Golden Fox with System
506 Chapter 506
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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506 Chapter 506

Blue skin coated with blue diamond scale, a large body that was almost 400 cm, a large head without a neck, with large canine teeth that extended to the level of his eyes, small, pointed ear, with small, round eyes, holding a blue ax, and wearing gray bearskin clothing, a powerful troll stood in front of Little Emma.

"Little girl, it's the end of the line. Get ready to say goodbye to your family," the troll said with a strange giggle. With his hands almost touching the ground, like a gorilla, his arms had so many muscles that veins were pulsing out, visible to the naked eye.

Little Emma clenched her small fists subconsciously and the magma sword began to let magma drip onto the floor, piercing the tile.

"Grotesque thing, just because you say something, it doesn't make it a fact." Little Emma pointed her sword at the troll. "Emma hates people who think they can control Emma's life!"

The troll's laugh sounded like a villain's laughter. He then said, "Heh... heh... heh... What's the use of hating truth? You'll soon understand that you are just a weak child in front of this Monarch!"

*\u003cFlame Boost\u003e!*

*\u003cRed Dragon Art; Fifth Movement: Fire Dragon Cut\u003e!*

Little Emma's sword manifested all the splendor of magma, and the power was very oppressive and hot, making even the cultivators in the Monarch Realm sweat a lot.

The moment Little Emma arrived in front of the troll cultivator, she cut with the sword. She was small, and at most managed to reach the troll's feet. Because of that, she cut towards the foot and jumped and spun and cut. It was like a swirl in increasing form, attacking with the sword so fast that the troll was slow to react until he swung his arm and made Little Emma retreat.

"Wow! Your skin is very hard!" Little Emma was surprised, since even after all her attacks the troll was still completely fine, not even able to leave a mark on his blue skin.

What appeared to be a mark was only the magma of the sword that remained on his body, however, when he moved a little, the magma fell to the ground and the body of the troll was still in perfect condition.

"Little girl, you have to understand that there is always someone stronger, and those cultivators that you fought before don't compare to me who has real power," the troll snorted. He had full confidence in his defense. Because of that, he didn't make a point of dodging, and as Little Emma was very quick, he wanted to analyze her first and then attack.

However, Little Emma managed to escape, but the troll now had a smug smile. He now knew that Little Emma was not able to hurt him, so he felt he had nothing to fear. It was only a matter of time before he would manage to defeat her.

"I'm not done yet!" Little Emma let out an enraged cry, and ran towards the troll again. After taking distance, she ran around him, and when she saw a gap, she attacked!

*\u003c Red Dragon Art; Sixth Movement: Dragon Manifestation\u003e! *

The image of a gigantic residual fire dragon appeared behind Little Emma. Her strength also multiplied, and she felt very powerful. When it attacked, the fire dragon roared; it jumped in the direction of the troll and Little Emma's sword cut hard.

The troll stood with his ax and received the attack, with no intention of dodging. The attacks may have seemed powerful, but for him, it was just child's play.


A loud explosion echoed at the time the Little Emma's sword crashed into the troll's ax and his feet sank onto the floor. His eyes widened when he was forced to retreat and with a *Pracc!* the ax cracked and made him boil with rage.

"You brat!" The troll exploded in fury and used all his mana to cover the ax and used all his strength to ward off Little Emma who jumped and attacked him from top to bottom in mid-jump.

"The only brat here is you!" Little Emma spun in the sky and stopped on the ground a few feet away.

She looked at the troll with a strong battle spirit. Despite failing to win, she did not feel discouraged. In fact, it made her even more excited.

Little Emma used her movement technique again, but this time she didn't jump but manifested a pair of wings and flew, and then, picking up speed, she attacked.

*\u003cRed Dragon Art; Seventh Movement: Manifestation of the Magma Dragon\u003e!*

This was an attack that she herself had named; it was an attack where she used her magma affinity combined with the attack technique. This tripled the damage done, and using her speed falling from the sky, the attack's power was 10 times more powerful.

This time, Little Emma looked like a giant dragon driving through the sky toward the earth. The whole place felt the enormous pressure of the red dragon that enveloped Little Emma's body as her sword vibrated and gave an oppressive sensation.

"Father, that girl is insane!"

"How can such a young girl be so strong and yet come from a low class planet?!"

"The world is crazy; I am crazy; we are all crazy!"

"Stop the drama and walk away if you don't want to be caught by the shock waves!"


The troll roared and increased his power. He saw that he would be in serious trouble if he didn't take this battle seriously. From his powers, an ice giant appeared who also held a blue ax.



The moment the two attacks clashed, just as everyone expected, a strong shock wave was produced. Even the sky and the earth threatened to collapse. On the ground, the troll was already inside a crater formed by the impact. He had blood dripping from his mouth. Even though he used all his strength and mana, he had been put in a desperate situation. He did not imagine that this little girl could have had such power.

However, Little Emma was still unsatisfied. She became her perfect form with dragon scales and her pair of wings grew even larger; her spiritual mana became more oppressive and heavy, so to speak, making the crater formed by the ice giant of the troll to sink to the ground.

Cultivators who had failed to escape in time were sent flying away like kites that were carried by the wind.

Little Yui, on the other hand, was perfectly fine since she had the armor Theo gave her and her spiritual mana was no joke.

Wave after wave, Little Emma's attack that grew stronger until she finally broke the troll's attack and went towards his main body.



The magma dragon roared and attacked the troll directly. The crater had four layers of different sizes, yet the troll was still standing. However, he had blood dripping from every orifice.

"Wow! Hasn't he died yet?"

Some of the cultivators who had fled into the sky were impressed. They started to root for the troll, since most of them were not confident of being able to do the same.

"No, he died..." Nédio Song said with a sigh. He was starting to believe that he had underestimated the power of these girls, especially the one with the red hair, since he still hadn't seen Little Yui fight with all her power.

If there was one thing Little Emma had learned, it was that she must catch the fish while it was still stunned. She saw a chance the moment she saw the cultivators not paying attention to her, but rather the troll that hadn't moved from inside the crater.

Little Emma brandished her sword and used another attack:

*\u003cRed Dragon Art; Eighth Movement: Fire Dragon Cuts\u003e!*

As soon as Little Emma used this attacking move, thousands of blades made of fire went towards the stunned cultivators.

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*

Cutting sounds were heard, and the cultivators found themselves cornered. No matter where they looked there was an attack coming towards them; it was like rain, almost impossible to avoid.

Those who had shields used them; those who had defense techniques and skills also used those, however, those who, were convinced of their own strength and didn't raise their defenses, lost at least a foot or an arm, if not worse, seeing as many lost their lives.

Little Emma didn't stop there, she continued to attack, looking like she had infinite spiritual mana. She ended up using more than 10 different attacks in a row.

'I'm running out of mana...' When she saw that she had used up over 90% of her spiritual mana pool, Little Emma flew towards Theo.

"Dad, Emma is out of mana," she said with a cute expression as if she were saying she had run out of candy and asking her father for money to buy more.

Theo's clone smiled and rubbed her head, and the moment he did, he started transferring mana to her.

Little Yui, on the other hand, was fully active. She still had over 90% of her spiritual mana, and while Little Emma was replenishing her spiritual mana, Little Yui decided to go alone against the remaining cultivators.

"It seems they don't need our help," Athena sighed. She realized that even she was not able to do what Little Emma had done. She wasn't even able to do half of what Little Emma did...


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