Golden Fox with System
302 Chapter 302: Shiatsu Spiritual Massage.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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302 Chapter 302: Shiatsu Spiritual Massage.

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The next morning. Ariana woke up with breakfast in bed. Theo even helped her shower. Incredibly, he didn't take advantage of the situation, and just helped her clean up and then helped her eat the breakfast he made especially for her.

She didn't even feel weak or tired, you know?! But who doesn't want to feel loved and protected? Ariana liked it. Especially the care and affection she was receiving from Theo.

"Today I am all yours," Theo told her.

"Oh really? Aren't we going to cultivate today?" Ariana asked excitedly.

"Yes, I will spend all day alone with you. Regardless of what, I want to be with you all day." Theo said firmly.

"Yuki and the girls agreed to this?" She asked.

"Yes. Just worry about being spoiled by me today. As I said, today I am all yours and yours alone." He smiled at her as he stroked her cheek with his right hand.

Theo lay down beside her, sometimes they kissed, or we're talking. Until he thought of something. Opening up his system, Theo found what he was looking for.


[1,180,000 system points]

Skill: [Shiatsu Spiritual Massage]

[Shiatsu massage: The body is massaged using fingers, thumbs and also with the palms of the hands, along the meridians of the body and also at points connected with the flow of vital energy]

[You bought skill: [Shiatsu Spiritual Massage]

[1,180,000 points of the system were discounted]


The skill information invaded Theo's mind. He smiled when he saw how good that skill was. This massage skill helps in many ways. The higher the level of this massage skill, the better the results.

It was also very good to use this skill in foreplay...

"Ariana, take off your clothes and lie on your stomach." Theo seeing her surprised look, he said with a smile: "I will massage you."

"Oh really?" Ariana's eyes lit up. She took off her clothes and lay on her stomach.

Theo swallowed when he saw her beautiful body with perfect curves. Well, it wasn't like he hadn't seen or tasted every corner of her body yesterday.

Theo calmed his wild instincts and got almond oil from his [Storage Ring]. This almond oil has a large amount of mana when using it, it can help improve the circulation of mana and even clean the pores of the body of the person who receives the massage.

Taking some almond oil. Theo rubbed his hands well to warm them. The part of Ariana's head was toward the headboard. Theo stood in front of her and started to move from bottom to top, from her shoulder to her lower back, spreading the oil.

Wherever he rubbed, the traces of his fingers were left. Her snow-white skin started to turn pink.


Ariana couldn't stand it and let out a slight moan. It was an obvious sensation of pleasure that she felt.

Theo laughed: "Why are you already moaning? I barely started."

"But... it was really nice..." She felt a little embarrassed.

"Oh, it surprises me. I didn't expect that after everything that happened yesterday, you would still be embarrassed about it." Theo provoked.

"H-Humph! W-Who, is ashamed?" Ariana stammers and says, "Your hands stopped, wouldn't you give me a massage?"

"Yes, I will." Theo smiled. He massaged again, using his thumb with a little more force.

This time Ariana has already prepared herself. She could feel Theo's hand going over her skin smoothing, squeezing it, kneading it as if it were dough. Ariana liked this sensation, she could be addicted to this pleasant sensation of having Theo running his big, firm hands over her body.

Theo pressed his thumbs to Ariana's muscular areas while bringing with the other fingers. He does this for a few minutes. There were moments when Ariana couldn't stand it and ended up moaning with pleasure.

Then, Theo's thumbs began to move in an "S" shape on her back, chains of mana coursed through her body through the thumbs, passing through the meridians of her body, giving Ariana pleasure and satisfaction.

"If you want me to press harder, or weak, let me know," Theo said.

"Hmmm... yess, you can press a little harder..." Ariana said in a hushed and excited voice. She was already feeling wet down there.

Theo continued to massage her back. Seeing Ariana struggling to hold her moans, Theo thinks she's cute. He took his right arm and put it behind her back. Following the newly acquired knowledge, he begins to massage Ariana's scapula.


Theo smiled when he saw that she couldn't help but moan.

"That was good..." Ariana admitted. She saw that Theo would do the same by putting her right arm in place and putting her left arm behind her back.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," Theo said.

Over time, Theo got used to using the ability to massage and was hitting her pressure places and letting his mana flow inside her body, which she could have sworn was the same sensation of having an orgasm.

Theo continued this process, throughout Ariana's body, giving her waves of pleasure and even improvements in her cultivating.




• [ Shiatsu Spiritual Massage: Level 1; became Level 2]


Theo received this message from the system when he finished giving Ariana a massage.

"Liked?" Theo asked with a smile.

Ariana pouted when she replied, "Wasn't my groaning an obvious answer to your question?"

Theo lay down beside her and said with a mischievous smile: "Yes, but... I wanted to hear it from your mouth."

"Naughty husband." She murmured.

Theo pretended not to have heard and asked: "Do you feel more relaxed now?"

"Yes, a lot. Your massage helped to increase my cultivation." She asks, "What exactly did you do to give this effect?"

Yesterday, Ariana managed to advance to the Wizard Realm 7th Layer. Now that she received Theo's massage, incredibly, she has advanced to the Wizard Realm 8th Layer. No wonder she is surprised.

"Hrm... you could say that I learned this ability to massage and you were the first to try it, but even I was surprised by the result," Theo said.

'The first...' Ariana didn't know why. But she was happy to know that she was the first to receive a massage from him.


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