Golden Fox with System
310 Chapter 310: Going through the Celestial Tribulation - Part 6.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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310 Chapter 310: Going through the Celestial Tribulation - Part 6.

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'Damn, this elementary white tiger is even bigger than the previous dragon... will it be okay to use \u003cDevour\u003e again?' Theo began to have his doubts.

"Girls, listen to me! Prepare your most powerful attacks and, when I say, strike it towards that great elementary white tiger." Theo said. He thought and believed that the best solution would be to weaken the tribulation further. Although he could weaken by attacking with his tails, it wouldn't be enough this time.

All the girls began to condense an absurd amount of real mana into their open mouths. Zaira, the Dark Wolf, was using the \u003cFalse Celestial Darkness\u003e evolved from the Celestial Tribulation, while her sister Zaika, the Dark Flame Wolf was condensing true mana from \u003cDivine Fire\u003e.

Little Yui in the form of a Cold-Metallic Dragon condensed \u003cDivine Metal\u003e recently acquired. Beside her, Shina in Eternal Lunar Wolf form condensed \u003cDivine Water\u003e. Yuki in Silver Blizzard Fox went for \u003cDivine Ice\u003e.

Ariana in her Leopard Thunder form was condensing \u003cFalse Celestial Earth\u003e as Little Emma in the Spiritual Red Dragon forms condensed \u003cDivine Fire\u003e.

If anyone saw such a vision of everyone using affinities evolved from the celestial tribulation, it could be in such a shock that they would fall hard on the ground.

Still not fully in control of newly evolved affinities, Yuki and the girls were about to use attacks using pure mana to strengthen affinities without using techniques.

"Now!" Theo shouted.

When they heard Theo's voice, everyone launched their unique types of attacks evolved from the Celestial Tribulation. It was a devastating scene; several different lights crossed the sky towards the Elementary White Tiger.

"ROARRRRR!!" The Elementary White Tiger roared ferociously towards the attacks pointed at him and accepted it head-on without dodging.



A thunderous impact exploded in the sky, devastating everything in a 20km radius. Space itself distorted - clouds of dust rose.

"Coof! Coof! Coof!"

Mizuki was caught in the dust and then used spiritual energy to protect herself. Luckily, she was just shocked but didn't open her mouth, otherwise, she would be coughing even more for that steam of dust the impact caused.

Mei Zong had already traveled for miles, being out of reach, but still managed to see the whole scene with great vision. The effect was so immense that even her ears were ringing due the loud sound.

Theo soon realized the Elemental White Tiger's speed fell and his forces weakened. The moment was perfect to do the same procedure he did against the other attacks. Nine tails were ready to receive the blow.



'\u003cDevour\u003e!!' Theo said strongly in his heart.

That was when his tenth tail manifested from behind him and went towards the Elementary White Tiger, opening a gigantic mouth capable of completely swallowing the Celestial Tribulation.


This time it was quicker for Theo to start the transference of energy to the girls. An even bigger and purer pillar appeared on top of Theo's head, flowing then into seven different directions.

Thankfully, the girls went up a lot in their respective cultivation. They were now able to support the Celestial essence's energy even more powerful than the previous ones.

Theo's illusions remained active while he and the girls meditated to absorb the celestial power.

This time, it would take 5 hours until the next attack, which gave him time to stabilize their cultivation. But even so, it became difficult, since their lineages evolved and constantly got out of control as they gained more essence and increased their level. It was almost 3 hours later until finally, all the essence ended.

'I feel much stronger than before, and my lineage seems to have strengthened a lot.' He opened his eyes and looked at the new system window that appeared.


· [72,642,986 lineage cells filled.]

· [Affinity of False Heavenly Earth; changed to; Level 3.]

· [Divine Metal Affinity Level; changed to; Level 3.]

· [Affinity of Divine Water; changed to; Level 3.]

· [Affinity of False Heavenly Wind; changed to; Level 4.]

· [Affinity of the False Light Divine; changed to; Level 4.]

· [Lightning G-7: changed to; Lightning G-8.]

· [Darkness V-9: Changed to; Darkness V-10.]

· [False Heavenly Fire: Evolved to; Heavenly Fire; Level 1.]

· [Nine Heaven Illusion: Level 8: Evolved to; Level 9.]

· [A new affinity has been created: False Celestial Ice; Level 1.]

· [Supreme Elemental Manipulation: Initial; changed to; Advanced.]

· [New Technique Unlocked: Elemental Strengthening.]


'Oh my, how many improvements... and now ice affinity too? Besides, a new technique... Hahaha, and they still say that going through the celestial tribulation was bad.' Theo had a wide smile on his face, which was strange and scary, with big, sharp teeth, a mouth so big it could devour a house in a single bite.

If you want big rewards, you must learn to take big risks.

That phrase was a good way to describe the situation of Theo and the girls. Amid the pain they had to go through, they all had considerable increases in their cultivation. Theo's group was holding on to control their happiness with the significant amount of improvement.

Theo closed his eyes once more and entered his divine sea.

"Theo, you are really an interesting figure," Isis said as soon she saw Theo.


Theo's current status:


Theo Volts

· Race: Magic Beast.

· Species: Ten-Tailed Golden Fox.

· Cultivation: 12th Layer of the Superior Wizard Realm.

· System Points: 1,130,012,983.


· Lineage: Golden Fox: 306,156,041 Lineage Cells.

· Lineage: Bestial King.



· Lightning G-8: High Advance.

· Darkness V-10: High Advance.

· Heavenly Fire Level 1.

· False Heavenly Wind Level 4.

· False Heavenly Earth Level 3.

· False Divine Light Level 4.

· False Celestial Ice Level 1

· Divine Metal Level 3.

· Divine Water Level 3.



· Clear: Maximum.

· Illusion of the Nine Heavens: Level 9.

· Voice Change: Level 7.

· Spiritual Shiatsu Massage: Level 2.



· Breathing: Golden Fox Breathing: Initial; Low Advance.

· Cultivation: Lightning of Primordial Darkness: Initial; High Advance.

· Cultivation: Supreme Elemental Manipulation: Advanced; Low Advance.

· Movement: Lightning Shadow Steps: Seventh Step.

· The Forge / Defense: Flaming Dragon Furnace: Fourth Stage.

· Attack: Golden Fox Claws: Initial; Low Advance.

· Attack: Divine Practice of The Nine-tailed Fox: Step Five.

· Attack: Black Thunder's Primordial Vibration: Medium Advance.

· Attack: Elementary Emperor: Low Advance.

· Attack / Defense: Kempo Art of Golden Destruction: Low Advance.

· Spiritual Sense: Manual of the Divine Celestial Spirit - Initial: High Advance.

· Attack / Defense: Elemental Strengthening; Low Advance.




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