Chapter 462: Battle Between Undead Energy
Chapter 463: How About Joining Us?
Chapter 464: Persuasive Enough?
Chapter 465: We Will Join
Chapter 466: The Corrupt Church
Chapter 467: Rebound
Chapter 468: More Secrets Revealed
Chapter 469: Possibility of Constructing a Teleportation Array
Chapter 470: Rumors Said That This Man is Vicious
Chapter 471: Enter
Chapter 472: Gratitude
Chapter 473: [Martial Statues]
Chapter 474: Danger in Dual-Flags City
Chapter 475: Uncle! Hug Me! Arthur Is Scared!
Chapter 476: Assassins Again
Chapter 477: I’m Great at Killing
Chapter 478: This Path is Blocked! F*ck off!
Chapter 479: Master
Chapter 480: The Corrupt Church
Chapter 481: The Influential Person and the Followers
Chapter 482: Black-Cloth Shrine
Chapter 483: [Sand of Earthly Anger]
Chapter 484: Approaching
Chapter 485: Discovery
Chapter 486: Elemental Gates and Instant Kill
Chapter 487: Master Show
Chapter 488: Misplaced Arrogance
Chapter 489: Who Are You?
Chapter 490: Domination
Chapter 491: Situation
Chapter 492: Provocation
Chapter 493: Triggered
Chapter 494: A Small World
Chapter 495: Mystic Core Region
Chapter 496: Shocking! Sky Castle!
Chapter 497: Discovery
Chapter 498: The Mythical Altar
Chapter 499: Two Half-Broken Stone Pillars
Chapter 500: Change in the Small World
Chapter 501: All Done!
Chapter 502: Harvest
Chapter 503: Narrow Road
Chapter 504: You Lost
Chapter 505: You Don’t Dare to Kill Me
Chapter 506: Sun-Class Lord
Chapter 507: Instant Kill
Chapter 508: Inferior to No One!
Chapter 509: Emperor Ya.s.sin
Chapter 510: Excitement and Fear
Chapter 511: A True Master
Chapter 512: Invincible
Chapter 513: Suspicion
Chapter 514: Incident in the Mayor's Mansion
Chapter 515: Beauty in The Bar
Chapter 516: Two People, Two Mood
Chapter 517: Return of the King
Chapter 518: Three Monsters
Chapter 519: Listen to Daddy
Chapter 520: Thug, Chick, and Hooligan
Chapter 521: Return
Chapter 522: Smooth Communication
Chapter 523: A Strange Dream
Chapter 524: The Prisoners and Warden
Chapter 525: The Real Reason
Chapter 526: Last Chance
Chapter 527: One Strike to End It All
Chapter 528: How About Joining Us?
Chapter 529: An Accident
Chapter 530: Dare to Even Touch My Finger?
Chapter 531: Want to Make You the Pope
Chapter 532: Yeah, But It Is Going to Be Hard
Chapter 533: Such a Weird Request
Chapter 534: Please Come Again!
Chapter 535: Backstory
Chapter 536: Path to Dogs
Chapter 537: Return – Death Ancient City
Chapter 538: The Huge Change in Zenit
Chapter 539: Mad Scientists’ Laboratory
Chapter 540: Long-Distance Teleportation Station
Chapter 541: New Discovery
Chapter 542: Practice and Little Raccoon
Chapter 543: [The Throne of Chaos]
Chapter 544: Return – Small World
Chapter 545: Fire Giant
Chapter 546: Core Crystal
Chapter 547: Confrontation and Delay
Chapter 548: You Know Nothing
Chapter 549: Like A Moth To A Flame
Chapter 550: Last Shiver
Chapter 551: My Turn
Chapter 552: I’m the God in Here!
Chapter 553: Little Raccoon’s Change
Chapter 554: Got Blocked
Chapter 555: Fei’s Move
Chapter 556: Domination
Chapter 557: Time to Go
Chapter 558: Stories on The Way Back
Chapter 559: Stories on The Way Back(2)
Chapter 560: Night Talk
Chapter 561: You Forgot About A Person
Chapter 562: God-tier Weapon – [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]
Chapter 563: Shouldn’t Be Able to Get You This Easily
Chapter 564: The Kelun Town
Chapter 565: Tyrant Alexander
Chapter 566: It’s Her!
