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Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

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Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Lin Yiqian, he carried the child in his arms. “Where is your Mommy?” He asked. Calmly, the child pointed a finger at the screen of his phone. “There. She’s performing at a concert.” Coincidentally, the screen was displaying how a we...
《Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband》 Volume 1
1 Married to Him at Las
2 It Must Feel Bad to Wake Up Alone
3 Insanity
4 Conflict with the Adulteress
5 I Don't Want to be Your Friend
6 Who is She Speaking Sweetly to?
7 I Won’t Pay Her Phone Bill
8 Mister, Let’s Compare Who Can Urinate Further
9 No Wonder Dad Died Young
10 Mister Who Urinates Very Far Away
11 Always Copied But Never Exceeded
12 Why Do You Still Care About Her Existence?
13 Dispelling the Rumor of a Mistreated Wife
14 A Great Opportunity to Restore Gu Family's Reputation
15 Random Findings on the Interne
16 Your Brother Won't Help You With Cheating
17 Who is the Mister Who Can Urinate Very Far Away?
18 Does Xiaoyu Want a Daddy?
19 To Give Xiaoyu a Normal Life
20 Even Reserved Men Are Tempted
21 The Streak of Moonlight in His Hear
22 Blowing Their Own Trumpe
23 The Mister Can Pee Three Meters Away
24 Please Let Go of The Child
25 A Familiar Feeling
26 Sorry, I refuse!
27 Liking Mister Gu
28 Do You Like Mister Gu?
29 Discovering Something Differen
30 I Won’t Care
31 I Have Never Seen an Artist Like This
32 Call Me Great Grandfather
33 I’m Not Capable
34 Lin Yiqian, Are You Mad?
35 Calling His Name the Second Time
36 You Are Mine
37 You Pushed Me Off the Bed When I Was Drunk
38 This Kid is Venomous
39 The Man Next Door is a Better Match For Your Mother
40 Xiaoyu Wants a Father
41 Planning for Xiaoyu's Future
42 His Boss Took His Chocolates
43 Being Slutty
44 Forced Kiss at the Airpor
45 Hats of Forgiveness
46 The Youngest Uncle Returns
47 As Sweet As Honey
48 Deliver These Chocolates to My Wife
49 Chocolates from a Dog
50 This is the Last Time I’m Calling You Changlin
51 Let Me Indulge in Your Beauty
52 Matching T-Shirts
53 Will You Continue to Help Me?
54 Growing Further Apar
55 Joke of the Year
56 You Are Responsible for Hurting Her
57 He Is My Husband
58 Her Entire World Fell Apar
59 A Low Profile Bachelor
60 Removed from the Group Chat by Gu Nianshen
61 Selected by the Goddess
62 The Best Daddy Candidate
63 This Dog Must Have Rescued the Universe in Its Past Life
64 I'll Ask Mommy to See You Once You Have Decided
65 Her Ex-Husband Must Have Been Killed This Way
66 You Have Two Days to Consider
67 Did God Bless Him with Narcissism?
68 Pervert!
69 Forced to Curse
70 The Wife Pays
《Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband》 Volume 2
71 A Small Puppy Before Lin Yiqian
72 I Must Be Blind to Have Fallen for A Jerk!
73 She's Not Only Blind But Has Moral Issues Too!
74 Has Nianshen Forgotten Whom His Uncle Is?
75 You Are More Obedient Than My Dog
76 Consider This Compensation for Missing My Wedding
77 His Wife
78 Remember, I am Gu Nianshen's Wife
79 Lack of Basic Emotions
80 Be More Considerate When You Speak
81 I Agree With All Decisions Made By Her
82 Of Course You Must Give In
83 Let Me Help You Ou
84 You Actually Fed It to The Dog!
85 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
86 The Person Happens To Be Me
87 This Is Your Brother-In-Law
88 It is Inappropriate to Bully A Single Person
89 Huh, Men!
90 He Must Have Been Crazy to Come for Her
91 An Argument over Food
92 Speak Louder And Be More Confiden
93 Did You Know That I Am Allergic to Alcohol?
94 You Are Very Embarrassing
95 I Don't Intend to Discuss It with You
96 What’s In It For You?
97 There Is a 90% Chance She Likes You
98 Men Sent Over by Gu Nianshen
99 Lin Yiqian, You Are in Trouble
100 Your Brother Is on My Side
101 The Lin Family Does Not Lack Members
102 She Had Never Been Disappointed by His Immaturity
103 You Don't Look Good with Long Hair, Cut It off
104 A Semblance to Soldier Boys
105 Have You Seen Someone This Shameless?
106 Dumber Than A Pig
107 Actress Su
108 I Won't Accept Anyone's Help
109 Where Is the Hair Salon?
110 Feeling Tricked
111 An Open-Minded Man
112 Gu Nianshen Would Like It Slightly Longer
113 You Don't Have A Choice
114 A Dress Personally Chosen by the CEO
115 Color of Temptation
116 Worthy of Chief Lin's Exquisite Beauty
117 Stealing the Thunder Without Even Speaking
118 Miss Su Makes A Living With Her Appearance
119 Looking For My Wife
120 My Wife Doesn't Need to Demand Respect from Anyone
121 His Assistant's Public Display of Affection
122 The Outcome of Being Blacklisted by the Entire Industry
123 Who Was the Senior?
124 Uniquely Famous Catwoman
125 I'm Married And I'm Afraid of My Wife
126 Bosses Are Meant To Be Ruthless
127 Refusing to Live the Dreams of Millions
128 Exhausted to the Point of Giving Up