Golden Fox with System
511 Chapter 511: Poison King: Level 8
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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511 Chapter 511: Poison King: Level 8

'It is still not enough...' Although he was satisfied with the improvement he had had, Theo was not completely satisfied yet. It would take a little longer for him to become immune to all kinds of different poisons, especially the poison of a level 7 natural treasure. If he couldn't reach that level, he would be in serious trouble.

But it was almost a non-existent concern now. There was very little left for him to achieve the desired result, and thanks to [Dimensional Room], he still had time to achieve this.

Hour after hour, Theo meditated and took level 7 poison. It was the most painful training he had done in his entire life, having to take poison and bathe in poison at the same time. It was a pain that made him reach the point of wanting to die, however, Theo's mentality was strong. To become more powerful, he was willing to go through this.

_ _

Affinity: Poison - Reached Level 8

Skill - Poison King: Level 8

Technique: Body of a Thousand Poisons - Achieved: Advanced: High Advance

_ _

'How can that not be enough yet?' Theo was confused, because even after making these advances, he still felt pain from the poison in the bathtub, and despite being level 7, it was not the most powerful poison he had available for purchase in the system.


"I need to endure a little more..." Theo murmured and continued to meditate until the poison inside the bathtub lost its effect.

All this time it took almost 24 hours. It was almost time for him to leave the [Dimensional Room] since his clone was about ready to disappear.

Theo used \u003cClean\u003e on his body and wore a white V-neck T-shirt and gray pants and black sneakers.

"Dad, Yui and Emma want to return to the mysterious realm." Little Yui noticed that Theo had finished meditating, and so she told him this.

"Okay, I also intended to go there as well. We can go together." Theo said and before leaving, he made the time dilation in the [Dimensional Room] return back to normal.

The moment he left the [Dimensional Room] with his daughters, Theo saw his clone and Aomi fighting a hoard of giant bees.

Athena and Waru were not far away, and Theo could see that his rank had gone up to second place, while Aomi was in first.

Theo saw Aomi move fast, and silently approached a giant bee.

The giant bee was sensitive, but although Aomi was right in front of the giant bee's nose, because Aomi moved so fast, the giant bee, even with its great danger detection capability, was unable to react in time.


Aomi's punch was strong enough to blow up the giant bee's head with one blow. She also kicked the head of another bee from the bottom up and on the descent of her foot that was in the air, she went down towards the body of another bee, dividing the giant bee in half. When she was about to be attacked by another giant bee that came from behind her, Aomi dodged and joined her hands as a sign of praying and two giant hands made of earth crushed the giant bee that had tried to attack Aomi.

In hand-to-hand fighting, not even Theo was stronger than Aomi. She fought so well that everything that seemed to have taken minutes, only took seconds to pass as she killed 10 bees with simple attacks.

Theo commanded the clone to come over to where he was and used his illusions so that no one would notice that he made his clone and the illusions created of Little Yui and Little Emma disappear and be replaced by themselves.

"Yui is going to take the bodies killed by her father's clone and that Aomi killed!" Little Yui did not even wait for an answer before launching at rocket speed towards the battlefield.

"Emma is going to help collect the bodies." Little Emma also moved very fast, almost reaching Little Yui.

In a very short time, Little Yui and Little Emma collected all the bodies of the giant bees killed by Theo and Aomi. They also killed some giant bees that had gotten in their way.

To climb in cultivation, one's muscles needed to become more toned. Little Yui and Little Emma had become more powerful than before, to the point of needing only one blow to kill these giant bees.

After seeing that he cleaned all the corpses of the giant bees, Little Yui jumped and a pair of wings appeared on her back and she attacked a group of giant bees.

*\u003cArt of the Cold Metallic Dragon - Second Movement; Metallic Dragon Roar\u003e!*

A deafening crash resounded as the earth shook fiercely.

When the bees raised their heads to look up, there was above them a large metallic tornado spreading a ripple of spiritual mana with metal. It was as if a tornado of blades was descending from the sky.


The metallic tornado descended upon the group of giant bees, cutting them into pieces and rotating them, together with the rotation of the tornado, churning them into ground meat.

Little Emma was not only watching, but she also jumped and a pair of fire dragon wings appeared on her back. Dhe flew over to where Little Yui was and attacked alongside her:

* \u003cSupreme Art of Magma - Second Movement; Breath of the Magma Dragon\u003e!*

An explosion resounded before the place shook slightly as waves of magma and spiritual mana erupted from the explosion, which crashed into the barrier created by the cultivators to protect themselves from the shockwaves.

It looked like a flamethrower had appeared from Little Emma's mouth, but instead of flames, magma was coming out, which when it fell to the ground was capable of creating deep holes.

The nearby cultivators could only mourn and get away so as not to be affected, while the giant bees were turned into coal. Only their monster nuclei were left intact.

After finishing, Little Emma and Little Yui went down to get their spoils of war. Even though the bees were completely mutilated, these two girls did a fishnet grid search, leaving nothing behind.

Before long, all the giant bees were killed, and Little Yui and Little Emma moved up the rankings again. Now, next to their photo on the rank panel, it was shown that Little Emma was in third place and Little Yui in fourth place. Theo and Aomi still held the first two slots.


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