Chapter 567: Fire-like Girl
Chapter 568: Change
Chapter 569: Test
Chapter 570: Murderous Intent
Chapter 571: The Person Who Should Have Died
Chapter 572: Let You Understand
Chapter 573: Power
Chapter 574: Sweep
Chapter 575: The Return of The Heroes
Chapter 576: The Return of The Heroes 2
Chapter 577: A Miracle City
Chapter 578: His Majesty’s Morning Meeting
Chapter 579: The Underground
Chapter 580: The Combat Ability of Bylaw Enforcement Officers
Chapter 581: Do You Know Now?
Chapter 582: The Son of An Acquaintance
Chapter 583: Chambord’s Education System
Chapter 584: The Mysterious Altar and Teleportation Portal
Chapter 585: Last Ancestral Place
Chapter 586: The Dwarf King
Chapter 587: Bloody Book, Doomsday
Chapter 588: Mystery of History
Chapter 589: Huge Handprin
Chapter 590: Arrival! Sky Castle!
Chapter 591: Twelve Golden Saint Mountains
Chapter 592: Spirit Energy Breakthrough
Chapter 593: Lampard’s Shock
Chapter 594: Natural Phenomenon – All Kinds of Shock
Chapter 595: Danger
Chapter 596: Intelligence Reports that Fell onto the Ground
Chapter 597: Becoming a Hermi
Chapter 598: The Voice of God
Chapter 599: Relocation
Chapter 600: The Effort of a Dog
Chapter 601: Mystery
Chapter 602: Not Worry About Trouble When Trying to Make a Friend
Chapter 603: Royal Bloodline of the Elves
Chapter 604: Friend & Invitation
Chapter 605: Upcoming Chaos
Chapter 606: Principal Fei’s First Lecture 1
Chapter 607: Principal Fei’s First Lecture 2
Chapter 608: Principal Fei’s First Lecture 3
Chapter 609: Prequel Before the Storm
Chapter 610: Heading to Dual-Flags City
Chapter 611: Crazy Decision
Chapter 612: No Need to Endure Anymore
Chapter 613: Only Ten Seconds
Chapter 614: You Talk Too Much
Chapter 615: Merciless
Chapter 616: I Didn’t Stain the Honor of This Medal
Chapter 617: Strange Situation
Chapter 618: Map, Skin, Master, Anger
Chapter 619: Let Me Handle Everything
Chapter 620: Experience It First-Hand
Chapter 621: Your Turn
Chapter 622: The Capital
Chapter 623: Charging at the Capital
Chapter 624: Who Is He?
Chapter 625: Give You the Opportunity
Chapter 626: Look Up at the Sky! Look Up at Him!
Chapter 627: The King of Chambord is Invincible
Chapter 628: Shocking Departure
Chapter 629: Wind-like News
Chapter 630: That Little White Face Is Here Again
Chapter 631: Shrines from the Diablo World
Chapter 632: Greeted by All
Chapter 633: ‘Friends’ from Afar
Chapter 634: Active Guests
Chapter 635: Surge
Chapter 636: Skyrocketing in Strength
Chapter 637: Black Knights
Chapter 638: Return to the Poor Neighborhood
Chapter 639: But Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 640: Go? Where?
Chapter 641: Terrifying Assassins
Chapter 642: Get Out!
Chapter 643: Leaving, Breakthrough
Chapter 644: Returning to Chambord
Chapter 645: The Four Spikes under the King of Chambord
Chapter 646: Slap Yourself
Chapter 647: Path of Assassin
Chapter 648: Chambord’s Increase in Strength
Chapter 649: Chambord’s Increase in Strength 2
Chapter 650: Sudden
Chapter 651: Sudden Appearance
Chapter 652: The Beginning
Chapter 653: Never Go Easy on Beautiful Woman
Chapter 654: Pull Them All
Chapter 655: All Kinds of Reactions
Chapter 656: For A Woman
Chapter 657: So-called Hero
Chapter 658: Advancing into Sun-Class
Chapter 659: The Time Has Come
Chapter 660: Rare Beauties
Chapter 661: Sudden Changes, Beginning of Chaos
Chapter 662: Taurus’s First Battle
Chapter 663: The Song of Chambord
Chapter 664: Prince Simon of the Marse Empire
Chapter 665: What is Justice?
Chapter 666: Deaths of Masters
Chapter 667: Real Warriors
Chapter 668: Many Dangers
Chapter 669: Give You an Opportunity
Chapter 670: The Fall of an Infamous Warrior
Chapter 671: Can I Kill Him?
