Golden Fox with System
397 Chapter 397: Little Yui ashamed.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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397 Chapter 397: Little Yui ashamed.

"It's our turn. Are we going, Little Yui?" Aine smiled gently as she spoke to her.

"Yes, Yui will protect you!" Little Yui put her two hands on her hips and did a pose wanting to look confident. However, the result was that everyone's eyes became in the form of adoration of how cute she was.

Wearing a beautiful sky-blue dress princess-style fish scale braided hair, Little Yui looked very adorable.

"This is very comforting." Aine held the edges of her long yellow and white dress and posed like a princess when she said, "I will be in your care!"

"You can leave it to Yui!" Little Yui patted her chest with a confident look.

"Good luck you two." Theo and his group said.

Entering the arena, Little Yui and Aine felt lost in the crowd. Very quickly, Little Yui used her divine sense and located where those above the 6th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm were. Soon she noticed that the strongest among the participants was only in the 9th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm. Because of this, she knew that this first stage would be easy to survive.

While Aine was not too nervous. She fully trusted Little Yui's strength. She felt safe next to her. Of course, she didn't intend to stay put while Little Yui attacked. She wants to try as hard as possible to help.


When the presenter's voice resonated, everyone who had already marked participants as their opponents started to fight.

Little Yui was thoughtful as she saw Aine attacking and defending using lightning, and a brilliant idea crossed her mind. With the palm sign, many iron chains left the ground and the sky and arrested several participants, whether strong or weak, as long as they are trapped by the iron chains created by her, none of them managed to escape no matter how much they struggled.

"Damn it, I can't move!"

"Hehe, it worked." Little Yui laughed in a cute voice and then the temperature started to drop and these people trapped by the chains started to freeze. Aine was surprised since they were close, although she felt a little cold, it was not something unbearable.

It was also at that moment that the formation came into action and the people who became human popsicles were pulled out of the formation.

When they were thawed, they looked in Little Yui's direction with fear and dread!

"Wow! This girl is amazing!!"

The stadium was crazy! They clapped, stamped their feet, failing to calm their emotions so excited they were.

"Little princess, you are fabulous!"

"So beautiful!"

"I want a daughter like that!"

Many were captivated by Little Yui's beauty and strength, the screams in the stadium were loud, even Little Yui who was rarely ashamed, she blushed a little, and hid behind Aine and said: "Aine, tell them to stop..."

"Hahaha. How cute, she blushed! "

"Oh my, I'm going to pass out!"

Little Yui's actions only made viewers even more agitated.

'Shall I silence them all?' A dangerous thought crossed Theo's mind when he saw his daughter troubled.

"Theo? What are you thinking?" Mizuki asked noticing Theo's expression.

"... Me? Nothing..." Theo disguised.

"..." Mizuki looked at him suspiciously, not believing his words.

Theo thought of something, and used his mental power to communicate with Little Yui: 'Little Yui, if you don't want them looking at you, you can use your illusion ability.'

'Okay, thanks, Daddy!' Little Yui was encouraged to think about it, she had almost forgotten about it.

"Huh? Where did she end up?"

"Theo..." Mizuki looked at him and shook her head not knowing what to do with him.

As soon as Little Yui used her illusions, no one else could see her. Only Aine who was beside her allowed to see her. While for the others, she took on the appearance of another participant, however, Theo and the girls who practice this technique also managed to see through her illusions.

As she wanted to finish this soon, Little Yui with the help of Aine attacked faster and faster. Those who wanted to see Little Yui's prowess, only saw the chains appear and participants lose.

Sometimes, they also saw a wind storm dragging several participants out of the arena. Although they thought it was done by Little Yui, they couldn't see her.

"Wow!! I already know! She is using an ability to hide!" One of the spectators guessed.

"That's true, so we can't see her anymore..."

"Look, who's first, the name is Yui, I'm sure it's her!"

"Yes, that's right!"

"Little Princess Yui! Little Princess Yui! ..."

In the end, everyone started shouting her name, even though they couldn't see her. Maybe it just made them even more excited to learn that she was so talented.

It was also at this point that everyone noticed that large-scale attacks, whether made of ice, metal, or wind, increased on a large scale.

"Finished! The tenth group of the tournament was decided in 23 minutes!" The presenter announced the end of the match, excited about the result, but also in a hurry. He knew that if he were a little slower, everyone would be defeated by this little girl genius.

"Daddy!!" An angel's voice came and cute Little Yui flew into Theo's arms as she hugged him tightly.

"It was so embarrassing..." She murmured.

"Hahaha. They just couldn't resist your cuteness, that's why they were so excited." Theo stroked her head while hugging her gently with his other hand.

"But, but, Yui didn't expect it to be like that, besides, there were so many screaming Yui's name, it was so shameful, wow..." Little Yui rubbed her pretty face on Theo's chest.

"See, everything is fine now." Theo said gently.

Little Yui peeked, turning her face to the side still in Theo's embrace and saw that no one was paying attention to them, but rather in group 11 who started fighting.

"En." Seeing this, Little Yui calmed down and took a deep breath. She knew she would have to get used to it if she was going to fight next time.

"Looking at that group right now." Shina said suddenly: "Besides the Elftreen that have some that are in the 10th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm, I don't see any that catch my attention."

"Mhmm." Theo also took a superficial look and soon sighed, he saw nothing interesting in this group of more than 100 thousand species fighting.

Theo said: "Of all the groups that have participated so far, only the fourth group had someone above the 10th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm. But we already knew it would be so. In the end, the only thing that counts in this tournament is the experience of fighting many at the same time, and also the premium are good, even for us."

"This is true, especially Elftreen water." Commented Mizuki.

"At least, for us, it is still interesting." Said Jka. He felt a lot of pressure when he went to fight before.

"When you say us." Lilith counted on her fingers: "You are not including Theo, Yuki, Shina, Ariana, Little Emma, ​​Little Yui, Yuki, Zaira, and Zaika, right?"

"Yes, exactly that." Jka agreed.


Almost 10 hours later.

"Those who are in group twenty, step forward and enter the arena." Said the tournament host.

"Come on, Shina, Zenia?" Yuki got up and called the two.

"Yes." The two girls got up and followed Yuki to Arena.

When the contestants saw Shina, Yuki, and Zenia arrive, fear and caution were seen on their faces. They have already become aware of Theo's group and many of them have seen the evaluation video. Especially Theo's group became famous among them. Despite this, only when they saw Little Yui fight and demonstrate such power, did they become more alert towards Theo's group.


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