Golden Fox with System
419 Chapter 419: Battle against Sect Ten Thousand Souls and Sect of Beasts.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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419 Chapter 419: Battle against Sect Ten Thousand Souls and Sect of Beasts.

"We are full of problems, but still, this boy dared to provoke us several times, we cannot let him get away with it." Morim, Patriarch of the Beast Tamer Sect said.

Great Elder Maldrake, father of Dagmar and Kainu murmured: "You asked for it, Theo!!"

The disciples trembled as they felt Maldrake's threatening aura.

This clan, although not weak, would not be able to do it all alone, and even more to offend the three emperors and even the Elftreen, however, who was sponsoring this attack, was one of the largest sects on the planet. It was precisely, Sect of Ten Thousand Souls!

'I am curious because the Sect of Ten Thousand Souls is after this boy and they still want him alive, but it doesn't matter, they offered me an irrefutable proposal, and I already had unfinished business with him...' Patriarch Morim thought slyly with a distorted smile.


On the ship where the disciples and elders of the Sect of Ten Thousand Souls were, and the new leader of the sect, the former first elder: Galileo Benar, he is now the leader of the Ten Thousand Souls Sect, shortly after successfully moving to the 12th Layer from Spiritual Realm.

To prove his power and leadership, he targeted Theo, not only because he is a talented young man, but also because he suspects Theo is Panic. It all started when Theo showed great skills and was also previously in the 2nd Layer of the Spiritual Realm.

'Even if he is not Panic, he must have a lot of good things with him, if I get everything from him, I will have even more power within the sect!' Patriarch Galileo felt like laughing, but he held on, he tried to convey the image of a calculating and powerful leader.

Although he has lived for more than a thousand years, Galileo looked like a man in his 30s, he is tall and thin, 197 cm tall, a redhead with red eyes.

Bernardo, the Second Elder, but who has now become the first, looked at Galileo but was silent. The two had a struggle for leadership, he only lost because of the advance in Galileo's sudden cultivating.

Bernardo was not very tall, 175 cm tall, not very muscular, but not so thin, bald with dark brown eyes.

"Patriarch, don't you think it's strange that the ark is silent and none of them have left yet?" Bernardo asked.

"Hahaha. They must be afraid. " The Patriarch said: "That's why they didn't leave the ark, but it doesn't matter, let's attack and capture them."


Inside the ark, Theo told the girls that they would go fight with him outside: "You girls can wear your armor, you don't have to leave it to the end, I created illusions around this barrier, fight with everything you have."

All the girls looked like beautiful Valkyries going to war. Each armor gave an exceptional charm to each of the girls. Theo couldn't help but find this scene too beautiful.

Each of them also had a level 5 weapon of perfect quality. At that time, all the girls were emitting a powerful and majestic aura. Mizuki mainly stood out the most, with the perfect level 6 armor, she was much more powerful than before. She was confident of being able to fight those who were in the 11th or 12th Layer of the Spiritual Realm.

"Let's show what we are made of! Yeahhh!" Little Emma gave a rallying cry, and they started walking towards the bow's bow.

"Yeahhh!" Little Yui also shouted excitedly.

Theo thought this scene was cute and smiled. The girls who walked beside him, also smiled, they had no fear whatsoever as they walked towards the battle.

When Theo's group appeared before the Sect Ten Thousand Souls and Sect of the Beasts, they surprised them, not waiting for them to go out and fight them head-on, without even trying to escape.

The aura of Theo's group caused fear in those of weak spirits and low cultivation. Mainly from the Beast Sect, although they are in the 99th rank of the most powerful sects, this was still far from good enough to go against Theo's group. Even the Sect of Ten Thousand Souls that is in the top 10 did not scare them.

"Girls, you can go first." With his eyes changing from golden to red, Theo said: "I will be supporting and taking care of the most powerful cultivators attack, use this as training."

"Yes!" The girls didn't complain about it, they were in fact wanting better to be of more help to Theo.




In sequence, the girls were transformed.

Little Yui in her true form of a cold metallic dragon, became even more majestic with metal armor, every detail was sharp points to attack the enemy, in addition, the defense of this armor is the highest among all level 6 armor. Little Yui's roar caused sound waves that vibrated the air and cut the wind.

"Metallic roar of destruction!"

With a loud and powerful roar, a blade storm came out of Little Yui's mouth and headed towards the group of Beast Sect.

"Take cover!"

"Those below the Spiritual Realm, stay behind the Patriarch and elders!" The First Elder, Renato shouted.

The disciples and deputy elders retreated in fear.

"Magma wave!"

Little Emma in her form of a red dragon with magma armor that made her appear to be a powerful spiritual being, wastes no time and attacks shortly after Little Yui, her attack created a wave of more than 20 meters in length made of magma, it was devastating, destroying everything in the way.



The two attacks clashed with the cult group of the Beast Cult, although they managed to defend themselves, some disciples were unable to escape and became barbecue on the metal skewer.

"Good combination!" Theo raised his thumb to the two little girls.

Shina in her form of a lunar wolf, more than 30 meters long, with bright blue fur and celestial blue eyes, stirred as if she were invoking something, and that's when she roared!

"Seventh Attack; Bursts of sharp water!"



Although the Patriarch and the elders tried to defend the disciples and vice elders, it was almost impossible with such a large-scale attack. Many began to die from the attacks, having their heads and vital organs being pierced by spears of water.

"We are not just going to be defensive, we are going to attack too!" The Beast Sect Patriarch shouted.


"What's going on in there, why can't we see anything?"

"They must have done something to hide what they do, a bunch of bastards!"

"Damn, right now that a genius has appeared on our island will he die like that?"

The three emperors and even Rosario das Elftreen tried to break through the barrier, but it was too strong and failed. So the audience started to think that it was almost impossible for Theo's group to survive.


While the Sect of Beasts prepared to attack, the Sect of Ten Thousand Souls just looked from a distance. It was as if they had already expected this to happen, it seems that they were using the Sect of Beasts as cannon fodder to tire Theo and his group.


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