Golden Fox with System
360 Chapter 360: Small realm.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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360 Chapter 360: Small realm.

"Theo, I'm ready to go back. Although I have already lost the dispute, I still want to fight this bald monk and increase my fighting power." Said Jka.

"Oh? Okay, I'll send you." Theo said, and then he made Jka appear on a desert island.

After that, Theo went back to eating the iron bars.

Theo was feeling particularly like a teacher. His group was slowly growing stronger. She was even getting obvious improvements since she was able to absorb the energy essence of the soul's crystal. Even for her, who was already a cultivator of the Spiritual Realm, these crystals were of great benefit.

Not so much for Theo, as he needed many of these soul crystals to be able to increase only 1%. For Theo, it would be more beneficial if he got the souls of some evildoers and devoured them.

"Theo, let me out and get some rest."

"Oh, this time it's Klin." Theo told himself.

Klin appeared and thanked him. She went to the table and ate some and drank juice.

"Come over here, I will heal you." Theo told her.

"Okay." Placing the glass on the table, Klin went to him.

Surrounded by a golden aura, Klin felt invigorated. It didn't take long for her to feel brand new.

"Thank you, Theo." Klin said with a smile.

"You do not have to thank me." Theo smiled gently.

"Jka hasn't given up yet?" Klin asked. She knew that although Jka was a little stronger than her, but in terms of resistance, she won, so she found it strange.

"Oh, he left shortly, too, but he's already back." Theo said.

Klin pondered and said, "If so, can I go back to training?"

"Yes, I see no problem." Theo smiled.

Then Klin was caught up in Theo's real illusion and appeared again on the desert island.


"Hehee ~ Fun, Yui likes this!" Little Yui laughed with delight as he finished defeating another monk.

[Congratulations Princess Yui, you have successfully reached level 2.]

[Now you will be able to see the monk's vital points. If you defeat by hitting vital points, the chances of falling more crystals from the soul increases, good luck!]

"Hehee. Yui will get enough crystal from the soul and be strong to help Daddy." Little Yui put his hand in front of her mouth and laughed heartily.


Alice was sweating a little, although so far she is fighting a bald monk who was at most in the 2nd Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm, yet fighting for so long was exhausting.

At first, it was easy, but as time went by it became more difficult. But she did not give up such a good chance of strengthening herself.

She took the soul crystal that fell to the ground after defeating the monk and closed her eyes, absorbing the soul's essence of energy from within the crystal. She felt that at the same time, she has already risen to a new stage of her soul.

If this continued for a long time, her strength would rise in leaps and bounds, moreover, the power of the soul was something difficult to increase and desired by hundreds of thousands of cultivators.

Alice was very happy to be able to practice in this type of situation. She felt she was getting stronger and stronger each time she absorbed the crystals of the soul and was satisfied with that. Alice was a simple girl, and it was easy enough to satisfy her.


"Palm Wild!"


Palm light shone through the surrounding area, and a cat's wild palm opened the defense of the bald monk, landing a hard blow to the bald monk's chest.

Fresh blood spurted everywhere, and the bald monk fell dead on the floor.

"Nyahaha. This is fun~" Kelly laughed contentedly.

Since she came to train diligently and managed to get some good attack techniques with Theo, this female cat is no longer lazy, who kept bathing in the sun even her tanned skin has become a little lighter.

Even for her, a lazy cat, she started to train diligently when she was rewarded.

'Nya, did you ask me how shy Zenia is doing?' Kelly murmured into her heart and took the soul crystal from the floor.

Her cat's ear moved when she picked up the soul stone and her cat's tail swung from side to side animatedly.


A cute little panda girl was bravely fighting the bald monk, each attack carried the weight of an adult panda. In addition, she used her affinity for water.

"Palm Fluffy!"

The bald monk was unable to dodge and ended up being hit on his head in the middle of the jump of Zenia, the panda girl.


Like a watermelon, the bald monk's head shattered.

Zenia took a deep breath, and walked away with a twist of her heel, and was in an extremely cute position.

'I'm beginning to get used to fighting this man...' She pondered when she saw that the bald monk was gone and a soul crystal appeared.


Time passed and Theo could already feel significant changes in his body, moreover, a piece of pleasant news appeared in his system.


· [Congratulations! Your \u003cFlaming Dragon Furnace\u003e technique has advanced to Fifth Stage.]


As the technique progressed, new information on how to force level 5 weapons was introduced to Theo's mind. From the process to the creation.

Minutes later, Theo opened his eyes and started to laugh at the thought: 'Haha. It was faster than I initially thought. I only needed 200kg of rhino bone iron.'

Looking at the small mountain of iron bars, Theo perked up even more and transformed himself into a ten-tailed golden fox.

If anyone saw Theo's current appearance, he might mistake it for a golden mountain, so colossal it was his current size, but conveniently, he reduced his size a bit.

Now, 15 meters long and 10 meters in size, the golden fox with ten tails began to devour the iron bars. It even looked like he was casually eating peanuts, especially the echoing sound.

While eating, Theo thought: 'I also have to think of a way to strengthen my Noble Spirits.'

Even though he has that thought, he decided to look for something like that in the system another time. Now he just wanted to increase eating iron and increase the level of the Flaming Dragon Furnace technique. If possible, reach the sixth stage, so he could forge level 6 weapons and armor.


From time to time, Zaira and the others asked to leave to rest. This time it was Yuki who asked to leave.

Yuki looked at Theo's golden fox shape and smiled. She loved his original form, although she also loved the human form...

After drinking a glass of water, she flew into the air and landed on Theo's back and hugged around his neck. She said with a smile: "So soft and comfortable..."

"..." Theo said, "You can get some sleep if you want."

"Oh really? Hehe~ Theo you are the best!" Yuki said with a cute smile and snuggled even closer and closed her eyes.

Theo smiled frankly and continued to eat iron, although at a slower speed so as not to disturb Yuki.


In a place abandoned by the light, a gigantic gloomy palace lived there. Inside the main room of this palace was an ominous shadow sitting on a throne. This shadow looked ahead, where beneath it were several demonic beings. Each emanated an aura more sinister than the other.

Even hiding his cultivation, this shadow's dark spiritual energy emitted a strength from someone who was beyond the 10th layer of the Spiritual Realm. It was remarkable that this entity had power and strength from those at the top of this world's power hierarchy.

Looking at a demon with big horns of gray skin that on the 5th Layer of the Spiritual Realm, the sinister shadow sitting on the throne, threw a photo with information related to Theo and ordered: "Zasp, go to this man and get all the items and information from him, after that, you can do whatever you want with it."

"Yes, my Lord!" The gray demon nodded reverently and stood up. His figure trembled several times and disappeared.


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