Golden Fox with System
440 Chapter 440: Duo Cultivation
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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440 Chapter 440: Duo Cultivation

After returning to [Dimensional Room]. Theo activated the option to change the speed of time within the [Dimensional Room] to a little over 15 Days which would only be 15 hours and 10 minutes outside. It had been a few hours since they returned. Logically, it had only been a few minutes outside.

Theo and his group had already finished cultivating and were getting ready for sleep. Today, Theo would go to Shina's room but took a detour when he received a message.

_ _

Zaira: Theo, can you come to my room? I need to talk about something with you.

_ _

Seeing this message, he was curious about what she wanted to talk to him about and went straight to Zaira's room. Walking through the sparsely decorated mansion that still needed more furniture, Theo arrived in front of Zaira's door.

*Toc... Toc...*

"You may come in." Zaira's attractive and sweet voice reached his ears.

Theo opened the door and went inside. There, he saw something that left him petrified the moment he entered.

A head full of dark hair and thin golden threads was draped over Zaira's shoulders and back. Most of her brunette skin was naked. Her breasts were covered in a sexy crimson bra. At the top, a piece of red thread connected pieces of silk between her two breasts. The lingerie was quite sexy. It barely covered the top of her areola that looked like a flower bud, giving her a kind of attractive sex appeal. If she let out even more attraction than that, it would be fatal for anyone.

Her stomach was smooth, with a deep and full navel, dividing her body into golden-proportioned sections. Her charming body looked even more perfect under that contrast.

Below, connected to the same red thread was a red garter belt with two triangles in the front just below the navel which continued around the back and connected to the bra from behind. Below the red triangles of the garter belt, around her waist, her sexy red panties were fastened by three thin red threads at either end, and the cloth was just small enough to cover her most sacred little garden.

Two red threads connected the ends of the two triangles and finally red mesh stockings covered her beautifully thick and attractive thigh. It was sexy but oh so deadly! Seeing Zaira's exquisite hills and flawless brunette skin, Theo couldn't help but reflexively swallow his saliva.

"Did you like what you saw?" Zaira straightened her body and opened her blue-violet eyes that could move other people's hearts, staring directly at Theo.

"Yes, a lot!" Theo could not help but again swallow his saliva.

"Hehe. Thank you, I'm glad you like it." Zaira smiled sheepishly and said, "Now you can leave~"

"What?" Theo was stunned and speechless, looking like a fox abandoned by his mistress.

"Pfft!" Zaira started to laugh; she laughed so hard until her stomach started to hurt. Her shoulders were shaking and the initial nervousness she had, had decreased. She wiped the trail of tears from the corners of her eyes and said, "I'm playing with you... I want to become body and soul with you, Theo..." Even though she had already worked up the courage and knew she wanted it, her voice was still low when she said it.

Theo sighed in his heart and thought about how to "punish" this naughty girl... He approached her, close enough to feel her fully.

Smelling the light and delicate fragrance of jasmine, Theo's heart jumped. His big hand took Zaira's jade hands and looking at Zaira with a fiery, hot gaze, he slowly leaned forward.

The dense aura of the man surrounded Zaira and looking at the handsome face that was slowly approaching, her eyes blurred. Her lovely body trembled slightly and she closed her eyes, then lifted her mouth and waited for the first kiss to arrive.

Finally, the four ardent segments of their hot lips came together. Theo sucked, and his two arms hugged Zaira's back tightly as if he wanted to let her inside his own body. Zaira's whole body was shaking even more violently, she felt the whole sky and earth spinning; she felt as if her heart was about to leap from her chest.

Slowly, a pair of "fox" claws began to move across Zaira's back, slowly caressing her hanging buttocks, full of elasticity. At that moment Zaira let out a groan as Theo's agile tongue took the chance to invade. They became entangled, and Theo teased Zaira's little juicy tongue. At that moment, his hand was also not idle, he was sliding his hand through the gap in her buttocks and was invading the direction of that mysterious virgin and soft land.

Zaira's whole body shuddered again; she felt possessed and overwhelmed by desire. When her virgin land was touched, she felt a stream of pleasure running through her body and forgot to breathe or do anything. Even her mouth's movements stopped, and she moaned in Theo's mouth.

Theo immediately felt even more encouraged. He got so hard in a specific region that it started to hurt. Zaira's eyes slowly blurred as if she were drunk and dizzy. She suppressed the embarrassment in her heart as she boldly stretched out her hands, gently removing her lover's clothes.

Since she loved him so much, she offered him everything. As a girl, this was her first trial. She would have to learn quickly from Theo and become an expert in the future so that her man would be satisfied. Only then would she be able to experience true happiness and satisfaction.