Chapter 672: Being Disliked by the Valkyrie
Chapter 673: Real Enemies
Chapter 674: Real Sun-Cla.s.s Lords!
Chapter 675: Real Strength of the King of Chambord
Chapter 676: Shock
Chapter 677: Battles Between Sun-Cla.s.s Lords
Chapter 678: A Complete Turn
Chapter 679: The Demon Beast Legion of Chambord!
Chapter 680: Flipping I
Chapter 681: a.s.sa.s.sination
Chapter 682: Sun Anomaly - G.o.ds' Forbidden Land
Chapter 683: a.s.sa.s.sin! a.s.sa.s.sin!
Chapter 684: Drastic Change
Chapter 685: Strange Cave
Chapter 686: The King of Chambord's Sun Anomaly
Chapter 687: Power of the Stone Crusher
Chapter 688: Endless Sun Anomalies
Chapter 689: The Kingdom on The Rise
Chapter 690: Dealing with Prisoners
Chapter 691: The Arrival of One Messenger
Chapter 692: Something Big Happened
Chapter 693: Terrifying Xuan'ge!
Chapter 694: The Beginning of the Chaos Era
Chapter 695: Demonic Sword Energy
Chapter 696: The Meeting of Old Acquaintances
Chapter 697: Legendary Battle 1
Chapter 698: Legendary Battle 2
Chapter 699: Legendary Battle 3
Chapter 700: A Single Slip Can Cause a Lasting Sorrow
Chapter: 701: The Swordsman's Pride
Chapter 702: Watch You Dominate
Chapter 703: Inside the Xuan'ge
Chapter 704: Two Strange Men
Chapter 705: Captain Sparrow and Captain Barbossa
Chapter 706: Hatred
Chapter 707: Red Head Scarf and Threesome
Chapter 708: Rooting
Chapter 709: Reinforcing the Empire
Chapter 710: The Chaotic Situation
Chapter 711: Save
Chapter 712: Cruel Battle
Chapter 713: Paris' Plan
Chapter 714: Like Moths to Flames
Chapter 715: One Fis
Chapter 716: Act Like a Pig but Eat Tiger
Chapter 717: The Theory of Slaughtering Pigs
Chapter 718: Dare to Battle Me? Chapter 718: Dare to Battle Me?
Chapter 718: Dare to Battle Me?
Chapter 719: Battle of the Masters
Chapter 720: Invincible
Chapter 721: A Taste of Their Own Medicine!
Chapter 722: Price
Chapter 723: Terrifying Power
Chapter 724: Chase
Chapter 725: The Provocation During Escaping
Chapter 726: A Carefully Calculated Trap
Chapter 727: You Have to Trust the King of Chambord
Chapter 728: The Roar of the Giant Bear in the North
Chapter 729: Gundogan
Chapter 730: This Man Is Too Terrifying
Chapter 731: Money from War
Chapter 732: Invincible Battle God
Chapter 733: Situation
Chapter 734: Traitors
Chapter 735: Martial Saint Token
Chapter 736: One Sword Is Innocent Part Two
Chapter 737: Second Disciple Part One
Chapter 736: One Sword Is Innocen
Chapter 737: Second Disciple
Chapter 738: Chris Sutton
Chapter 739: Tough Characters
Chapter 740: Not Going to Learn Sword
Chapter 741: The Real Ruler
Chapter 742: Darkness Enveloping the Land
Chapter 743: I’m Leaving
Chapter 744: The Second Worldstone
Chapter 745: Purification Not Completed
Chapter 746: 81 Functions
Chapter 747: People Who Aren’t Afraid of Death
Chapter 748: Little White Face
Chapter 749: Departure
Chapter 750: A Small Legend
Chapter 751: King Flag of Chambord
Chapter 752: Fame
Chapter 753: Two Handsome Men
Chapter 754: Skeleton Again
Chapter 755: Meeting Again
Chapter 756: Fame
Chapter 757: How Long Can You Last as One?
Chapter 758: Why Not?
Chapter 759: The Strange Setup
Chapter 760: The Mysterious Prince
Chapter 761: Troublesome Flies
Chapter 762: Whitewashing
Chapter 763: Vicious Inten
Chapter 764: Sir, Please Spare Me!
