Golden Fox with System
442 Chapter 442: Eternal Darkness.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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442 Chapter 442: Eternal Darkness.

In the middle of the night, Theo lay with his eyes open beside Shina for a long time. Even now he still couldn't believe what Shina and he had done, and he still didn't understand how Shina was able to sleep soundly after what she and he did. When Theo turned and saw Shina's sleeping face that was always incredibly adorable while she slept, he kissed Shina on the forehead and decided to sleep too.

The next morning, Theo and the rest went through the same routine after breakfast, drinking the diluted phoenix blood. At this time it was the third dose they took and everyone had managed to contract the phoenix lineage. The one that most showed improvement in the phoenix lineage was Zaira. Of course, Theo knew that this was due to the "duo cultivation" that the two had and that strange event occurred.

"Theo, look!" Zaira said with a graceful smile filled with happiness. She was on fire, looking like a reincarnation of a phoenix itself.

"Oh, it looks very beautiful," Theo said with an air of surprise, smiling back at her.

"Beautiful? Mmm, do I not look powerful?" Zaira was happy with what he said but still thought it should look like she was giving off a powerful aura.

"Very," Theo laughed, thinking she was cute.

Zaira blinked innocently and became happy in her heart.

The second to have improvements in the phoenix lineage was Little Emma. Theo imagined that this happened because she had an affinity for fire and also for magma which made her body adapt to the lineage better than the other girls.

One of the things that made Theo thoughtful, trying to find a solution, was that although Aomi converted her energy into spiritual mana, she did not have a Noble Spirit. Although she was still strong, with a Noble Spirit she would be much stronger still. It was then that he thought about getting the answer from Rya and that's how he managed to find a way to get Aomi to get a Noble Spirit.

"Do you need anything, Theo?" Aomi, who was doing some exercises, felt Theo's gaze and asked with doubt.

"Mm, if I say I have a way to allow you to get a Noble Spirit, but you would go through a lot of pain in the process, what would you think about it?" Theo walked over to her and asked.

"This..." Aomi thought carefully. She wasn't sure about that; she wasn't very familiar with Noble Spirits. Because of that fact, she didn't feel any loss from not having one. However, she already heard a little about the Noble Spirits and knew they were very useful.

"Yes, I would be willing," Aomi responded with enthusiasm. She was not afraid of pain; she suffered a lot when she was isolated and hunted by her own species, and if she is going to suffer but earn something good in return, she was willing!

"Are you sure?" Seeing her nod in agreement, Theo picked out something from the system.

_ _

· 80,000,000 System Points have been spent.

· Obtained: [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth]

· Note: The Noble Spirit that will be born from this seed changes in favor of the cultivator that merges with it.

_ _

"What is it?" Aomi pointed to Theo's palm, which now held the [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth]. It was only the size of a bean.

"This is what I was talking about," Theo explained, "This is called [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth]. Using this, you will have the opportunity to awaken a Noble Spirit. However, as I warned you before, you will feel pain in the process. In addition, it takes almost 1 month until the seed takes root and the Noble Spirit is born."

After he finished speaking, Theo handed the [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth] to Aomi.

All the detailed information that Theo got by asking Rya he explained to Aomi. First, Aomi needed to be in a state of meditation, sitting with her legs crossed and meditating while holding the [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth]. After creating a bond, she would need to pour a drop of her blood on the top of the seed, and then the process of fusion with the [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth] would begin and it is exactly in that fusion process that Aomi would have to go through a lot of pain when merging with the seed.


Even a brave woman like Aomi couldn't help muttering in pain the moment she started to merge with the [Seed of the Noble Spirit of Earth]. In the process, the seed seemed to come to life when it came into contact with Aomi's blood and began to glow. A spiral-shaped vortex of the purest spiritual mana formed on top of Aomi's head. All of the ambient spiritual mana was being absorbed by Aomi and the seed. Theo stood nearby waiting. He was ready to use his healing ability if necessary.

An hour later, Aomi was dripping sweat and breathing heavily. She felt exhausted, but still she had a smile formed on her face. She could see that something in the center of her divine sea was creating life in the form of a small planet.

"Keep meditating," Theo smiled at her. "I'm looking forward to the birth of your Noble Spirit."

"Thank you, I am too," Aomi returned the smile.

Distancing himself from everyone, Theo went to a more isolated place and thought about returning to cultivating using the dead bodies of other cultivators.

After he used \u003cDevour\u003e on most of these bodies, Theo hoped he could make it to the Monarch Spiritual Realm. Theo was already in the 5th Layer of the Spiritual Realm and also had many points in the system to spend.

Theo used \u003cDevour\u003e on 5 bodies at the same time.

_ _

· [Filled 59,841,654 Lineage Cells]

· [Congratulations! You have reached the 6th Layer of the Spiritual Realm]

· [A mutation happened in affinity: Darkness V-10!]

· [Darkness V-10 became Eternal Darkness Level 1]

· [Lightning G-9 reached Level G-10]

· [False Heavenly Ice reached Level 5]

· [False Heavenly Earth reached Level 5]

_ _

There were so many changes in his body that it left Theo a little dizzy. Because of all of the improvements at the same time and advancing in cultivating, Theo sat on the floor with his legs crossed and started to meditate.

As Theo started to meditate, he looked like a black hole sucking all the surrounding energy. It was even more exceptional than Aomi, who was in the Monarch Spiritual Realm. The worst was that Theo seemed to be in the middle of a very strong storm of various elements: lightning, ice frost, swirls of earth, and even darkness, so dark that it could make one's heart tremble with fear just by looking at it.

Even over a very long distance of more than 3 kilometers, Jka and the girls saw this and were impressed. It all seemed too surreal to be true; it was very fantastic that this was happening, just because Theo was meditating.

Of course, this usually didn't happen when he meditated, but now, as he had to stabilize the affinities he just suffered from his level advance, it was not so easy for him to be able to stabilize and sometimes how aura slipped out of his control.

Despite all this, Theo was delighted with the increase in power. It only increased his desire to move up to the Monarch Spiritual Realm.

Aomi, who had finished meditating, opened her eyes and saw all this and was amazed at what she saw. She admired Theo from the bottom of her heart; she never admired someone like that before. She knew Theo was talented, a unique genius, but she realized that she still underestimated how good Theo truly was.

'I managed to control several affinities at the same time, but it is not an easy thing to do and the higher it gets, the more difficult it becomes to control affinities,' she thought. However, Theo had all the elements, and still, he acted normally. Even now when his affinities got out of hand, one could notice it was not impossible for him to reclaim control. In a matter of a short time Theo stabilized his aura and everything turned back to normal.

"Dad's the best, right Emma?" Little Yui clapped excitedly, seeing how good her father was. She put her hands together with Little Emma and they started to spin and laugh happily.

"Yes!" Little Emma agreed as the two spun.


The laughter of the two girls who played happily echoed pleasantly, making everyone who saw them smile.


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