"Wow!" Zaira exclaimed, surprised by the size of the "wild beast" that Theo had very well hidden. She began to doubt that the underwear that Theo wore didn't have dimensional capacity. Zaira asked in her heart if this "wild beast" would fit in her virgin land, which was so small with a narrow entrance.

Theo, seeing her reaction, smiled mischievously. Zaira bit her lip seeing this and snorted softly. She gathered a lot of courage in directing her two hands to hold Theo's "wild beast" and was afraid when she discovered that even when she held with her two hands it still wasn't enough to cover that "wild beast".

"Isn't that... a little too big?" Zaira murmured, embarrassed. She saw that Theo was enjoying it when she held his "wild beast" with her hands and so, even though she was nervous, she continued to hold it. She was also surprised at how warm and soft it could be, even though it was so stiff.

"Do not worry." Theo kissed her forehead and reassured her, "I'm going very slowly until you get used to it."

"En," Zaira nodded like an obedient little wife.

His actions were natural and smooth. At that moment, Zaira was silent, her eyes full of tenderness. There was a big pink bed in the middle of the room. Theo held Zaira tightly in his arms and his lips met hers.


Still kissing, they moved slowly to the bed. Theo pressed Zaira under his body and gazed at her. Neither of them spoke. After looking at each other for five seconds that seemed like hours, Theo kissed her again.

Thus, the atmosphere in the room became more intimate. Soon, Zaira's sexy panties, bra, and parts of the garter belt were loosened and removed and were thrown on the rug beside the bed, leaving only the pantyhose that extended up to her thigh. Now the two were naked and hugged each other tightly, flames burning in their hearts.

"Zaira, are you ready?" Theo asked in a sexy, husky voice.

"Yes!" Zaira said, blushing. "I've already decided to give you my body and soul." She put her hands in front of her eyes. "So, please, penetrate me with that thing of yours!"

Theo's wild beast that was outside the entrance to the virgin land, began to force the entrance. Zaira moaned loudly when the entrance door to the virgin land was broken, blood dripped from the entrance, and the walls expanded with the forced entry of the wild beast.

Theo and Zaira finally united and took each other deeply and completely.

While Zaira made more sounds, Theo also made a low sound, as if all the cells and bones in his body were satisfied. With the rhythm increasing, Zaira's brunette body began to sweat with the movements. Theo took Zaira's pink nipple into his mouth and began to suck hard as he entered and exited the virgin land.

Zaira's moans grew louder as they went along... The battle in the romantic room continued silently. It became hotter and hotter.

Theo did not realize that the spiritual mana within his body was gradually being divided into several fragments and then brought together by Zaira's body. The spiritual mana started to spin. Suddenly, Zaira's body seemed to contain several rays of light that turned into a long stream, accumulating in her abdomen. A circle as bright as the sun slowly formed.

They did not know how much time had passed, as they were completely intoxicated by their romance. Pleasant voices echoed through the room. When he reached his peak, Theo made a low sound...


They were suddenly unconscious as if they had fallen into infinite space and were lost. At that moment, Theo felt that a very bright sun had risen, a huge sun rising in the infinite world. It was bursting with brightness and the light was spreading all over.

It was so strange that even Theo didn't know what was going on. However, something silently changed within his body. It felt like a strange yet familiar energy had come out of nowhere and was constantly piercing Theo's abdomen.


He listened… and then Theo felt it, a faint muffled sound echoed in his abdomen!

_ _

· [Congratulations! Through duo cultivation, the Phoenix line has risen to level 2]

_ _

Theo didn't see the holographic page that hung over his head, but he heard Rya's voice in his mind. He was confused.

Coming back to himself, Theo realized that not a second has passed since he entered that infinite space.

At that moment, Zaira's eyebrows quivered. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Theo. She was a little shy, but she said to him quietly, "You are amazing..."

"Err... Was it too fast?" Theo asked hesitantly.

"No, it was wonderful!" Zaira emphasized.

Theo looked at the time. "Oh, two hours have passed." He smiled a little awkwardly. "It wasn't so fast."

"Honey, is there a change in your body?" Theo leaned to the side, held Zaira in his arms, and said with a smile, "I almost experienced a big breakthrough in cultivating and my phoenix lineage had a breakthrough. That was thanks to you."

"Seriously? I helped to advance your lineage and almost an advance in cultivating... This is incredible!" Zaira exclaimed with a smile.

After making love, Zaira noticed that she too had a big breakthrough in cultivating; she had reached the 10th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm. And hearing Theo speak of the phoenix lineage, she also noticed that her phoenix lineage was stronger than before.

Zaira then told Theo that she also had some improvements in her body.


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