Golden Fox with System
386 Chapter 386: A futile attempt.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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386 Chapter 386: A futile attempt.

As they were prey to return, Theo removed his ark from his storage ring, and so they flew the way back.

At the ark, Theo said to Little Yui and Little Emma with a smile: "When we arrive, I'm going to make a chocolate cake, how about it?"

"Oh, incredible!" Little Yui exclaimed happily and asked, "With strawberry and chocolate sauce?"

"Yes, with strawberry and chocolate sauce." Theo stroked her head as he said.

"Emma likes white chocolate..." Little Emma said.

"Okay, how about I do it; half to half? Half white and half black with strawberry?" Theo suggested.

"Ohh! That would be incredible!" Little Emma applauded as she jumped happily.

"This is fantastic!"

Little Yui held hands with Little Emma, and they celebrated together. Making everyone who was watching laugh and smile finding the whole scene cute.

Because of the short distance and thanks to the fast speed of the flying ark, it didn't take that long for them to arrive at the Silver Dragon Clan. However, Theo frowned when he noticed the presence of a stranger in the village of Mizuki.

"You finally came back!"

A voice full of murderous intent echoed the moment the ark arrived in the village.

"Another?" Almost automatically everyone said it at the same time.

After leaving the ark, Theo was still acting calm. He put the ark away and looked down while flying in the air.

A red-skinned man with big horns on his head looking like a bull and all-black scary eyes. A large and strong body almost 400 cm high. He emitted a bloody aura as he looked at Theo and his group.

If Theo wasn't there, the whole group of Jka and the girls would be nervous and afraid, since the murderous intent that emitted from this demon and his aura was very strong, however, Theo surrounded them all and protected them, thanks to this none of them were affected by the dense murderous intent.

"Garbage! Why did you keep me waiting so long? If it took a little longer, don't blame me for killing everyone in that clan!" The Demon said bloodthirsty, looking at Theo like a dead man.

Initially, he had his uncertainties, but after being here he thought that he no longer had to fear, since he as a cultivator at the peak of the 12th of the Spiritual Realm. There was no way he would fear Theo. He "could" easily say that Theo was in the 2nd Layer of the Spiritual Realm with the power of at most one cultivator in the 11th of the Spiritual Realm.

Although this is impressive... Could it shake him? At most, he would have to spend a little more effort to kill Theo, that's all~

What's more, he saw the women next to Theo and automatically became interested. His species is extremely fertile, but because his ancient planet was destroyed, there is in danger of extinction. Because of this, he looked at this group of women with new eyes. At least, he thought Yuki and the girls would serve as sex slaves who would give birth to their children.

"Did Meref send you here?" Theo asked relaxed. He was not close enough to know what was going on in this Demon's mind.

"Bug!" A fit of anger erupted the demon's body, and he shouted angrily: "How dare an insignificant being like you to speak my Lord's name?!"

"His lord, is Voldemort?" Yuki muttered, ironically.

Hearing this, the Demon pointed to Yuki: "You, woman! Be quiet and don't say nonsense and then I'll be able to treat you well afterward, otherwise, don't think you'll have easy days when you become my sex slave!"


Whoosh ~

Theo's eyes blinked and then changed. In constant change, but harmonized, his two eyes changed to neon red afterward to neon gold.

Faster than the blink of an eye. Theo appeared in front of a giant red demon and his hand crossed his chest going towards the heart. It was so fast and accurate, that the Demon didn't even have a chance to fight back or understand what was happening. Before he even noticed, his heart was expressed!

Everything was fast and decisive. Not only that, but there is no fluctuation of spiritual mana. Even so, Theo's blow was strong enough to pass through the Demon's body.

"You!! Like?" He looked down and waved his hand with the intention of pushing Theo away from him, however, his hand seemed to have hit hot steel and was burned and extinguished at the same time.


The Demon screamed in pain and madness and attacked with the other hand without considering the chance of losing his other hand, however, it gave the same result. The moment he approached, Theo used his heavenly fire to block the attack. It was because of this, that the Demon's arms were burnt to ash and flew in the wind.

"Well… don't think that only death awaits you. Your intentions with those close to me are reason enough not only to kill you but to destroy your soul forever..." Theo said slowly and nonchalantly. It was as if he were talking about a random matter of no importance.

The Devil for the first time in all his life was afraid!

Veins could be seen on his forehead and his eyes were injected. His face looked ghastly in pain as he continued to choke on air. As he stared at Theo, his eyes were filled with utter terror!

He could feel his soul being pulled from his body by force.

"Stop, please!!" The Demon screamed in terror. He preferred death, to having his soul destroyed, and at that moment he did not doubt Theo's words.

"No." It was a simple answer that came out of Theo's mouth, but it was enough to cause terror to the Demon.

Of course, Theo although he wanted to kill this Demon, he still had his priorities, he created a barrier made of illusions around them and was also reading all the memories of the Demon who was called Remiton. From birth, until the destruction of his planet and as his species ended up on a planet close to the Spirit Planet.

Some were irrelevant information, others were important information. Regardless, Theo was seeing everything at a very high speed.

"Now... Well, just die!" Finishing up, Theo removed Remiton's soul and used \u003cDevour\u003e. In addition, he destroyed the recorder of the last few minutes that was linked to Remiton's soul. This time, Meref won't even know how his footman died.


· [Fifteen-year-old soul; Changed to Sixteen]



Theo was a little surprised, but that's all. Then he turned to Jka and the girls and said, "Shall we go?"

"Ahh, yes let's go..." They left their stupor and accompanied Theo inside the mansion.


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