Golden Fox with System
478 Chapter 478: Zaika“s first time Part 1 - R-18
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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478 Chapter 478: Zaika“s first time Part 1 - R-18

After gathering all the courage she had, Zaika invited Theo to come to her room. The moment she saw him come in wearing casual clothes, a white T-shirt fitting his sexy body, jeans shorts, and black sneakers, she gasped in admiration. The look he gave her made her maiden's heart stop beating.

When he got closer to her, Zaika stammered as she said, "Can I... borrow a kiss? I promise... that I will return it."

"Sure," Theo smiled.

Seeing the beautiful girl with dark skin and red hair looking at him with desire, left Theo boiling with lust. But, he knew he shouldn't be in trouble, it would be Zaika's first time, after all.

Zaika wrapped her arms around Theo's neck and stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips awkwardly. She was very nervous and a little insecure. She still couldn't do well, just like the other times they kissed.

Theo understood that and was patient, kissing her slowly ...

After being kissed for several minutes, Zaika forgot all her embarrassment and an insatiable desire consumed her and she rubbed her body over his. She was going crazy with his firm erection pressing against her belly, tucking her fingers under his shirt in search of more him to feel direct contact with his tasty, virile body, under her fingers.

She gasped: thirsty, wet, and eager to be filled with his manhood, with nothing else that mattered to her except the raw lust of his body in hers.

Without moving his lips away from hers, Theo uses both hands to remove the bathrobe that covered her, the bathrobe falling at her feet. Zaika was not wearing underwear behind the bathrobe, being naked, becoming a feast for Theo's eyes, who took his hand into her intimacy, inserting his fingers between her big lips, sinking them into her smeared entrance, to then slide them up to her clitoris and massage it so expertly that it gave the impression that his fingers were made for this.

Zaika's blood boiled in her veins; her heart beat wildly; her skin felt like it was on fire. New, maddening sensations which she knew only in the arms of this man and were impossible to contain, left her at his disposal.

With each movement of his fingers over her clitoris, Zaika became more excited. She was about to come when she tightened her legs around his hand and a moan escaped her red lips.

"Tell me you want me," Theo whispered, sliding his lips to her ear, licking her earlobe while touching her pussy, making her the star of her own lust.

"Ah... I want you... and I really want..." Zaika pleaded.

Theo reinserted his tongue in her mouth, at the same time that he buried his fingers in her slit, moving them quickly, out and in, leading her to perdition. Soon she was cumming in his hand so tastily, and her moans were choked by his mouth.

As they were standing next to the bed, he took his fingers from her soaked channel and inserted them into his mouth, sucking the viscous liquid, without taking his eyes from hers, an expression of pleasure, indescribable, was stamped on his face. "You are delicious."

"You idiot..." She felt helpless with that comment. She slammed her fist into his chest, but it was even weaker than had a baby hit him.

Theo smiled and hugged her affectionately, sinking his face into her hair, making her look small in his arms. The heat emanating from him excited her madly, making her again forget any embarrassment. She raised her face to look at him, parting her lips to receive the kiss breathlessly. His tongue explored her mouth lasciviously, while her hands slid up to his erection, covered by the fabric of his shorts, squeezing it between her fingers.

Theo lets out a wild groan, drowned out by Zaika's lips. He lifts her up into his arms, carrying her to the bed, and she stretches out on the mattress. Placing himself on his knees beside her, Theo's eyes swept every inch of Zaika's complete nakedness, causing her to shiver.

"You are beautiful." Theo whispered, then lied down on her, kissing her again, stealing her breath.

With her hands trembling, Zaika pulled the hem of his T-shirt until he could get it off his head, stripping his solid chest which pressed against her fragile breasts in sweet torture. She ran her hands over Theo's muscular back down to his buttocks, squeezing them over her shorts, so that in the next instant, Theo would descend his mouth over her body, planting nibbles and licks over her sensitive skin, leaving a path on fire wherever it went.

Theo placed one of her breasts between his lips, gently sucking on the stiff nipple, making her increasingly mad with lust. When his tongue danced over her nipple, she almost climaxed again, a pleading moan escaping her throat, her nails digging into the bed sheet, her head throwing back, almost spontaneously.

When she starts to believe that there could be no better feeling than that, he went down a little further and put his mouth on her pussy, and his moist, hot tongue infiltrated her vagina, smeared by recent cum, caressing her insides in circles so deliciously that her moans became incessant, totally out of control. Then, he took his tongue to her clitoris, redoing the circular movements, faster now, making her swell up against his caress.

It was all very intense and so indescribably good that Zaika wondered how she managed to live without it until today. Theo sucked on her swollen vagina and instinctively she opened her legs, telling him with the gesture, how good it was.

Zaika briefly moved her hips up and down, rubbing her vagina on his manly chin and the orgasm came, snatching her, pulling her into a kind of frenzy that she didn't want to get out of.

Theo fed on her orgasm, then brought his mouth up to hers, kissing her fiercely, making her even more eager to feel him inside her.

"Now let me prove myself to you," she spoke, completely overwhelmed by lust.

She then reversed their positions, lying on him, exploring his delicious body with her mouth: nibbling, kissing, licking, delighting in his virility, with the solidity of his muscles. His body was very tasty for her, almost driving Zaika crazy.

With urgency, she went down his shorts, taking it off by the feet. She was enjoying it: marveling at his hard, big, thick, beautiful cock! It was so inviting that she placed herself on all fours on the mattress and fell on it, taking it up in her throat before licking his sides and sucking on his head, savoring the salty liquid that mixed with her saliva.

Everything about Theo excited her, even the taste of his cock. She took him back in her throat and brought him back out, sucking on the head, licking the sides, and then repeating the entire routine, his thick moans causing her to shiver.

Theo slightly lifted his back and held Zaika's hair behind her head, speeding her up back and forth, moving her hips up and down, fucking her mouth mercilessly.

"Very good, Zaika. Keep sucking me," His voice was an excited growl.

Suddenly he stopped moving her head, holding her firmly in place with his cock very deep in her throat as she enjoyed the jets of sperm gushing abundantly inside her, drowning her, almost stealing her breath. She waited for his spasms to subside, then she swallowed all his enjoyment in delight, before sucking his head a little, demanding every drop of his pleasure.

"Damn! That was too good," Theo spoke, his panting increasing Zaika's excitement. It was her first time doing this, but she was surprised that he liked it so much, although she learned a little from the girls when having talked about it...

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- Drop some power stone, please \u003c3



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