Golden Fox with System
303 Chapter 303: Bebel, we“ve made progress!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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303 Chapter 303: Bebel, we“ve made progress!

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The next morning.

Ariana had a more mature expression and aura. It was amazing how a woman could change after losing her virginity.

"Ariana, I am impressed with the level of your current cultivation." Said Shina. She could hardly believe what she was seeing.

"Congratulations, Ariana," Yuki said with a smile decently.

"Thanks." She smiled. Of course, Ariana understood that Yuki said congratulations to her for losing her virginity and officially becoming Theo's wife.

"Mizuki, cultivate at the Workshop again?" Theo asked.

"Yes. Staying in that place is helping to improve my cultivation very quickly." Mizuki replied.

"Oh, is it even faster than when you're in your clan?" Theo asked with interest.

"Not exactly." She explains: "There are rooms with special formations in my clan. It is true to say, that there are rooms that are 2 times faster to cultivate than inside your workshop."

"Hrm, well. It's not a big deal then." Theo jokes. But in the end, it was what he thought. Since the dimensional room was 20 times faster.

Mizuki noticed this. She wondered, 'How good is it to cultivate in that special room they go to?'

She was already aware that it must be very special. It was just looking at the speed that Theo, Ariana, Shina, Yuki, Zaira, Zaika, Little Emma, ​​and Little Yui were cultivating.

"Mizuki, I prepared a gift for you, as you gave me the corpse of a being in the Spiritual Realm," Theo said. He went over to her and handed over a 1-liter bottle with water inside.

Of course, this was not just a bottle of water. This water that was inside was the water that he received from Rosario.

"H-How... did you get this?" Mizuki stammered in amazement when she asked. She knew what it was and had already drunk this water before, but it was only once to help her move to the Spiritual Realm.

"I'm not going to go into too much detail." Theo said with a smile: "I was just lucky to save Rosario's daughter's life and she gave me a considerably good amount of that water."

"You saved Lady Rosario's daughter... no wonder you could have received something so good." Mizuki was convinced. She knew even among the Elftree peers, Rosario was one of the most important leaders.

"Okay. We are finished with breakfast." Shina said, "Shall we go to Workshop to cultivate?"

"Yes." Everyone agreed at almost the same time.

While Mizuki who walked beside her daughter, she couldn't help but hold tightly to the bottle he received from Theo. If she used that, she would definitely get better.

Arriving at the Workshop, the kids weren't there, since today they had class. However, the girls at the orphanage, especially the girls who would participate in the tournament, were training diligently.

"Good morning." Theo and the girls told everyone.

"Good morning." They said.



Inside the [Dimensional Room].

"Are you going to do the same as before, Theo?" Zaika asked.

"Yes, this way is faster and more practical," Theo replied.

"That's true." Zaika agreed and the girls also nodded.

"Okay, just like before, stay close to me," Theo said.

This time it was Ariana who handed over the bottle containing the pills.

Placing the bottle on the floor. Theo used \u003cDevour\u003e. Then he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed and started meditating with the intention of helping the girls.

When a pillar of golden light formed on top of Theo's head. The girls sat on the floor cross-legged and began to meditate.



Mizuki, who was at the Workshop with the girls from the Orphanage, stayed in a far corner to avoid affecting the girls at the Orphanage.

Mizuki sat on the floor with her legs crossed. Taking a deep breath, she opened the bottle and drank the water in a single sip.

All this time she has been cultivating, she has accumulated a lot of impurities. Because of that, she gritted her teeth when she felt a latent pain spreading through her body.

Every part and every tale of her body was being purified. From her blood, organs, bone marrow, bones, flesh, even her skin.

That was the big reason for how good this Elftree water was. Not only did it help purify one part of the body, but everything!

Mizuki was already soaked with sweat and impurities that came out of the pores of her body. If someone looked at her, they would think she was a woman who just fell into the sewer, she looked so pitiful.


A heatwave washed over Mizuki's body and she was surrounded by a silvery aura. At that moment, a snow-white horse appeared before Mizuki.

When this white horse appeared, it was also enveloped in the silver aura and the white horse began to neigh.


That was when Mizuki advanced to the 3rd Layer of the Spiritual Realm. Yes, she had a breakthrough!

The white horse also had a breakthrough. Now the white horse was officially silver level.

Certainly, because of this, Mizuki's strength has risen by large margins.

Mizuki swallowed his own saliva several times, trying to calm her agitated heart.

"Bebel, we managed to get a head start!" Mizuki hugged the beautiful white mare.

Bebel was also happy, she neighed loudly in agreement. Even the aura surrounding the Bebel mare has become more beautiful and charming, although a large part has become soiled by Mizuki's impurity when she is hugged.

Mizuki came to himself when he smelled the odor and said: "Sorry, Bebel. I am going to clean us now."

Mizuki starts using the water element to wash both. Of course, this was just an interim measure, they would still need to bathe using products to remove the bad odor.

"I'm sorry, I ended up disturbing you," Mizuki said when she realized that the girls at the Orphanage had stopped cultivating and were looking in her direction.

"Do not worry." Said Nanda with a smile: "Congratulations on your progress."

"Thanks." Mizuki smiles decently.


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