Chapter 765: Save The Energy
Chapter 766: Determination to Kill
Chapter 767: Sailing
Chapter 768: Increase in Strength
Chapter 769: Deep-Sea Giant Beas
Chapter 770: Mysterious Power
Chapter 771: The Sea Tribe
Chapter 772: The Beginning of An Era
Chapter 773: Desperation Situation and Questions
Chapter 774: Island
Chapter 775: Massacre on the Land
Chapter 776: The Nemesis of Humans
Chapter 777: Survivors
Chapter 778: The Boy Who Is Smiling in the Darkness
Chapter 779: Demonic Human
Chapter 780: Cruel Killing
Chapter 781: Long-Range Teleportation Array
Chapter 782: The King’s Personality
Chapter 783: The Genius Who Was Cursed
Chapter 784: The Third Type of Energy
Chapter 785: Breaking the Cocoon and Turning into A Butterfly
Chapter 786: Being Pushed Down
Chapter 787: Meeting of the Two Royals 1
Chapter 788: The Meeting of Two Royals 2
Chapter 789: The Meeting of Two Royals 3
Chapter 790: The Meeting of Two Royals 4
Chapter 791: The Meeting of Two Royals 5
Chapter 792: The Meeting of Two Royals 6
Chapter 793: The Meeting of Two Royals 7
Chapter 794: The Meeting of Two Royals 8
Chapter 795: The Meeting of Two Royals 9
Chapter 796: The Meeting of Two Royals 10
Chapter 797: The Meeting of Two Royals 11
Chapter 798: The Meeting of Two Royals 12
Chapter 799: Sudden Change
Chapter 800: God Slayer
Chapter 801: Trump Cards – All Ou
Chapter 802: Success?
Chapter 803: Mysterious Master
Chapter 804: Sudden Change
Chapter 805: Seal Destroyed
Chapter 806: Battle of the Gods
Chapter 807: God-Tier Combat Weapon
Chapter 808: The Ending
Chapter 809: Wipeout All Witnesses
Chapter 810: Martial Saint of Humans
Chapter 811: Escaping If Meet Again
Chapter 812: Port City
Chapter 813: Greetings, Master
Chapter 814: Crimes Against Humanity
Chapter 815: Rumor Is Like A Seed
Chapter 816: Provoker
Chapter 817: One Glance
Chapter 818: Truly Arrogan
Chapter 819: The Castellan Is Here
Chapter 820: Unleashing of Power
Chapter 821: Solving the Issue
Chapter 822: Man Hun
Chapter 823: Not That Simple
Chapter 824: Want to Borrow My Hammer?
Chapter 825: Kill Him
Chapter 826: Fei’s Tactic
Chapter 827: Gerland City
Chapter 828: Buckingham Family’s Crisis
Chapter 829: Buckingham Family’s Crisis 2
Chapter 830: Arrogant Tes
Chapter 831: Curiosity
Chapter 832: Emperor of Leon
Chapter 833: Exchanges in the Palace
Chapter 834: No.1 Church
Chapter 835: Trap
Chapter 836: Scepter of Creation
Chapter 837: The Praying of Tens of Thousands of Believers
Chapter 838: Church and State
Chapter 839: The Giants’ Anger
Chapter 840: Emperor’s Help
Chapter 841: Escaping from the Trap
Chapter 842: Arrogant Envoys
Chapter 843: The Decision of the Imperial Senate
Chapter 844: Idiot, What Are You Laughing Abou
Chapter 845: Ah! It Is You Guys!
Chapter 846: Returning to the Capital
Chapter 847: Crisis Approaches
Chapter 848: Ambush at Half-Way
Chapter 849: Gold Saint of Aries’ First Real Battle
Chapter 850: These Are the Master of Chambord
Chapter 851: Attack Together
Chapter 852: Argument in the Imperial Military Headquarters
Chapter 853: Elder Prince Arshavin’s Decision
Chapter 854: That Person
Chapter 855: The Night of Bleeding
Chapter 856: Viciousness
Chapter 857: What Fist Technique Is This?
Chapter 858: Rubber Fist from The Ancient Era
Chapter 859: The Golden Sun Knigh
Chapter 860: Forbidden Topic – King of Chambord
Chapter 861: Who Could Turn the Tide?
Chapter 862: Where Did These Moon-Class Elites Come From?
Chapter 863: One-Sided Battle
Chapter 864: Battle! Gold Saints!
Chapter 865: Collapsed Moon-Class Elites
Chapter 866: Oh Damn! So Funny!
Chapter 867: How Can You Make Zenit Disappear?
Chapter 868: Mythical Technique versus Mythical Technique
Chapter 869: Immeasurable Emperor
Chapter 870: What If I Join?