Golden Fox with System
347 Chapter 347: Finding love...
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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347 Chapter 347: Finding love...

The whispers and glance of the people of the Silver Dragon Clan did not affect Theo and his group, they flew in the air calmly towards the conference room, where Aomi and the girls were waiting.

Theo couldn't help but sigh. He did not expect that upon arriving at the Silver Dragon Clan he would have such a problem but that does not mean he was not angry. Who do they think they are when trying to plan his daughter's future? Since it is so... An evil thought came to Theo's mind...




"Yuki, Little Yui."

"Oh, Jka and Klin also came back with you."

Entering the conference room, they were greeted by the girls' warm welcome.

"Who is this beautiful girl?" Ariana asked suspiciously when she noticed Alice's presence.

"Hi, I'm Alice, Lady Yui's personal maid." Alice said shyly.

Oblivious to all this, the elders and Leader and Great Elder trembled slightly at Theo's presence. It was inevitable, even if he is not manifesting the aura of the Beast King. Still, they felt the resentment he had for them, it made them fear and tremble, feeling a fear that they never felt before. Even Aomi was not so terrifying in their eyes.

Theo looked in the direction of a beautiful girl who avoided looking directly out of sheer embarrassment that all this had happened. Theo sighed and said, "Mizuki, I don't blame you for what happened, you don't have to put pressure on yourself."

"I... I..."

"Look at me!" Theo ordered, jokingly.

"Mhmm. What do you intend to do with my father and the rest?" Mizuki pondered before asking.

"Don't worry, I don't want their life." Before they could be happy, Theo said: "Just answer with the same coin. Since they wanted to control my daughter's life and choose who she will marry..."

He paused on purpose and a sly smile formed on his lips: "It is only fair that I return the "favour" to them."

The elders, Great Elder and Clan Leader shuddered.

"What do you intend to do with us?" The first elder asked in fear.

"Hmm? Are you senile? Didn't I just say it?" Theo looked at him strangely and said, "Forget it! I don't want to spend too much time with you~"

Then, an invisible force manifested from Theo's fingertips and came into contact with the brain of the elders of the Great Elder and Clan Leader. Theo's mind strengthened to the point that he could control their mind at the same time. In their minds, Theo was making minor changes to their memories...

Mizuki, although concerned, remained silent, she didn't know for sure what Theo intended to do, maybe make them fall in love with some woman? She didn't know, but it was better than killing them all.

Little Yui felt the fluctuation of Mizuki's thoughts and seeing her sad, she approached and hugged. Mizuki smiled at her daughter's gesture. Without her noticing, a few drops of tears escaped her eyes. It was inevitable, had it not been for Theo's existence, perhaps her daughter's future would have been decided by her father and elders of the clan.

Moments later, changes were visible in the expressions of who Theo was controlling and altering memories. It wasn't just a simple memory change, he was basically controlling feelings and replacing them with new ones.

For example, before, the First Elder had a huge passion for money, but now ... that passion has been replaced per love...

The First Elder and the 10th Elder were the first to have their memories altered, being freed from Theo's mind control.

Automatically, the Tenth Elder, a middle-aged man, with messy short silver hair, blushed at the sight of the First Elder, he turned his face with a "humph!" But he constantly looked at the First Elder with a flushed face.

This scene left everyone watching, amazed! Not knowing how to react to such a situation, only one person or rather a leopard woman was laughing hysterically. She couldn't help herself while holding her stomach with laughter.

Soon, Yuki and the girls left their stupor, and also started to laugh when they understood what was going on.

The two elders were oblivious to the girls laughing at them and got lost in their own little world.

"Why do you look at me if you don't love me? Humph!" Tenth Elder Sebastian snorted and turned away when he felt the passionate gaze of First Elder Ivan.

Ivan "floated" to Sebastian, stopping in front of him, he said while holding Sebastian's large, lightly aged hands: "Because only then can I love you!"

"Idiot ..." Sebastian bit his lower lip, shy, he punched Ivan weakly in the chest with his right hand but let Ivan hold his left hand.

"Hahaha. So shy, cute~" Ivan said, laughing.

Jka felt a strong shiver when seeing this scene. Although he had no prejudice against gay couples, he knew it happened to be manipulated by Theo. It just took a deep breath and never, he said in his mind "never!" tease Theo!

Tadeu (Third Elder) and Robson (Eighth Elder) were also released from Theo's mind control. Like the other "couple", they looked at each other as a sign of flirtation.

Robson, although younger, he was bolder and laughed out loud and walked "elegantly" to Tadeu. He stopped in front of him, and took a bone-building pill from his storage ring that Tadeu had wanted for a long time: "For you, my baby."

"Thank you, I'm happy!" Tadeu smiled happily.

"How are you going to reward me?" Seeing the excitement on Tadeu's face, Robson sent a flirtatious kiss and said timidly.

"Would a kiss be enough?" Tadeu smiled.

Robson gave him a dirty look as he pouted, putting the pill away and considering as he stretched briefly.

"Theo..." Mizuki looked at him incredulously, she didn't know what to think seeing this situation. Although she is happy that he was not thinking of killing them, but... wasn't that a little too cruel?

After thinking for a while, she shook her head and didn't think much of it, after all, they brought it to themselves. She herself had warned them, but they chose not to believe it.

"Little Yui, Little Emma, let's go out for a bit, I have something interesting to show you two." Yuki said. She wanted to go out and prevent the two girls from seeing this scene.


"Okay, mammy."

The two Little Lady agreed and left with Yuki.

Mizuki was reluctant but ended up leaving too. It was too much for her to see this scene, luckily she hasn't seen what her father's reaction would be, although she admits she was a little curious...


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