Golden Fox with System
357 Chapter 357: State of Illumination.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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357 Chapter 357: State of Illumination.

Although Theo has a vast reserve of spiritual energy, after using it for a long time without stopping, he began to feel that he was beginning to deplete his reserve of spiritual energy. But luckily it looked like the effect of the pills was coming to an end.

Aomi, on the other hand, was going into a wonderful state. It was something magical, she could say that it would be of great benefit to her, so she wasted no time and plunged headlong into this strange but wonderful feeling.

A few more minutes passed.

However... Aomi didn't open her eyes. She kept her eyes closed and her breathing became lighter, to the point that she stopped breathing!

Make no mistake, she did not die but entered into deep enlightenment. It was a rare occurrence and desire by several cultivators throughout the universe.

"She managed to enter the state of enlightenment. How lucky!" Mizuki murmured happily, but at the same time with a little envy. That was a desirable state even for her that was not so fixed on cultivation.

Although I didn't know what Aomi would get thanks to the state of lighting, it was almost impossible to be a bad thing.

Theo sighed full of complex emotions, he was happy and a little tired of having used this new skill for so long, however, he was surprised that this healing ability did not level up. But considering the number of points in the system that this skill cost, it was reasonable that it would take so long, which made him think that each level would receive a huge improvement.

"Let's go out and leave Aomi alone, it would not be good if we disturbed her right now." Theo said to the girls.

"En. I was worried, but unexpectedly, she managed to enter the state of enlightenment, nothing makes me happier with this result." Zaira said with a lovely smile. Although she didn't spend so much time with Aomi, Zaira was a loving person who thought a lot about others. In addition, she already thinks of Aomi as someone in the family.

"Yes, I am also happy for her. At first, I was distressed when I saw her in such pain, but after Theo healed her..." Shina said with a shy smile. She couldn't help but remember that when Aomi was being healed, she was moaning loudly with full satisfaction.

"Okay, I'm also happy for her, but just like Theo said, it's not good that we stay here, let's go out and leave her cultivation alone." Said Yuki.

"Yui understands but still, Yui is curious... How long is someone in a state of enlightenment? If Aomi stays too long, will we not be training in the [Dimensional Room] anymore?" Little Yui questioned. She understands that going through a state of enlightenment was a good thing, she was happy for Aomi, but she was still curious if that state of enlightenment would take too long.

"It can take weeks, months, even years, but it can also take just one day." Said Mizuki. Although she never went through a state of enlightenment, she still had information from books on that subject.

Of course, she has already undergone enlightenment, however, she has never been in a "state of enlightenment". It was almost the same, however, with a degree of superiority.

"Oh, in relation to that you need not worry, even if Aomi is in a state of enlightenment for 1 year which would be a good thing for her, I can still use my illusions to not disturb her, however, now I used a lot of spiritual energy, so I want to get some rest, moreover, it's too late and I promised Jka I would barbecue today." Theo explained.

"I understand, if that's the case, I was relieved to know." Said Yuki. It was good news to be able to continue cultivation in the [Dimensional Room].

Furthermore, since they arrived in the Naga Empire, mainly in the Silver Dragon Clan, she noticed that the amount of energy from heaven and earth that was there was abundant. Which made it even more so when they entered the [Dimensional Room].

"Okay, let's go out and start preparing for a party." Theo smiled. Although he wanted Aomi to participate as well, he thought about celebrating after she awakens again for getting into a state of enlightenment.

"Yes." The girls nodded.

Then, an invisible force surrounded them and Theo and the girls left the [Dimensional Room].


Karmot City - In an underground place.

"Lord, your humble servant has obtained important information!" A seductive woman with long white jade legs and long dark hair said respectfully to for shadow in front of her.

A nonhuman voice, devoid of emotions said, "I'm listening."

"Lord, this humble servant of yours has discovered that the Red Dragon Clan has finally entered a civil war. It is only a matter of time for them to destroy themselves. Also... I came across someone interesting not so long ago." She said cautiously, seeing if she managed to get her lord interested.

"Oh? Tell me more." The shadow said, his voice sounded cold but with a certain interest in knowing who caught his servant's attention.

"He is the lord of the newly created Volts City, moreover, until a while ago he was not even someone in the Spiritual Realm." She said: "His humble servant believes that he must have excellent treasures that allow him to climb the cultivation so quickly..."


The woman with long black hair took a deep breath and said: "But he gives off a strange sensation that made me fear him even more than I fear Emperor Naga, besides, he is not affected by my innate ability..."

"Even your innate charm didn't work? Mhmm. This can be interesting, at the same time unpleasant. Tell me more, where is he now and what is his cultivated level." The shadow asked with great interest.

"He is possibly on the 2nd Layer of the Spiritual Realm and is currently living in the silver Dragon Clan... Does my Lord intend to deal with him personally?" Her eyes sparkled when she asked. If so, it was possible that she would earn big rewards for getting this information to her Lord.

In a frightening and malevolent voice, the shadow said, "Isn't it just someone who recently joined the Spiritual Realm? I don't have to go in person, I will send one of my loyal servants. Perhaps he will be devoured by my servant, but I will order him to collect important information first."


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