Golden Fox with System
344 Chapter 344: Arranged marriage.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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344 Chapter 344: Arranged marriage.

News spread that haunted the Beast Tamer Sect. That was news about the deaths of three elders in less than a week. That was shocking and revolting! In addition to losing many disciples, and the prodigious son of the Yanyu Family. They were determined to exterminate this couple and that damn golden-haired man who killed his disciples and elder.

They saw the last moments of the death of each disciple and the elder, so they knew who killed. Theo who did not even bother to hide, intended to let them come to him and kill them since it was not the first time that they tried to get in trouble with him.

The first time was when he just went through the divine tribulation, now, they were wanting to force a blood contract with Jka and Klin.

The Great Elder and Sect Leader swore on behalf of the Beast Tamer Sect that they would take revenge for their lost lives!


Silver Dragon Clan. Conference room for Elders and Clan Leader.

Inside the conference room, all 10 elders were present, as well as the Great Elder and the Clan Leader. Everyone was seated behind a brown table, with the Clan Leader and the Great Elder side by side, in the highest place.

After returning to the Guild, Mizuki was now in the center, standing, while looking at everyone. Something didn't seem right to her.

"Dad, why did you call everyone here? Didn't I say I just wanted to talk to the Lord?" Mizuki frowned as she said.

"Well, well, we have important matters to discuss and I have already taken this opportunity." Said her father without caring about Mizuki's angry look.

"Little Mizuki, we have important matters to discuss..." Said the Great Elder: "Before that, I need to ask. What cultivation realm is your daughter in?"

Mizuki found this question strange and had a bad feeling about it, but he still answered, since they will find out sooner or later: "My daughter is in the 7th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm."

"This is amazing!" Said the First Elder with his eyes shining.

"A real prodigy!" The Third Elder applauded enthusiastically.

Before they could continue, Mizuki said, "I think it is best not to have any funny ideas, like wanting to plan a wedding for my daughter, otherwise I am not responsible for the damage!"

Mizuki was feeling uncomfortable with this situation, although she liked her family, she knew very well what they were capable of, if she was not strong at the time, she would have already been married by force.

"Mizuki, you don't understand. This is for your daughter's good!" The Second Elder said with fanaticism: "The Fifth Prince is also talented, as well as his daughter, they would be a perfect match! He is only 16 and is on the 5th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm!"

"Hahaha. This is the most hilarious joke I've heard today~ " Mizuki looked at the Second Elder, her eyes full of mockery: "Do you know how old my daughter is? She is only 1 year old! Although her mental age is 12, she is only a year old, and do you have the courage and courage to compare her to someone like that?"

"This..." The Second Elder was speechless, seething with rage. He had forgotten that Mizuki's daughter was only a year old.

"Sigh ~ Mizuki, don't forget that your daughter was born from a large part of her power, so it is normal for her to have such a high cultivation, but that does not mean that she will continue to grow so fast." Said Mizuki's father. He didn't think his granddaughter managed to reach that level of cultivation because he was a genius, but because he had a large part of Mizuki's cultivation.

"Are you in this too, dad? Good, good, good." Mizuki said with a harsh laugh: "Try it and tell my daughter's father, and see what will happen!"

Mizuki's father had a strong shiver when he heard that, it was true that he never saw the man who was raising his granddaughter but was he that powerful? As far as he knew, Theo isn't even in the Spiritual Realm... where does so much confidence come from? Or maybe Mizuki is just using this to threaten him?

"Humph! Who are you kidding, Little Mizuki?" The First Elder said with a distorted smile, full of mockery: "We have done our homework, and we know that this "man" is only in the Superior Wizard Realm, he does not deserve to be called "father" by the granddaughter of the Patriarch of Dragons Silver!"

"First Elder Ivan is right, besides, you made us have a big reception, saying that we had special guests, but, what were those people?" The Fifth Elder said with disdain: "None of them were known, and neither prestige had, moreover, the strongest among them, it is only in the 8th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm. What a disappointment."

All the elders, even Mizuki's father was looking at her as if she had gone crazy or taken the wrong medicine, and now she was delusional...

"Mizuki, I already decided, I will send a message, request to Emperor Naga to make his son engaged to my granddaughter!" Said Longlua, Clan Leader, Mizuki's father.


Great Elder Miller appeared right behind Mizuki and with his left palm, he struck!


Crackling sounds of lines forming and creating a seal on Mizuki's body. She could feel her powers being restricted by that seal.

"Great Elder, you..." Mizuki was amazed, she did not expect that they would go to the extreme, to the point of sealing her cultivate.

Grand Elder Miller came back to the place where he was, next to the Patriarch, and said: "Mizuki, you have already caused a lot of problems for us. Initially, this seal was meant to make you engaged to the Crown Prince of the Naga Empire, but, we realized that this could lead to our downfall since you are so problematic, however, your daughter is different, she is still young and can be re-educated."

"Hahaha. Truly fools!" Mizuki shook her head in disgust, she did not expect that they had such an intention: "Believe me, you will all deeply regret it!"

Everyone just snorted, without considering Mizuki's "empty" words. It was until a loud sound came.


The conference room door, which was made entirely of the toughest mineral, capable of withstanding someone's attack on the Spiritual Realm, disintegrated into dust.


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