Golden Fox with System
326 Chapter 326: Acting mysteriously with me?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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326 Chapter 326: Acting mysteriously with me?

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Edited by: Eluna.


Curious, Theo removed the energy core of the hellhound.


[Monster Core - Acid Affinity; Low level.]


"This nucleus is unlike any I have ever seen." Said Mizuki with a certain curiosity as he approached: "Hmm. It seems to be a different element as well."

The nucleus, different from the ones they were used to seeing, looked like a teardrop, this was more of a round sphere, and also a little bigger than the magic core.

"Yes, this is of Acid affinity." Theo answered her.

"Acid? Whoa! Good thing we weren't attacked by that." Mizuki put his hand on his chest and sighed with relief. Of course, she was just acting, because she herself knew that no matter how strong an acid attack is, it doesn't mean that she would be able to get past the aura that protects her. Or even her level 6 armor.

Theo understood all this, because of that, he just smiled at her and said, "Since you are helping me to kill, I will help you a little."

"Oh? How do you intend to help me?" She gave him a curious smile. Gradually Mizuki has been noticing her mood swings. Now, just with him saying he would help her, somehow it made her happy.

Theo replied with a mysterious smile: "It wouldn't be interesting to say that now. As soon as we're done, you'll find out. "

"Acting mysteriously with me?" Mizuki continued to smile as he said, "Well, I like that ~"

Keeping the body and the Monster Core in its storage ring. Theo said: "Let's continue, if we can kill another 2 or 3 of these beings from hell, it would be of great help."

"Beings from hell?" Mizuki frowned.

"Hrm? Ah yes. This place is the ninth hell." Theo explained to her: "Those two women who brought us here told me that this is where we are."

"Ninth Hell ... although that name is strange to me, if even the weakest beings are as strong as the strongest beings in our world, it can only mean that this place is beyond what we're used to dealing with.." Sighing, she couldn't help but be impressed. Mizuki had already noticed that whenever she's with Theo, new and different things happen.

She can't help but think that her life has turned upside down since she met him. Many things that she thought were impossible, he proved to her the opposite. And now, here they are. In a world several times more powerful than the planet they live on, and yet, she was not as shaken as she should have been.

Even though she was afraid of not being able to return to their planet, she felt it. Is that because he told her he had a way to get back? She wasn't sure.

After leaving her thoughts, Mizuki started to notice more where they were. It was almost always the same, even if there were trees and plants, everything seemed to be poisonous and toxic.

As she and Theo were hidden, no living being was able to notice their presence. Her admiration for Theo was always increasing and giving her relief, happiness just by sharing his abilities with her.

They have not yet attacked any of these living beings, because they were either in groups or at a very high level. It would not be a smart idea to attack a midlevel Infernal without being sure if they would be able to kill it.

"There is a bullike monster alone right there! Should we attack it?" Mizuki stopped flying and looked in a specific direction where the bull she was talking about was.

"Hmm. You are right, he is also a Low-Level Inhabitant of Hell" Said Theo. He could see through the cultivation of everything, or almost everything, as well. He has so far failed to see through those two women, but that is a rare exception.

Like almost all living things in this one in the Ninth Hell, this bull had a colossal size, which also made it an easy target.

"You don't have to help me this time." Theo said to her, "I want to test a technique."

"It's all right." Mizuki nodded.

With his Divine eyes of Beast King active, he began to descend towards the Infernal Bull. When he got close while hidden, the Beast King's Aura activated!


The Bull howled in a strong sound, trying to go against the will of Theo who was forcing him to kneel on the floor, but this gave Theo a chance to attack.

Theo's left hand was surrounded with a black lightning. Sounds of birds singing in harmony with the vibrating air came out of his hands. Theo then attacked with a shout: "\u003cBlack Thunder's Primordial Vibration\u003e!"



A sequence of explosions echoed! When Theo's black lightning hit the Infernal Bull. The sequence was made by the impact that the beast suffered against the ground.

Mizuki's mouth fell open when she saw Theo's attack proving to be even more powerful than the previous one.

The air itself was writhing with energy of the remaining black lightning still enduring around.

'Theo found some ruin from the early days and got these absurdly powerful techniques?' That was a question that Mizuki had, but she respected Theo's privacy and didn't ask about it. If one day he is willing to tell her, it would make her happy.

Quickly Theo stored the Infernal Bull's corpse in his Storage Ring and flew up to Mizuki.

"Let's get out of here. I can feel other hellish beings coming towards us." Theo said: "It won't be cool if we get attacked by them."

"Yes, let's go." Agreeing, Mizuki and Theo started flying away from the location.

'I need to buy a new Storage Ring, my current one is already at the limit of free space.' Theo blew out an involuntary breath. There was no way to store so many of these inhabitants of hell if they are all colossal beings.

After serious research, he bought a 1km cubic meter Storage Ring.


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