Golden Fox with System
291 Chapter 291: Pills Blood Essence Nutrition
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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291 Chapter 291: Pills Blood Essence Nutrition

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After Theo went back to his mansion. He entered the [Dimensional Room] to see how Yuki and the girls were doing.

Within the [Dimensional Room], each of the girls was giving off different auras while cultivating level 6 armor.

Walking to the farthest corner of the girls to avoid disturbing their concentration, Theo removed another 4 million magic cores from his storage ring. They were all of low cultivation and of different elements. It was these 4 million cores that remained at a low level.

Separating only the elements of fire, darkness, and lightning. There were still 3 million of the other elements.

Putting all these different elements together, he used and exchanged for points in the system.


Obtained 778,715,201 System Points.


Even though he expected to give a tremendous amount of points to the system, he couldn't help but be delighted seeing the hologram of the system that appeared.

'Hrm, I still have the other 2,500 soldiers inside [Storage Chest]. But I will use them to increase my cultivation tomorrow. Now I need to think about how best to help Yuki and the girls raise their cultivate.' Theo put his hand on his chin as he thought.

'Lineage... if the girls' lineage improves, they will be able to level up in cultivating faster too. It has a lineage enhancement pill, although it costs 1 million each and improves 10% of the lineage and has 1% to mutate…'

Theo was undecided about whether or not to buy pills like that. But if he thinks about it, although it seemed expensive before, it was now a small amount to pay if he can improve their lineage.

If their lineage is better too, it will be easier to control the transformation into the perfect form of fighting.


[1,000,000 System Points]

[Blood Essence Nutrition - Level 5 100% Pure]

[Limited to 10 pills for being alive]

[Nourishes the Body Lineage]

[You bought 80 Pills [Blood Essence Nutrition]

[80.00.000 System Points has been discounted]


Eight bottles appeared and Theo used his mental power to levitate and land on the floor. Inside each bottle, there were 10 pills: [Blood Essence Nutrition].

'My lineage remains like that of the Golden Fox if I use it, is there a chance to change to something better?' He had his doubts.

Picking up a bottle for him. Theo opened it and wanted to test the result when using this pill. The pill in his hand emitted a red aura around it, but it also had a seductive smell making him drool while holding that pill.

Theo sat on the floor in the lotus position and swallowed the pill. Within seconds the pill was already in the center of his body and started to spread the energy from inside the pill, all over his body. Every cell in his body; he could feel something as if he were expanding the space already existing in each cell of lineage.

For example: If before he needed 100 points to fill a cell, now he needed 110. Now when he is cultivating, he would just have to fill that empty part instead of creating new lineage cells.

This was different than he imagines. Although I noticed an improvement in his bloodline, it did not increase his power immediately. But yes, it increased the potential of his lineage, not that it's a bad thing. Anyway, now he could say that each cell of his lineage had 10% that needed to be filled.

When he finished using the pill, he felt no discomfort in his body. To tell him the truth, did he feel good, or rather, normal? Maybe if he filled the empty space in the cells, he would see some change.

'I will fill these cells before I want to use this pill again.' He got up.

Theo put away the pills and saw that it was getting late at night, he left the [Dimensional Room], wanting to prepare dinner for himself and the girls.

'Okay, I haven't cooked dinner in a while.' Theo thought about preparing all the ingredients for making a chicken gratin.



\"Thanks for the wonderful dinner,\" Yuki said with a smile.

\"Gratitude.\" Emma showed their fangs as she smiled with her eyes closed.

\"Daddy, Yui really liked it!\" She smiled and stood up to help collect the dishes from the table.

\"Thank you, Yui.\" Shina smiled at her as she received the dishes.

\"Honey, should I reward you for making a tasty dinner?\" Ariana whispered in his ear as she approached him.

\"Maybe I should eat you for dessert?\" He whispered in her ear, teasing her.

Ariana's body shuddered at that. 'Is he kidding or is he really going to eat me?'

\"Thank you... Theo.\" Zaika and Zaira were a little shy when communicating with him.

\"I'm glad you liked it.\" He smiled at the girls.

Theo remembered something and said: \"I'm going to talk to Jka and Klin, I'll be back soon.\"



Jka and Klin's house was even more striking than the house they had in Vila Ang. It was also well built, and Jka was inspired by Theo's Workshop and decorated the house with magic cores of fire and water. It also helps their cultivation, since they asked Theo to do it through a magic formation.

\"Oh, Theo, have you had dinner yet?\" Jka asked when she saw him at his door.

\"Yes, thank you.\" Theo nodded.

\"Enter Theo.\" Klin's voice came from inside their home.

\"License!\" Theo said and went into the house.

In the living room, there was a huge picture of more than 200 centimeters long. In the painting were Jka and Klin holding each other with a passionate smile.

\"Did you paint it, Klin?\" Theo asked.

Klin laughed sheepishly: \"Of course not! It was Jka that fool started to paint and made this huge picture, wow, I don't know what happened to him to put this picture in the room.\"

Although she said that, Theo could see that she was very happy looking at the painting.

\"Aw-hahaha. I started to paint and started to like it a lot. If you're interested, I can paint a picture of you and your harem.\" He joked.

Theo pretends not to understand and replies: \"Oh, that would be good. I would be happy if you did that.\"

\"Aw-haha...\" Jka scratched his head awkwardly and changed the subject: \"Klin made new wine, do you want to drink some?\"

\"I accept.\" Theo nodded and sat on the chair around the table with Jka.


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