Golden Fox with System
290 Chapter 290: Let’s destroy the entire Red Dragon Clan!!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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290 Chapter 290: Let’s destroy the entire Red Dragon Clan!!

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Theo said shortly after taking a sip of tea, \"Hrm, in a month I will go to the Naga Empire and participate in the tournament that is about to begin. I put your names down in case you want to participate, what do you say?\"

\"Can I go, too?\" Lilith appeared from the shadows behind them.

\"Oh, Lilith. Thank you for always playing with Yui.\" Theo turned and said with a smile.

\"You don't have to thank me for that. Anyway, can I go or not?\" She asked hastily.

\"Calm down, I also put your name in the tournament.\" Theo smiled.

\"I would also like to go. But Theo, is it okay for us to go along?\" Nanda asked.

\"Yes, why?\"

\"I mean, we're still weak. If we go together, we would only hinder rather than help.\" Nanda was sad to say that, but she couldn't deny that she still lacked strength compared to the girls next to Theo. Even Ariana already has high cultivation.

Theo laughed as he said, \"Don't worry about it. I will help you to get up to at least the Wizard Apprentice Realm.\"

\"Is that true, Theo!?\" Lilith was excited by this news.

\"Yes, as long as you train well, I have no doubt that you could succeed.\" Theo smiled seeing her excited.

\"But Theo isn't the Red Dragon Clan from the Naga Empire?! Is it okay to participate in this tournament?\" Aine expressed her concern.

\"I agree. Since they are one of the strongest clans in the Naga Empire, isn't it dangerous to go?\" Nanda looked at Theo when asking.

\"Hrm. It would be dangerous if we went now since my cultivation is still low. But I still have time and until then I intend to enter the Spiritual Realm.\" Theo said. \"In fact, I can easily get up to the next Realm in a month. So, until then, I will also be helping you to cultivate.\"

\"How long would it take you to get to the Spiritual Realm?\" Lilith asked.

Lilith always believed in Theo, so she didn't doubt his words, but still, she was wondering how long it would take him to get into the next Realm.

Theo thought for a while and then he replied, \"Hrm... not much, two weeks at the most, I think...\"

\"Two... two weeks?\" Nanda and Aine were incredulous to hear what he said.

It is worth mentioning that in order to ascend to the Spiritual Realm it is necessary to go through the celestial tribulation. It's probably even more dangerous than the celestial tribulation Theo had to go through before, because of that, the two were so surprised when Theo spoke with such conviction that he would enter the Spiritual Realm in two weeks at the most.

\"Why are you so surprised? I just got to the 6th Layer of Superior Wizard Realm. If I had taken things more seriously before, I would have arrived at the Spiritual Realm already.\" Theo said.

\"Are you serious? So, why didn't you do that?\" Nanda was doubtful.

Theo sighed and said with a serious look, \"That's because if I did that, Yuki and the girls would be way behind me in cultivation. Although it could make them try harder, I wanted to let them relax a little after I built this city.\"

\"So, because you are being attacked by the Red Dragon Clan, now you're taking this issue seriously and intend to confront them head-on?\" Aine asked.

\"Exactly!\" Theo palms his right fist with a great amount of force, \"Since it has reached this point, I can't leave it at that. If this continues, I'm afraid I wouldn't even be able to leave town without someone being attacked. Therefore, I will go to the Naga Empire and confront the Red Dragon Clan.\"

\"But even if you say that, won't you be in danger?\" Seeing his doubtful look, Nanda continued, \"I mean, even if you arrive at the Spiritual Realm, they also have cultivators at Spiritual Realm.\"

\"You are absolutely right about that.\" Theo smiled, \"But don't worry. I have a perfect level 6 sword and armor. If I confront someone in the Spiritual Realm, the chances of me losing are less than 1%.\"

\"Perfect level 6 sword and armor...!\" Even Lilith was surprised now.

It was already difficult to get a level 6 weapon in medium and high condition, let alone perfect. In the Naga empire, no record of anyone with a perfect level 6 sword was recorded. Even the masters of the great clans would have at most a high degree.

\"Wow! When I think it's not impossible to surprise me, here you come to say that you have a perfect sword and armor... I can't underestimate you, huh, Theo?\" Nanda said with an embarrassed smile.

\"Oh my, I still can't believe you have such good things...\" Aine had a wry smile when she mocked herself for still being surprised by these things.

\"This is amazing, Theo!!\" On the other hand, Lilith was thrilled to hear that. She even said some dangerous things, \"We are going to destroy the entire Red Dragon Clan !!\"

\"Lilith, what are you saying?\" Aine scolded her, \"Even though the Red Dragon Clan is Theo's enemy, it doesn't mean that we need to kill innocent beings.\"

\"Yes, Aine is right. There may be many who only follow the order and cannot go against it. So you can't just kill them all.\" Nanda agreed.

\"I understand... I'm sorry!\" Lilith drooped her head, regretting what she said. She almost forgot that before she was controlled and attacked Theo, but thanks to him not killing and still giving her another chance, she was living a happy life now.

\"Anyway. On that list are the girls who can participate in the tournament.\" Theo handed the list to Nanda, \"In addition, each of you on the list will have 10 million points to pick up items with me. Choose carefully what you think would be best to use in the tournament\".

\"10 million points...\" Lilith had a dreamy look when thinking about that amount. Since the maximum number of points she had before was 100,000.

Each point is equivalent to the points in his system. The girls at the orphanage will be able to spend 70 million points.

This may seem like a lot to them, but for Theo, it was worth it, since everyone at the orphanage was always helping him take care of the city. Even the amusement park, in the past month, already had enough money to reimburse more than double that point value.

\"Okay, here are some pure mana pills, purification pills, and strengthening pills. I'm leaving now, think carefully and decide what you're going to choose.\" Theo said and stood up.


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