Golden Fox with System
364 Chapter 364: Interview with Panic - Part 2.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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364 Chapter 364: Interview with Panic - Part 2.

["Heavens! Did he really kill Emperor Naga's daughter?"]

["Am I still sleeping? Is it true that he killed Emperor Naga's daughter?"]

Comments once again flooded the live broadcast chat. It also led them to believe that it was indeed the real Panic. Who did not know that it was taboo to talk about the late daughter of Emperor Naga? It was a common understanding that this caused the Emperor of Naga to go into a deep depression, although it was strange, as it only happened after 1 year after the disappearance of Princess Lisa.

Now they found out that, in fact, she was killed by someone very close to the Emperor of Naga.

Automatically, the live broadcast drew more and more attention. Those who were skeptical at first, have now been convinced and even started to publicize the live link of the broadcast. Before even realizing it, there were over 100 million people watching the live broadcast.

["Now I'm very curious. What did he do that was so bad? What will his response be?"]

["I'm also curious!"]

["I am also curious! +1"]

["I am also curious! +2"]

["I am also curious! +200"]

["I am also curious! +10,000...."]

Then the chat room went silent. Waiting to hear the response from Great Elder Zastin.

"Hehehe. How can I say that..." Great Elder Zastin laughed ominously: "When the young Princess Lisa, daughter of Emperor Naga fled for some reason. I ended up meeting her, at the time she was only 6 years old. Thinks, her long white ears and beautiful golden hair, soft white skin, he looked very tasty..."

Every word that came out of his mouth provoked fury in those who heard it, he didn't even finish saying it, however, all those who watched it, started to have a bad feeling.

Great Elder Zastin continued: "It was when I couldn't resist and captured her. Ahh~ it was a glorious moment. Although I was very afraid of being discovered, the sensation itself was fantastic. After days and weeks, no one could find out that I was the one who captured Princess Lisa. When more than 1 month passed... I couldn't resist anymore."

A cruel and bloodthirsty expression appeared on his face: "I wanted to devour her day and night, even in my dreams I found myself eating the flesh of this young woman. It was then that I did what I most wanted all this time. Entering the basement where I had left her... Her screams were phenomenal, she screamed so much, so much, begging me to let her go. It was just spectacular! In the end, I cut off every part of her body, slowly with her still alive and started cooking..."

"Ahhh, how I wanted to experience it all again..." Great Elder Zastin said: "Exactly a year later. I sent a letter to Emperor Naga. Of course, I made someone be controlled and write the letter for me, anyway, after writing the letter, I sent it to Emperor Naga. In the letter, I had revealed that "I" killed his daughter to eat her meat, giving details about the taste and the way I prepared the "delicacy" and claimed to have taken two days to eat the whole body, not even leaving the bones."

Emperor Naga, who received news about the Panic interview and learned that his late daughter was quoted, went in to watch the video and it was just when he saw the Great Elder Zastin saying that he had done it.

Emperor Naga: ["... So it's you! Damn you! Damn you! I will smash it into a thousand pieces and give it to the pigs! Motherfucker, motherfucker!"]

His fury was so great that it made all of Naga's royal palace tremble at his fury. He still had nightmares about the death of his daughter, and now he has discovered the real culprit, unfortunately, the culprit did not fall into his hands.

Panic was able to see the comments. To say that he was not surprised by Emperor Naga's arrival would be a lie, but that did not make him think of "returning" the Great Elder Zastin. After all, it was a body and soul of the 5th layer of the Spiritual Realm. Wouldn't it be a big waste to give it to someone else?

It was at that moment that Panic rose from his seat and appeared in front of the Great Elder Zastin like a magic step.

Great Elder Zastin gave a start, he exclaimed: "What? What is happening? Why did it appear so suddenly in front of me?"

"Humph!" Theo scorned but did not reply. His next action surprised the thousands of people who were watching.


With a loud, sharp sound, Panic's hand went through the body of the Great Elder Zastin and then immediately pulled it back, bringing the soul of the Great Elder Zastin with it.

["Wow! This is surprising! I've seen this before not, yet I can't help but be surprised."]

["The same here. It makes me wonder how amazing this technique is..."]

["Yes, it's not for nothing that the ghost sects are crazy looking for new information from Panic."]

["But seeing that not even someone on the 5th layer of the Spiritual Realm was able to stop it, I don't think they will stay that way."]

["That's true. Before they suspected that Panic wasn't even on the Spiritual Realm, but now..."]

["Guys, aren't we losing focus here? Let's wait and see what comes next."]

["I agree."]


As soon as Panic removed the soul from the body of the Great Elder Zastin. Theo frowned, that's when he used his other hand to pull something that seemed to be stuck. And what came next was difficult to say in a nutshell.

'Was it because of what he said before? Or for another reason?' Theo began to reflect.

What came out of Great Elder Zastin's body was another soul, and that soul belonged to a cute little girl in her 6 to 7 years old. With golden hair and white rabbit ears.

"Help me..." Her voice was weak. She was barely able to support herself, and the moment her soul moved away from the Great Elder Zastin's soul, it became transparent, almost disappearing.

Netizens went into a trance. Especially Emperor Naga. There were no words to describe what he was feeling at the moment.

"My daughter!" In his home, Emperor Naga fell to his knees on the floor as tears streamed from his eyes like a stream.

The sadness he was feeling was immeasurable. It was deplorable to see his daughter in this state almost disappearing asking for help. If he could, Emperor Naga would trade places with his daughter...

'Should I try to use healing skills on her?' Seeing that her soul was dissipating, Theo thought.

The little girl's soul looked at Theo and said, "Please... help me..."

Theo felt a squeeze in his heart when he saw that little girl in a weak voice asking for his help.

'Mhmm. It's worth a try.' Theo thought and used the healing skill.


Like a light bulb being lit, the loli bunny girl was illuminated by golden neon light.

'It's working!' Theo couldn't help but be surprised. He was skeptical at first since he didn't think he would be able to heal a soul...

Even the Emperor Naga who was watching got up from the floor and his eyes shone in disbelief. It was a situation he had never seen before.

"Warm, warm, but so comfortable~~" The loli bunny girl murmured in her cute voice enjoying the feeling of being healed.

Theo could feel some of his mental power draining. Luckily, he had a lot and the amount that was being used was little.

Minutes later, something even more surprising happened!


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