Golden Fox with System
499 Chapter 499: Venerable Elirus
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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499 Chapter 499: Venerable Elirus

"Although he is a little strong, he is very arrogant, but with the Patriarch here, it is the end for him."

"I think he will cry a lot when Patriarch takes action," someone joked.

Theo's eyes were calm and composed while just looking at the strongest among them. "You guys are talking so much because of this man who is in the 1st Layer of the Venerable Realm?"

The man Theo was talking about was wearing a dark blue T-shirt and pants, and he had pink hair and pink eyes. His species were incubi.

"Hehe, there is no need to waste words on someone who is about to die." The man at the Venerable Realm laughed, "You are just a cultivator at the Monarch Realm, but do you think you can act so proud in front of this Venerable Elirus?"

"Kneel before me and give up all your treasures. So, I'm going to let you die with your body intact!" With that, he put his hands behind his back and looked condescendingly at Theo, as if he expected Theo to kneel.

Theo let out a long breath... He then waved his hand, and Zaika, Zaira, Ariana, Shina, and Mizuki appeared.

"Theo?!" The girls were excited to see him, but soon became alert when they saw that they were surrounded.

"Do you see these cultivators?" Theo asked and continued, "Please use your armor and weapons and try to train as much as possible. They are all in the Monarch Realm, but if you use the armor, your powers will be equal, even superior to theirs, however, the mana of you girls will end faster, so whenever that happens, come to me so I can help you refuel."

"Yes!" All five girls nodded in unison.

"Dad, Yui wants to fight too!" Little Yui jumped off the scorpion and posed next to Theo. She also wore her battle armor.

"Emma too!" Little Emma did the same as Little Yui, wearing her battle armor.

"Yes, you can fight, but use your original forms, as they are strong. And do not try too hard. If you find that it is too difficult, come back and let me deal with it," Theo warned seriously.

"Yes, Dad!" The two little girls nodded. And they started to turn into dragons, one red and one silver with white.

Mizuki and the girls also changed soon after they wore the armor, each turned into giant animals with armor. It was all a very epic sight. Theo was thrilled to see this, but he knew he didn't have time to enjoy the view: the enemies were on the prowl, and he needed to act seriously. This was mainly because there was a cultivator on their side in the Venerable Realm.

Seeing the appearance of these five girls, and seeing them transform, made these cultivators go on the alert. Even though the cultivation of these girls was in the Spiritual Realm, their real power was far beyond that, and that armor that the girls wore was clearly high quality equipment.

Being ignored made Venerable Elirus' heart fill with rage!

He moved so fast that in 1 second he arrived in front of Theo and with his handful of real mana, he attacked towards Theo. However, as soon as his own fist made contact with Theo's fist, he was immediately forced to step back.

A wave of divine metal energy came out of Theo's fist, advancing towards the Venerable Elirus like a tsunami!

"How is this possible?!" Venerable Elirus's eyes narrowed immediately. The calm expression disappeared from his face and was replaced by horror. He dared not be too slow again and launched an attack using his real mana, and a pillar came out of his hands and managed to counter Theo's attack.

However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, a leg was already flying through the air and made a sweeping movement towards him!


That kick hit Venerable Elirus's shoulder precisely. His entire body was launched flying like a ball of flame.

Venerable Elirus grunted and made a heavy movement in the air, struggling to stabilize himself before landing. However, his body was still moving backward out of his control. Each step he took caused a hole 20 centimeters deep in the ground.

Silence fell over the whole area!

Everyone was amazed.

Little Yui opened her mouth. "Hehee~"

She thought it was funny the same man who asked her dad to kneel on the floor and say to leave all of his treasures behind so that he would receive a quick death with his body intact, now he was barely able to react to her dad's blows.

Zigan, who had been standing all this time alongside the other enemy cultivators, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, unable to believe what he had just seen.

The expression of the people of Planet Vogk froze; they didn't know how to react.

'No matter how skillful he is, unless he is a cultivator on the Venerable stage like me, he will definitely die!' Venerable Elirus watched coldly as he thought to himself.

"Okay, I already tested your power." Having finished speaking, Theo began to transform himself into the most perfect form of fighting, he was human with aspects of golden fox, the ten tails behind him flapped as a pair of white wings expanded to three meters on each side, his teeth became sharper, his eyes became thinner and bigger like a full moon and his irises became more oval. His hands became sharp claws; his aura became more turbulent and bloodthirsty. the murderous intention that expanded from his body was suffocating. God only knows how many living beings Theo had killed in his lifetime...

"Venerable Elirus!" The members of the Vogk Planet screamed in horror as their faces faded.

As for Venerable Elirus, he had a deep cut that went from the belly to the left shoulder. It was a bloody scene, and one could see the bones of his body exposed. He seemed to be almost dead and struggling for his last breath.

Silence took over...

All the cultivators present at the site felt a chill run down their spines and spread throughout their bodies.

Theo had just transformed and moved so fast, that the "invincible" Venerable Elirus was going to meet his creator. In Theo's hand, something the size of a fist was pulsing constantly.

"My heart... Give it back!" Venerable Elirus demanded.

"Oh? Didn't you want me to kneel in front of you and deliver all my treasures and then, you were going to kill me with my body intact? Well, I'm not that nice; your body is certainly not going to be intac." Theo said slowly and then a cruel smile formed on his lips when he crushed the heart that was in his hand.


"Dead, the Venerable Elirus, Patriarch, is dead!..."

While the enemy cultivators were losing their sanity, Ariana and the girls took the opportunity to attack.

The girls' attacks were violent, especially the combination of attacks by Little Yui and Little Emma:

*\u003cDragon's Roar; Magma\u003e!*

*\u003cDragon's Roar; Divine Metal\u003e!*


The joint attack of the two little girls caused a stir and made the entire battlefield a tremendous mess.

The attacks continued, and the girls, however low in cultivation, were superior in techniques and armor. Because of that, they didn't suffer a disadvantage and whenever the girls' mana was about to run out, they went to Theo, who replenished them.


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