Golden Fox with System
509 Chapter 509: Poison Level 6
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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509 Chapter 509: Poison Level 6

'Another three thousand Crystal Points have been spent...' Theo sighed. If things went on like this, he would have to turn corpses into points.

The poison in the bathtub that was refilled had already lost its effect. Theo got up and used \u003cClean\u003e and changed his clothes. Afterward, he went to eat a little and chat some with Yuki and the other girls.

After eating some delicious food made by Shina... Well, four hours later he went back and started training...

Theo bought more poison, either to fill the tub or for him to drink, and spent another 10,000 Crystal Points.

- One hour later…-

_ _

A new and rare Affinity was created: Poison Level 1.

_ _

"Oh?" Theo, who heard Rya's voice in his mind, opened his eyes and saw the holographic page showing.

["This is great, Master! It will now be easier to reach the level 7 poison immune body of a natural treasure,"] Rya appeared and said, happy for her Master.

["Yes, it was an unexpected gain."] Theo smiled happily.

Theo closed his eyes and continued to meditate. This time, it seemed different. The poison was not only being melted and absorbed by his body, but it was also going towards the center of his body where his divine sea was.

As the essence of poison accumulated in the center of his body, it began to enter Theo's divine sea and something surprising happened.

_ _

Poison - Reached: Level 2

Poison - Reached: Level 3

Poison - Reached: Level 4

Poison - Reached: Level 5

Poison - Reached: Level 6

_ _

Poison affinity became level 6. He leveled up 5 times in a few minutes. Even considering that he had used high level poison, as his body was becoming immune to level 6 poison, it was still an incredible result.

'I must not be flustered. After all, this is an affinity that has no special properties. No wonder it went up so fast...' Theo murmured to himself. He realized that although Poison's affinity stayed at level 6, it wasn't that incredible. However, with his body that was already becoming immune to all types of level 6 poison, it was of great help.

- Half an hour later…-

_ _

Body of a Thousand Poisons - Achieved: Advanced; Low Advance

_ _

Theo's body, which had petrified from green poison, creating a poison shell, was broken the moment he had a breakthrough with the technique: Body of a Thousand Poisons.

'Damn it, the poison is gone again...' Theo bought a more potent level 6 poison this time and also bought a vial of another level 6 poison. In total, he spent another 12,000 Crystal Points.

'This bastard who has a natural level 7 poison treasure has to be worth it. He needs to pay me for my lost points!' Theo found another reason for wanting to go against that cultivator.

When the bathtub was filled with poison again, this time blue poison, which was strange, but the pain that Theo started to feel was even worse than before; his scream got stuck in his throat. When he saw that he couldn't bear it for a long time, Theo used his illusions to hide his screams of pain.


Aomi, who stood alone beside Theo's clone, watched the battle unfold, and saw that the next monsters to attack were suicidal giant bees.

When these giant bees saw that they were going to lose, they use their stingers and because of that, the giant bees exploded.

Because of that, Aomi imagined that they were suicidal bees.

"I think I'll earn some points in the meantime..." Aomi murmured and acted quickly.

"Okay." Theo's clone agreed. He also acted, killing some of the giant bees. Even being a clone, the points registered next to Theo's photo in the ranking table.

In a short time, Aomi and Theo entered the top 10 rankings. Little Yui and Little Emma had dropped to rank 8 and 9. After all, unlike ants that scored 1 point, these giant bees each scored 2 points.

Athena and Waru were in rank 11 and 12. It was not bad, considering that there were still many cultivators of middle class planets competing against them.

But thanks to what happened to Nédio Song's group, the cultivators did not dare to provoke Athena and Waru because they knew they were known to Theo.

After Aomi became a cultivator with a Noble Spirit, her Spiritual Mana became even stronger as a result of being compressed. Even if she was going to continually use Spiritual Mana to launch her violent attacks, she didn't have to worry about consuming it anymore.

The twenty or more giant bees that were fleeing from Aomi were also subjected to this strong pressure from Aomi's Spiritual Mana. Their instincts screamed with fear, and they turned to try to quickly escape.

Aomi jumped into the sky like a blue arrow shot from the ground into the air and flew over the flock of giant bees. She then made a crazy howl before throwing a palm down towards the floor.

This sudden blow was manifested in blue colored aura from that of her Oni lineage and neo brown of her affinity with Spiritual Earth. The sources of these two shocking auras were the powerful Spiritual Mana of the Oni race and the Noble Spirit which she had completely released. She then used her Divine Sense to accumulate and compress all of this to form a giant palm.


Shock waves were created by Aomi's blow and also killed many giant bees in the process, as well as leaving the mark of a giant palm on the tile.

The cultivators who saw it took a deep breath with their eyes wide open, almost letting their eyes pop out of orbit.

"Impossible!" A cultivator screamed.

"F#ck! It is not only this fox that is abnormal; this woman is also very powerful!"

Aomi, who landed on the floor gently, was thoughtful. She was still testing her strength, and that was far from the best she could do. She had only used 50% of her strength, after all.

However, what she did was enough to scare all those cultivators who thought they were powerful.

Theo's clone also caused a lot of damage, especially when he used: \u003cBlack Thunder's Primordial Vibration\u003e.

The moment this technique was used, the whole place thundered and the air vibrated as if it were going to collapse. Because of that attack, more than 100 giant bees died. That was the case with the clone not using all the power it could use.

Because of this, the other cultivators were increasingly relieved that they did not confront this pair of abnormal cultivators.

It was incomprehensible that they were from a low-class planet, but they could only accept it. There was no way they could deny that it was a reality, since they saw it with their own eyes.

Aomi, with a blow from one leg, transformed the abdomen of a giant bee into a bloody pulp…


The blow caused a tremor throughout the entire place.

An invisible shock wave spread throughout the site. The cultivators seeing this within a hundred meter radius looked dizzy and nauseous.

That giant bee that lost its abdomen went completely out of control as it whistled wildly and flew towards Aomi. However, before even being able to open their mouths to bite, suddenly, all of the cultivators could clearly see that Aomi had created hands from the ground and was smashing them into the giant bee.


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