Golden Fox with System
382 Chapter 382: The three screams.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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382 Chapter 382: The three screams.

The moment Yuki stepped to the front, everyone's attention was on her. Not only because they were interested in knowing the result, but also because she was exceptionally beautiful.

"Yuki, right? Hold that crystal and channel your mana." Said the instructor.

"Okay." Yuki nodded graciously, and took the crystal and channeled her mana. After that, she returned the crystal to the instructor.

"Yuki 17 years old." The instructor took notes and said, "Now you can test on the other larger crystal."

"Mm." Nodding again, she went to the other larger crystal.

As soon as she channeled her mana in the crystal... It was totally different from the previous ones, and it was also what happened the third surprise cries.

"Wow! What a powerful mana!" The crowd exclaimed loudly in astonishment.

Whoever was close was almost overwhelmed by her aura. The purity of Yuki's aura and mana has reached a stage that even the Elftreens would be jealous of. It was too powerful compared to normal cultivators.

Then, even the instructor was speechless, he only recovered from his stupor after a few seconds and announced Yuki's cultivation...

"10 Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm..." His voice was disbelieving, he himself did not believe what he was saying.

"Oh my God! This girl is the greatest genius I have seen in my entire life!" The audience went wild again.

Even for those who were cultivated by the great sects, they would not be able to do what Yuki did. Getting to where she got in cultivation with this level of purity and such a solid foundation was almost impossible. So it was no surprise that they were so stupidly surprised.

Soon the third cry came.

"Fast! Somebody pinches me! I must be dreaming!" Some shouted, not wanting to believe what they saw and heard.

Many were almost 30 years old, yet they barely made it to the 3rd Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm. In fact, now they were really wondering if they lived like fools this long. It was not easy to reach the level that Yuki reached a young age. Even if someone did that at 30 to 50 years old, that individual would be treated as a genius.

Although Yuki was a little embarrassed to hear the crowd's exclamations of surprise, she was more concerned with Theo's reaction and seeing him smiling warmly at her, made her heart warm.

After picking up the totem from the stunned instructor who looked at her with complicated eyes and full of adoration. Yuki returned to her group and hugged Theo with a beautiful smile.

The men who saw this gesture of affection from Yuki were green with envy of Theo for having the affection of someone so beautiful and talented. Of course, the women at the place thought otherwise, they were jealous of Yuki for being with someone so devilishly pretty and possibly very talented just like her. Just because they couldn't see through Theo's cultivation, the crowd didn't have the heart to say any nonsense.

In addition, they were people who were together with the princess of the Silver Dragon Clan Mizuki. Because of that, it made them even more cautious...

A young woman from the Monkey Clan who was as strong as the Silver Dragon Clan asked the disciples of the Silver Dragon Clan: "Who are they? Why have I never heard of them before even being so talented? Especially this girl called Yuki. She is even more talented than the main cultivators who will participate in this tournament. It is almost guaranteed that she will come first..."


The Silver Dragon Clan disciples were also surprised. Of course, they knew who they were, but they did not contact them, as Theo and his group stayed in Mizuki's village all the time. Furthermore, although the Silver Dragon Clan disciples were curious about the existence of this group, they were not bold enough to go to Mizuki's village and ask.

"We don't know much either." One of the disciples said with a long sigh: "These people came to our clan with Lady Mizuki, but some things happened that we cannot say and because of that, we did not interact with them. Because of that, we are also surprised by their talent..."

Soon the group of more prominent cultivators who were close nodded and continued to pay even more attention to Theo's group. They became even more cautious and even had some foolish thoughts of sabotaging some of them later, since with them in the tournament it would be a very big risk that they would be able to get the top spot in the tournament...

"Yui wants to hug Dad too!" Little Yui said pouting and hugged Theo's back.

Her reaction made Theo laugh happily. He also did not restrain himself in his praise. "Yuki is super talented and beautiful, and my daughter is also the cutest and most talented!"


Then he turned around with Yuki and took Little Yui in his arms and kissed Little Yui's pink and cute cheeks which caused her to giggle which made Theo and his group laugh happily. Even the surrounding people were affected and were now with a smile on their faces.

"What a cute little girl."

"I also want a cute daughter like her..."

"Yes, I have a son, but he is not cute at all..."

"By the way, who is that child's mother?"

"Good question. Maybe it's the beautiful, arm-haired woman who recently auditioned?"

"Can be..."

"But look carefully. Don't you all think this little girl looks like Lady Mizuki?"

"That... Yes, in fact, at two they look like mother and daughter?!"


Like Mizuki, Theo and his group were also able to hear what people were muttering to each other. But they didn't care and didn't even bother to explain that she was the daughter of Mizuki and Yuki and Theo too. It wasn't like anything was going to change in any way.

Even Little Yui furrowed her eyebrows but did not bother to say something to them. She didn't think it was necessary to tell them that now. Maybe later everyone will know who knows, but not now.

The instructor who was dealing with Theo's group queue looked at them helplessly. He didn't want to interrupt their intimate time, but he also had to do his job. In addition, he was very curious now as to what level of cultivation the remaining members of Theo's group would have.

Especially Theo who got his attention. Because you are the man of such a talented woman, you couldn't be weak, right? At least, that's what he thought.

Noticing the instructor's discomfort, Theo smiled at them and said, "Who wants to be next?"

"Mhmm. Theo, is it okay if I go now?" Zaika asked.

"Oh? Need to ask? Haha. You can go~" Theo smiled at her as he said. He found it funny how she said it as if asking for his permission to go.

"Well..." Zaika blushed and thought she looked like an obedient wife who did nothing that her husband did not approve of and was embarrassed. She took a deep breath and approached the instructor.


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