Golden Fox with System
376 Chapter 376: Daddy, you“re the best!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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376 Chapter 376: Daddy, you“re the best!

"Damn it!" Zast's heart was beating like crazy and his mind was racing for a solution. Until now, he couldn't think of any of his treasures that could be effective against Theo.

"Ahaha. He's flying in a circle and didn't even notice. How hilarious~" Ariana added even more salt to Zast's wound, making him breathe fast with anger.

"Ariana, it's ugly to laugh at him like that, since he may have mental problems~" Shina said seriously, trying hard not to laugh.

"Hahahaha." Everyone in the car couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Shina, I admire you! You are even crueler than me." Ariana couldn't help but laugh and say, "Look, he even threw up blood after hearing you speak, hahaha."

In the meantime, Theo had attacked four times, all four members of Zast were crushed.

It was also at that moment when Theo's indifferent voice echoed. "Ready. I already know everything I needed to know. Now you can die."

"W-What?" Zast went foolish and soon his eyes rolled and turned white.

It was at that moment that Theo appeared in front of Zast and very quickly with his two hands surrounded by a golden aura he removed the heart and demonic nucleus from the divine sea of ​​Zast. It was a red core about the size of a 10-year-old child's fist. And a bloody heart, it was twice as big as a human heart.

Little Emma started to salivate when she saw the demonic nucleus in Theo's hand, which was very attractive to her. After all, it was rare for anyone on Planet Spirit to own affinity for magma.

Before Zast's soul could escape, Theo used \u003cDevour\u003e.


· [Fourteen-year-old soul; Changed to Fifteen Years]


"Theo, this..." Emma got out of the car and stared at Theo's hand that held the demonic magma core.

"Haha. I'll give it to you, though, wait a minute." Theo smiled and then pure white flames appeared in Theo's left hand and began to purify the demonic core.

After refining the demonic magma core, it decreased a little in size but became 10x better, then Theo threw in the direction of Little Emma.

"Thank you, Theo. It's very kind of you." Little Emma smiled adorably.

"You're welcome." Theo smiled.

While the heart, Theo had other plans. He saw in Zast's memories that the demonic heart was very good at making weapons, because of that, their race was hunted by blacksmiths.

After refining Zast's heart, Theo kept it in his storage ring, along with Zast's body.

Jka and the girls also got out of the car.

"Theo, who was he?" Yuki asked as she approached.

"Mhmm. This is a little complicated..." Theo sighed and said: "This man was a demon from a planet that was destroyed and immigrated with his leader to a planet close to ours. The intentions of his leader the demon did were not aware, however, is involved the Fallen Star Island. Besides that..."

Theo stopped talking and looked at Alice: "Alice, your mother is subordinate to this man's leader. And it was she who gave information to the leader and investigated me. I can't just close my eyes to this."

"This ..." Alice took a deep sad breath, she said, "I understand. Although my mother has always been bad for me, she is still my mother, so I am sad to know that but I will not beg you to let her live, but I still want to ask you not to involve my previous maid, she was always good for me."

"Don't worry about it. But..." Theo said decisively: "Your mother needs to die."

"Mm..." Alice had tears in her eyes but forced herself not to cry.

"Dad... Don't you have another option?" Little Yui saw Alice's pitiful expression and couldn't help asking: "Alice is so pitiful..."

Theo sighed: "Okay, the best I can do is clear her memory completely. Does that work?"

"Yes Yes!" Alice continually nodded and welded Theo while saying, "Theo, words fail me when I try to express my sincere gratitude. I will keep your kindness in mind."

Alice didn't care that her mother had no memories, as long as she got another chance. 'Maybe like this, she will change for the better.' Alice wished with all her heart.

Hearing his words, Theo smiled and shook his head.

"Daddy, you're the best!" Little Yui jumped into Theo's arms and started kissing his face several times: "Mwah, mwah, mwah!"

"Hahaha." Theo laughed heartily.

Alice also looked at little princess full of gratitude, she knew if it weren't for Little Yui asking, Theo wouldn't let her mother live.

Mizuki and Yuki sighed. They knew Little Yui was Theo's weakness, as long as she asked, it was hard for Theo to deny it.

Consequently, they murmured and discussed how amazing Theo was, making him a little embarrassed.

After everyone had calmed down, Theo smiled casually and said, "Okay, let's continue, we still need to pass the test."

"Mm." Everyone agreed and went back to the car.


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